15 Honest (and scary) Confessions Men make about Women

By Maya Ramchandani

Hey beautiful ladies,

I am in the mood to do some fun posts these days regarding relationships and tips and tricks to handle these funny fights and related matters etc. So today I would like to share a fun article with all of you which is about the truths that men admit about women, that too if they had guts to speak it out on our face. Some very funny and casual facts about women, that men really don’t like. Nothing serious but this is also very important for all of us to know so that we could stop some of our annoying habits so that our relationships lasts longer than expected. 🙂

women knowing men

Commenting on Your Man

Men do accept that they love to know our thoughts, feelings, suggestions almost everything of this sought but not when it’s about their life, friends, parents, family stuff, clothes, education etc. A man never really likes to hear you commenting him about his clothes or his so cool t-shirt he bought with his friends or anything they are irrationally attached to. And they really do hate us when we speak shit about their friends and their Oh so favorite matches. It’s quite well proven that cricket and football are more important for men than their women.


Calling him Again and Again

Calling your man again and again for no reason or for silly reasons is never cute for a man. Like most of us call our guys just to ask him whether they were missing us or not or just to know what he is doing. We find this cute when our guy does this for us but men….they totally hate it when we call them for no reason. Having long conversations when you two are free and willing to spend time together is a different thing that is good and brings a lot of happiness and warmth in your relationship. But when he is out for some work, or at office or with friends and you call him continuously to ask what is he doing, is he missing you are not or just to make him say ‘ I love u ‘ is never ever cute for him.

His Attempts to Groove with You

It’s a very well known fact that men totally suck at dancing but they think it’s a huge thing that they are making efforts to groove with you on the floor so that no other guy comes and ask you for dance which is so cute. All the girls love it when their men get jealous and little possessive about us. But when we constantly comment on his dancing skills and the way he dances, either in private or in public, they really hate it. They just want you to be happy about their efforts and attempts and not to demand for proper dancing skills.Do we really do this…??

Our So Cute Pet Dog


Men admit this fact openly that our super cute puppy dog or our hamster sized Labrador dog is never good with our men. They are not really fans of our pet dogs as we are. They don’t find them lovable and adorable in any way. They totally find big sized cutie dogs very temperamental and embarrassing to deal or to be seen with. (But yes, there are some men who love dogs. But very few).

Our Singing Skills 😛

girl singing

Hmmm…well all of us are super good at singing…..right? We know this. But I don’t understand the fact that why don’t men love to hear us singing. Yes…..it’s true. Men totally hate us singing unless and until we are not professional singers. Our bathroom singing habits is so irritating for a man, like seriously. And they compliment us for our bathroom singing skills…..which is totally fake and actually sarcastic, they are actually comments in disguise of compliments and men seriously admit the fact that they hate to hear us sing.


Men are not really interested in knowing our bathroom details. The body wash we use, the face wash, the techniques etc. They admit the fact that they have a very lovely image of yours and they don’t want to ruin that by listening to our bathroom talks. Hahaha…lol…super funny this one is.They simply don’t want you to kill their dreams and fantasies by telling them the reality.

Telling the Reality about the Efforts You did to Look Flawless


I don’t ever understand the fact that why don’t men want to know the efforts behind our flawless skin, amazing makeup, gorgeous clothes ,super good hair, body etc. They just want us to look good and feel good all the time. That’s the only requirement. They are never interested to know about our makeup tricks and our workout routine etc. This is widely accepted by men that the first thing they notice and they want in their woman to be appeal and physically attraction.

Don’t Forget to Stay Neat and Clean even after being in 10 Years Long Relationship

girls in a salon

Honestly, I used to be like, “that it’s so long being in relationship with you and you clearly know how busy I am to go and sit in the salon all day, “so now I realize after knowing this that even if your relationship is like 10 to 12 years long, you are supposed to keep your nails trimmed, your body waxed, have proper and regular body and hair spa for super silky and soft skin and also hair. Some women become lazy with their salon routine after being in a long relationship. Men totally hate to see your eyebrows not shaped well, or your hands not waxed properly and also your frizzy hair seem to be very irritating for men and women both.

I don’t know what to do in life

Men really don’t like women with low confidence or low self-esteem. They hate to listen from you that you are confused about your future goals or you are not looking good today, or you have a bad hair day etc. They just hate to listen to these statements. They always like to be with a confident lady who is very clear about her future goals and very confident about herself even if has a bad hair day.

We Look Hot in their Clothes, but they Don’t…:-)

men wearing women clothes

Yes…this is true. Men seriously plead and request girls to not buy them skinny jeans, or tight v neck t-shirts, short capris etc. We girls have a different quality to look good in their clothes like their ties, shirt, trouser pants etc but they can never look good in any of our clothes and patterns like skinny denims etc, so it’s better not to waste money in purchasing such clothes for your men which he would never ever prefer to wear.How rude is this…really…!!

Calling Him by Cute Pet Names

Some guys really like to be called by cute pet names like babu, and sugar puff and sweetu etc….but only in personal and not in public and also not in front of your or his friends. This is really embarrassing for guys. They would love to hear their cute names and cute image qualities in personal but not in front of others. Like we all know that no guy likes to have a cute chocolate boy image of himself, they pretend to be like really tuff men, hard to find bachelors etc. (And we don’t really think so)

Our Dad’s are not as Nice to them as We Think

our dad are not so good to them

Hahahahha…so widely accepted fact by men is this that our dad’s are not as nice and sweet to them as we think they are. I seriously don’t know how true this is, I never noticed. But if so many men admit this, then may be. Who knows and who cares. I will not accept this fact and also not do anything about this. Let this be as it is :-).

Video Calling before Meeting Just to ask to Choose among 6 to 7 Outfits

This irritates men like hell…seriously .If you don’t want him to talk to you for a day or you really want to irritate him you got to try this trick today itself. 🙂 Our very famous statement that “I don’t have anything to wear or what should I wear today “ is always hated by men. They think that they have hardly 10 to 20 outfits in their wardrobe and still they never give us such statements and girls on the other sides have two big wardrobes full of amazing , sexy clothes and still they question every time about what to wear.

Honestly speaking, I do this too. Like I would ask him about what to wear and then when he would select any one or two outfits than I would be like”naah”, it’s not as comfortable “or“ I wore this yesterday etc. OMG, I really need to change this habit of mine.

Expecting Him to Plan out a Romantic Dinner Date

romantic dinner

Guys totally suck at romantic dates and specially planning for such dates. And they accept this fact openly. They always want us to plan about where to go, what to wear, what to do and everything of this sought. They are very bad planners. Though some of them put in their efforts to plan out and leave us surprised totally and we love it to the core. But usually they never want you to expect this from them.

Their First Love is their Bike or Car, and not You


So heart-breaking, isn’t it but yes. They don’t ever want you to question about this all the time again and again about their first love and their first preference. If it’s about his bike and you, seriously he would always want to choose his bike and not you. So it’s better not to question about it lol.

So now that all you lovely ladies know these facts and truths that men admit about us, so we should try and bring a little change in our habits. Hope you like this article 🙂

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  1. Men also have countless bad habits, we Ladies have to adjust a lot!! so do they then only the relationship can be a smooth 1 Adjustment is very important whether it is friendship or relations with kith & kin

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