15 Indian Breakfast Dishes You Must Try in Order to Stay Fit

By Chanchala Bose

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Staying fit must be the top priority for everyone right now, and if losing weight would get you fit, then start on your journey right now. If you have tried every trick in the book to lose weight without any success, check out the diet plans on the Rati Beauty app which help you to shed extra weight and get fit. Also, do check these 15 Indian Breakfast Dishes You Must Try In Order To Stay Fit. This will help you to stay in shape and thus reduce the extra flab when followed with the right diet plan.

Indian Breakfast Dishes

1. Masala Omelette:

We all know that omelettes are really healthy. But, many people might not be able to eat an omelette in the morning. So, how about eating a masala omelette. This will add up the spices and will make the breakfast tasty.


2. Dalia:

Dalia is an extremely nutritious breakfast which is also good in protein and fibre. This can be the perfect energy-boosting breakfast for you.

3. Khichdi:

A perfect low carb breakfast which will keep the gastrointestinal infections and acidity at bay.


4. Poha:

This flattened rice is a perfect low carb option for your breakfast. This is a perfect gluten free breakfast.

5. Dosa:

This traditional South Indian item is packed with all the essential carbohydrates. This is a complete fat-free breakfast.


6. Idli:

Another South Indian breakfast which is loaded with proteins and vitamins.

7. Moong Daal Cheela:

If you are targeting to cut down your diet, then Moong Daal Cheela is the best breakfast. Even dieticians recommend this Moong Daal Cheela.


8. Upma:

Semolina is less in fats and can be made with very less oil.

9. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal, when eaten with skimmed milk and fruits, is low in calorie and is perfect for fitness freaks.


10. Banana:

Banana is perfect and high in energy when combined with milk and other fruits. It is extremely rich in iron and is perfect for women.

11. Whole Wheat:

Whole Wheat is perfect for people who crave for a sweet tooth. It is rich in protein and fibre and will reduce carbohydrates.


12. Brown Rice:

Brown rice, when eaten with low-fat milk or jaggery, is perfect to energise your day.

13. Yoghurt:

Yoghurt comes in a number of variants – full cream, skimmed or low fat. You can combine them with fruits and eat them on your own to form a part of a perfectly energised morning.


14. Peanut Butter:

When peanut butter is eaten with bread or on it’s won, then it controls the sugar cravings. It is the perfect sweet tooth fix for your mornings.

15. Almonds:

Another essential fat which is extremely good for your health. It will not only increase the protein requirement but, also take care of your skin too.


So, these were the best 15 breakfast recipes which are good for your health and will keep you fit for long term.

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