15 Life Changing Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

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All you makeup geeks out there, I’m sure you will find this post so relatable because, I’m going to talk about 15 life saving hacks. I would rather call them the unsung heroes of makeup. While there are tons of professional makeup products out there to fulfil our makeup needs, there are quite a lot of products in or vanity or at home that play the side-kicks when it comes to makeup. You might have the perfect look using all the products you can possibly get but you can’t deny having used at least one of these hacks. Read on to know what all I am talking about.

15 Life Saving Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

1.Hair Dryers:

15 Life Saving Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Keep aside blow drying and curl your eye lashes quicker and repair your dried out cream eye shadows and blushes with hair dryer.

Eyelash Curl: Heat your eye lash curler using a hair dryer by holding it at a few inches’ distance and wait for a few seconds to let the curler slightly cool off and then you can use it on your lashes. This helps to curl your lashes quicker and makes the job easier.

Repair Cream Pots: All of us have a few dried out cream eye shadows or blushes tucked away in the vanity, pull them out and hold them a few inches away from the dryer and blow hot air for a few seconds each time, careful enough not to hurt your hand with the heat. The end result is you can use all your favourite cream eye shadows again!!

2.Tooth Brush:

15 Life Saving Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Just brushing your teeth with your regular tooth brush is so passé!
Ever tried other hacks with it? Here’s what you can do,
Hair Tease: Hold the hair straight and tease it with a clean dry toothbrush in short downward strokes to create volume.
Stray Hair: All of us have that fly away and stray hair that can spoil a prim hair-do. Just spray some hair setting spray on a clean dry tooth brush and gently run it over the fly away hair with a light hand to keep give your hair-do a perfect and neat finish all day long. You can use the same trick to keep your eyebrows in place all day long.

Lip Scrub: Wet your regular tooth brush and gently rub your lips in circular motion to get rid of the dead skin instantly.


15 Life Saving Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Something as mere as a spoon in your house can help you with so many hacks. Don’t believe me?! Wait till you read the list.
• Frozen spoons are used to get rid of puffy eyes by placing the hollow side over eyes for few minutes.
• You can use a spoon as a guide to perfect winged eyeliner by covering your eye lid with the hollow of the spoon.
• You can curl you lashes using a spoon by pressing your lashes against the curve of the spoon.
• You can also use a spoon as a guide to contour by holding it against your face right on the cheek bone.

4. Wet Wipes and Rubbing Alcohol:

Wet wipes and rubbing alcohol can be saviours when it comes to broken eye shadows or powder products. You can simply press a clean wet wipe gently yet firmly against a broken powder and leave it to set for a few minutes. It will set to normal, when you remove the wipe. Similarly, using rubbing alcohol, you just have to completely powder the broken product, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and press with a spoon or any flat surface to set. Leave it to dry.

5. Glue for Glitter Nail Polish:

15 Life Saving Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Glitter nail polish can be a task when it comes to removal. Here is a trick to deal with it. Skip the base coat and apply a thin layer of school glue and then apply the glitter polish, when you want to remove the polish, you can simply uproot it using a toothpick and you will be able to easily peel off the entire coat with minimal efforts.

6. Cotton Buds:

15 Life Saving Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Cotton buds or Q tips can be your best bet, when it comes to cleaning that spread out eye liner, mascara or any spot of makeup that you want to re-do without spoiling the rest of your makeup. Jus dip a Q-tip in a drop of makeup remover and dab over the area where you need correction. You can also use cotton buds to apply eye shadow in case you forgot to carry your eye brushes. Q-tips make great space-savers when you travel, just pick loads of eye shadow product of all the colours you need on both ends and pack them in a zip tight pouch. You don’t need to travel with all your huge palettes.

7. Vaseline:

15 Life Saving Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Be it makeup removal, eyelash conditioning, to make eye lashes grow, mixing it with a lipstick, to make some cream blush, rubbing it on teeth to avoid lip stains, placing it on pulse points before spraying perfume to make it last longer or to take care of dry, chapped skin, our very own Vaseline can be our best bud for all jobs.

8. Lighters/Flame:

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Lighters or just flame in general comes so handy to help convert your regular eye pencil to gel eye liner Just hold the kohl pencil a few inches from the flame for few seconds, wait for it to slightly cool down and then apply your liner for long lasting eye liner.

9. Baby Powder:

Baby powder can be one of the cheapest products that can be used for baking your makeup. Also helps in controlling oil.

10. Tissues:

15 Life Saving Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Not only in cleaning up, tissues can also help in converting your cream lipsticks to matte ones by blotting off the gloss and it can also assist in prepping your lipstick for long stay, all you need to do it hold a tissue against your lipstick and dust some translucent powder on your lips through the tissue for longevity.

11. Sock:

All you need to get effortless and heatless curls overnight is just a sock. To know how you can achieve those pretty curls, please refer to my step-by-step demo for curls using a sock, How To Curl Hair With Socks

12. Gum Tape:

Want to make that perfect and clean ‘V’ shape at the corner of your eye while doing your eye makeup? Just stick some gum tape following the guideline of your lower lid corner and apply your eye makeup following the guideline of the tape. Once done, remove the tape and see the end results for yourself.

13. Ice cubes:

Ice cubes can help you minimize the appearance of your pores, just rub your skin for a few seconds with an ice cube wrapped in a cotton cloth, just before you start applying your makeup and you will see the appearance of your pores will be minimized.

14. Overnight Braids:

15 Life Saving Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Here’s another easy and effortless way to achieve heatless curls overnight. Dampen your hair, divide it in to two sections and braid it tightly in to two braids on each side. Wake up and undo your hair to see beautiful curls, spray with setting spray for longevity.

15. Cards:

Use your credit card or any visiting card as a guide to contouring or a guide to make that perfect winged eyeliner.

16. Cover Under-eye Circles with a Red Lipstick: Do you know you can cover dark under-eye circles with just a red lipstick? Here’s the complete tutorial on how you can do that – click HERE.

beauty hacks

So, here was an amazing tribute to what the simplest of things around us can do to help us achieve that perfect look. Hope you guys like this article and try a few.

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