15 MAC Lipsticks That Will Brighten Up Your Face

15 MAC Lipsticks That Will Brighten Up Your Face

You might have noticed that some lipsticks dull down and wash out your complexion, while some other lipsticks brighten and lift up your entire face and look.  MAC has a wide range of lipsticks in every possible color and finish, so I thought why not do a post on lipstick shades from MAC that brighten up skin tone.  Actually, I had called up Rati to ask for two MAC shades that brightens up skin tones, but she gave me 15 options in less than half a minute, super cool, isn’t it!  She knows MAC lipsticks like the back of her hand, so hats off to her, and all inputs in this post are provided by her, thanks Rati 🙂

mac lipsticks to brighten skin

Price: INR 1700

1.  MAC Impassioned Lipstick:


Described as an amped-up fuchsia, has amplified finish, its a coral pink lipstick with no shimmer.  It brightens up face with creamy finish and texture.  Stays on for 8 hours.  The lipstick stays for a bright pinkish stain all day long.  Suitable for both day and night time use.  Will suit all skin tones.

2.  MAC Mehr Lipstick:


Its described as a dirty blue pink matte finish lipstick.  Its a cool-toned lipstick.  It will work for most Indian skin tones, its an everyday color.  It can be worn with heavy eye makeup.  Stays on the lips for 5 hours, adds a bit of freshness to the face.  Can be a MLBB shade for many.

3.  MAC Cosmo Lipstick:


It is described as an amplified creme finish lipstick, tea rose pink colour.  Its a warm pink shade, creamy lipstick, stays on the lips for 3 to 4 hours, semi matte lipstick, a neutral every day colour.

4.  MAC Crosswires Lipstick:

MAC Crosswires lipstick

A cremesheen finish lipstick, a clean pinky orange colour, its a coral pink shade, does not have shimmer.  A color suitable for both summers and winters, and brightens up face, has a soft creamy finish, staying power is 3 to 3-1/2 hours, will suit most Indian skin tones, a very pigmented shade.

5.  MAC Mocha Lipstick:

MAC mocha lipstick

A peachy yellow brown colour, earthy toned, satin finish lipstick.  Matte lipstick, stays for 4 hours and more.  An MLBB shade for most Indian skin tones.

6.  MAC See Sheer Lipstick:


A semi-sheer peachy coral lipstick with soft glossy finish, its described as a grapefruit pink, its a muted version of MAC Crosswires, stays for 2 to 3 hours, does not settle into fine lines.

7.  MAC Brick-o-la Lipstick:


Its a mid tone berry shade amplified cream lipstick, a pretty berry brown color for medium to dusky skin tones.  A creamy lipstick, stays on for 4+ hours, fades as a rosy stain.  Moisturizes lips, a very pigmented lipstick.

8.  MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick:


A deep red lipstick that will suit and brighten up all skin tones.

9.  MAC Girl About Town Lipstick:


Described as a fabulous fuchsia amplified creme, its a cool-toned blue based hot pink lipstick.  Adds a freshness and life to dull looking face, staying power of 6 to 7 hours, creamy finish, does not dry out lips, adds life to the face.

10.  MAC Rebel Lipstick:


A shade that will suit all skin tones, a moisturizing, satin finish lipstick, no shimmer, a vivid pinkish purple lipstick, stays for more than 6 hours, a great colour for winters.

11.  MAC Taupe Lipstick:


A matte finish, muted reddish taupe brown lipstick.  A MLBB for most of the Indian skin tones, stays 4+ hours, a sophisticated shade, good for office wear, good for wheatish and dusky skin tones.

12.  MAC Lady Danger Lipstick:


A vivid bright coral red matte lipstick, a bright lipstick in matte texture.  Gives amazing and full coverage in a single swipe.  Lasts for 4 to 5 hours, can lighten it up as a stain.

13.  MAC Twig Lipstick:

MAC twig lipstick

A soft muted brown pin satin lipstick, deep pink brown color, great for medium and dusky skin tones, stays for 4 to 5 hours, a warm pink brown color, goes well with warm pink with peachy blushes.

14.  MAC Show Orchid Lipstick:


A stunning bright magenta pink shade with violet hues, lasts for hours on the lips, perfect for special occasions.

15.  MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick:

MAC Ruby woo lipstick

A matte finish lipstick, a red lipstick which brightens up face, best matte lipstick for all skin tones.

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  1. my first MAC lipstick was the Twig and no matter how many shades I have seen so far from MAC, Twig will always remain my favourite..Cosmo comes close

  2. Well compiled list jomo *clap*
    I have impassioned, mehr n twig and I love all three of them. Next in list is crosswires , ruby woo *happy dance*

  3. This is not fair jomo di… not at all fair…
    Such a good compilation that I cant chose any one or 2.. I like all…. 😛 rofl

  4. wow…a perfect list at a perfect time *happydance* *happydance* ….i wanted to get some MAC lipsticks & was searching the net to select their best ones….& now i am seeing this post…..thanks jomol *thankyou* *thankyou*

  5. Impassioned and crosswires look amazing *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *pompom* such amazing compilation *happy dance* *happy dance* the texture looks soo creamy and great *pompom*

  6. Asked for two and she gave 15 options in half minute rofl rofl rofl
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    Loved this post Jomol *jai ho*

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