15 Make Up for Ever Eyeshadows Review and Swatches

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Hello ladies,

After reviewing Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette, I have an exhaustive review for you today – 15 Make Up For Ever eyeshadows. These are in the form of a pre-made palette. Just as information – Make Up For Ever (MUFE) does some great eyeshadows; however, the pan size and the price of their singles is relatively high. The good thing is that MUFE does keep releasing eyeshadow palettes from time to time, which contain shades, more often than not, from their permanent line. This becomes a great place for one to try their shadows. I did review another palette from their permanent range earlier – Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows 1 – Neutrals. The palette that I am reviewing today is actually a limited edition palette from holidays last year; however, all the shades in the palette are from the permanent line. So, let us get on with the review on all these shadows.

Make Up for Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Review

Product Details:
Available in a variety of colours to fit your style choices and moods, this palette can add a little accent to your entire look. The eyeshadow is accessible to all, from professional makeup artists to the everyday woman who just wants to have fun with makeup.
Price (per shadow):
USD 21 / SGD 27
Palette – USD 59/THB 2500

These shadows come in a nice, extremely sturdy cardboard palette. There is a decent-sized mirror but not really full length. As is usual with most makeup artist-friendly brands – there are no applicators/brushes with the palette. The cardboard is very robust, sturdy, and heavy. The palette has a magnetic closure, which I appreciate. I think it would manage travel very well. The inside of the palette has a velvety smooth feel which looks very nice and smooth to touch. However, it is a magnet for powder products. Considering all the shadows are shimmery and don’t have much fall out – it still gets dirty and is difficult to clean up – leading to the palette looking old. As is usual, the palette has an outer cardboard cover.

Makeup Forever outer cardboard packaging

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Eyeshadow names

My Experience with Make Up for Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette:

Some basic information about the palette: The palette contains 15 eyeshadows – all of which are part of their permanent line. All the shadows in the palette are shimmery/metallic – not a single matte in there.

Make Up for Ever 15 Artist shadows

Make Up For Ever shadows come in 5 finishes, which are indicated in the shade number with an Acronym. These are the different finishes:
“I” refers to Iridescent,
“ME” for Metallic,
“S” for Satin,
“D” for Diamond.
“M” stands for Matte and as you will notice, there are NO matte eye-shadows in this palette.

Let us discuss the shades row-wise, individually:

Top Row: I-550, I-524, I-916, D-236, S-102
I-550 Olive Gray: An Iridescent shade. It is a medium, cool-toned taupe brown with a soft frosted sheen. It has good pigmentation and a smooth, creamy texture. It is easy to work with – build up or sheer out.
I-524 Pinky Beige: An iridescent shade. It is a light, ever so slightly peachy beige shade with a frosted sheen. The pigmentation is good and the texture is again, smooth and creamy.
I-916 Frosted Mauve: An Iridescent shade. A light, almost duo-chrome, cool-toned, lavender with a pearly sheen. I was worried this one would apply sheer or sheer out while blending. Neither of the two happened. It applies fairly opaque. Again, has the smooth, creamy texture.
D236 Lagoon Blue: This is a diamond finish shadow. A medium bright teal with a frosted finish and silver, teal and aqua blue teal micro-glitter in it. The smooth and creamy texture of the shadow binds the micro-glitter particles well. However, by end of day, do expect some fall out on your face. The shade has rich pigmentation and applies evenly.
S-102 Onyx: This is the standard black shade in most MUFE palettes. It is a satin finish, deep, pure black shade. It has excellent pigmentation and soft, blendable texture.

Makeupforever eyeshadows

Middle Row: S-522, D-826, D-830, S-228, S-114:
S-522 Pinky N*de: A Satin finish shade. It’s a light peachy beige shade with a soft shimmer. This is the kind of shade which works well for me for highlighting under the brow bone. Since it’s not matte, nor it is full on shimmery, it gives a natural-looking lift to the brow bone. The shade has a soft, creamy texture and good pigmentation.
D-826 Fig: This is a Diamond finish shadow. Though it looks a tad bit muddy in the pan, it is a medium to dark, warm-toned, purple-burgundy shade with fuchsia and gold micro-glitter particles. It is quite a unique shade in my collection. Richly pigmented and creamy smooth – it is very easy to work with too.

Mufe eyeshadows

D-830 Black Rose: One of my favourite shades and yet, the bane of my existence. This is a diamond finish shade. It is a deep charred black shade with violet micro-glitter particles. I love it because it has excellent pigmentation and I find the bright violet particles in the black base super pretty and very unique. However, the shade tends to have fall-out in application. I recommend doing eyes before face – when using this shade. The texture is consistently smooth and creamy.
S-228 Petrol Blue: This is a satin finish shade. It is a muted, medium to dark bluish peacock teal. The colour looks so dramatic in the pan; however, it did not seem to apply as dramatically. It can be built up but isn’t super pigmented like the other shades in the palette. Also, this shade will stain your skin – if applied directly to the lids. The texture itself feels smooth and creamy. It is just that the pigmentation is not on par to the rest of the shades in the palette.
S-114 Pearl Gray: This is again a satin finish shade. It is a light soft grey with a pearly sheen. The texture is consistent with the rest of the shades in the palette – it is smooth and creamy. The pigmentation of this shade is also good.

makeup forever shadows

Bottom Row: I-528, I-662, I-922, ME-216, ME-122
I-528 Pearl: This is shade with iridescent finish. A light off-white shade with a frosted, almost metallic finish. This is the perfect inner corner highlight to wake up sleepy eyes. It is buttery sift and has good opaque pigmentation.
I-662 Amber Brown: This is a shade with iridescent finish – one of the top-performers in the palette. It is a muted medium dark old-copper shade with brown undertones and a metallic sheen. It is buttery smooth and has off-the-charts pigmentation. Definitely one of the top shades in the palette.
I-922 Electric Purple: Another Iridescent shade. One of the most eye-catching shades in the palette and pretty much the reason I bought it. It is a medium, bright violet purple shade with a pearly sheen. On the back of the palette – it is listed as a blue shade. However, in the colourful EOTD, I have created – I have used this shade in the inner portion of my lid. It applied beautifully and blended so well.

Make Up for Ever eyeshadows pigmentation

ME-216 Electric Blue: This is a shade with a metallic finish. It is s medium to dark, bright, cool toned, electric blue shade. This has amazing pigmentation. The texture feels dense to touch but it does not apply dense. It does not accentuate the texture on my skin. Nor was it difficult to apply with a brush.
ME-122 Snow: Another metallic finish shade. It is a bright white shade with a metallic almost silver sheen. It is extremely bright and eye catching. The texture is consistently smooth and buttery. This shade has good pigmentation. However, it can be sheered out easily too. So, if required, the shade can be used on its own or can be applied on top of another shade to give it that cool metallic silver-white sheen.

Makeup forever eyeshadows texture

Texture: I have discussed the texture of each shade individually. Most of the shades are buttery smooth and creamy in texture. Irrespective of the finish, they apply easily with a brush. I had no concern with brush not being able to pick up the product or lay it onto the eyelid – as is the case with quite a few of the palettes today. There was no need ever for me to drop my brush and use fingertips to build a colour to its potential. Most of the shades are extremely easy to work with. They apply smoothly and blend out easily onto the skin. None of the shades seem to add texture to the eyelids either.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation for all shades (except D-236 Lagoon Blue) is spot on. Even with the shade in question, though the pigmentation is not opaque with one swipe, it does build up fairly easily. Most of the shades are richly pigmented. The shades blend well and mesh well with the other eyeshadows without getting muddy.

Makeup forever eyeshadow swatches in sunlight

Staying Power:  Disclaimer – I apply eyeshadows with a primer because my lids are way too oily. These shadows wear almost the full day – so about 8.5-9 hours. I did not encounter issues with the staying power of the shadows.

MUFE eyeshadow swatches on hand

Now a quick look at the #EOTDs created with the shadows. I consciously wanted to share the versatility of the palette with you and demonstrate that it could create neutral as well as vibrant looks.

Look 1 – This is a neutral look created with I-662 as the centre of attention.

Look 1 with MUFE eyeshadow palette

Look 2: This is a full on bold and colourful glamour look created using this palette.

Makeup looks with makeup forever eyeshadows

Makeup looks

Pros of Make Up for Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette:

  • A beautiful array of currently-trending shades.
  • A variety of textures to choose from.
  • Good pigmentation, except for one shade; 1 in a batch of 15, is not a bad option.
  • Extremely smooth, creamy texture.
  • Long wearing.
  • No creasing.
  • Does not transfer.
  • The colors blend easily and mesh very well together – without getting muddy.
  • Does not irritate my eyes.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Travel Friendly – though the palette is on the larger side, the well size and the good quality cardboard packaging make it an easy candidate for travel.

Cons of Make Up for Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette:

  • Diamond finish shades may have some fallout – ensure you tap excess product off the brush before applying.
  • One shade stained the eye – D-236 Blue Lagoon.

IMBB Rating:

Overall thoughts pertaining to the shadows (not really the palette): I find it interesting that there are so many different levels and types of finishes available in the range and yet the shades seem similar in texture and performance. So, irrespective of the type of finish or the colour – you get a consistently good-performing shadow. And, even though, the palette does not have any matte shade – all are shimmer oriented – there was no requirement for wetting the brush, applying with fingers, etc., etc – for each different shade. These seem like very fuss-free options when it comes to eyeshadows. So, in effect, they will work very well for makeup artists as well as for newbies.

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  1. i loove MUFE eyeshadows and no matter what I use, I always keep going back to them. Love both your eye makeup looks but that blue pop is to die for. 🙂 good review as always K. enjoy using these beauties. 🙂

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