15 Signs That You Two Are Meant to be Together

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These days, more than anything else, our news feed keeps buzzing with celebrity breakups. Even around yourself, you will definitely find people changing their minds faster than a girl changes clothes. All this makes it appear like true love does not exist anymore. The old concept of marriage is changing only to be replaced by short-term fixes and whirlwind romances.

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Fortunately, that is just not true because true love never dies. It is about finding Mr. Right. Here’s a list of 15 signs to tell you that you two are meant to be together. If it makes you smile and makes you feel like sharing with him, then you have all your answers!

1. You can be yourself around him

You just do not feel the need to edit or filter your thoughts and actions when you are around him. You can be your weird self, do whatever and say whatever.

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2. He is there for your best and worst

You do not want other people to see you in your most vulnerable state. But that is not the case with him. Failures, rejections or major hardships in life, you know you can still count on him to help you get through it.

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3. You can confide in him

You tell him things which you would tell no one else, even things that you are ashamed of. You can let out all your secrets and confessions, and still be sure that he will not judge you.

4. Arguments make your relation stronger

Which kind of relation does not have fights and arguments in it? It is perfectly alright to have fights. The point is to learn from your arguments and turn your fights in favor of your relation in the long run.

5. You are attracted to him

You find yourself crazily, surprisingly and incredibly attracted to him. Physical chemistry is undeniably an important part of a relation. When you are with him, you can feel the spark.


6. Silences are no more awkward

You can be walking together in silence or be on the phone with long minutes of silence. And you still seem to be enjoying it.

7. You respect him

You love and respect him for the person he is. You just do not want to change the essence of who he is.

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8. You have your own lives

Of course, you love being around him. But you two also have your own lives. Both of you can indulge in your own activities, interests and circles. This helps to strike a happy balance between your own stuff and your together stuff.

9. You want to create a life together

Be it about the goals you want to achieve in life or about the family of golden retrievers you wish to have. You just want to do it together.

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10. He can read your mind

It may sound like a cliché, but when two people know each other well, it proves to be true. He can complete your sentences and understand what is on your mind even if you did not express it.

11. You are no longer envious of others

Suddenly it seems just alright if he goes out with his female friends or spends the night out attending a bachelor party. You trust him.

12. You are always proud of him

You are proud of him and you cannot stop bragging about his little achievements to your friends and family.

13. He loves you as you are and still helps you become better

Nobody handles your mood swings better than him and yet he does not complain. He just loves you with all your flaws.

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14. He makes you feel safe, happy and loved

His smile has the potential to take away your worries and wipe your pains. When he is around, everything seems to be perfectly alright.

15. You are willing to work through the hurdles together

Good things never come easily. There might be a lot of hurdles on your way. You might need to fight with the world to be together. It might need a lot of efforts to just be together. But you are willing to go through all of it and work it out together. Because in the end, you would love to wake up to his hugs, wouldn’t you?

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    1. Haina Jomo…even I feel the same 🙂
      and the second one, silence speaks a thousand words indeed!
      Very nice Shreya 🙂

  1. So agree with everyone and this post, Rati-Sanjeev sir your lovely warm story a little or more so far known thru face to face convos and your posts truly reflects in this article.. <3 And the last pic seems speaking thousands words even with calmness.. motivating and inspiring thousand lives (y)

    1. Thank you for the kind words Neetu di! In fact, all of our IMBB divas’ love stories are truly inspiring. now I want to get married tooo :'(

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