15 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Sheet Mask

By Swati Kumar

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Sheet masks are the latest skin care trend which is now conveniently available in the Indian market through stores such as Innisfree and Sephora. Sheet masks are really convenient that you can do them from the comfort of your home to rush the vital ingredients into your skin. These ingredients are designed to brighten, treat dry patches, wrinkles, dark spots etc. on our skin. Since the mask is in the form of a sheet, there is no need for messy application or removal. Simply slap on a sheet mask before an important event or to give your skin a little bit of extra Truly Lasting Color, and voila, you are left with a fresh, dewy and incredibly moisturised skin. Since these masks can only be used one at a time, they tend to be heavy on our pockets. So, here are some tips for getting the most out of your sheet mask.


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1. Place Sheet Mask in a Refrigerator:

It is often advised on the back of the sheet masks to place them in the refrigerator thirty minutes before usage. The low temperature helps to soothe the irritated skin, and the cooling effect reduces swelling around the face.

2. Deep Cleanse Your Face:

It is important to remove all the makeup, dirt, pollution, sunscreen from your face in order to provide a clean surface for the mask to sit on. Without cleansing, the dirt on the skin might be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in acne and blemishes.


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3. Tone Your Skin:

Toning the skin is important to even out the skin tone and restore the pH balance so that the vital ingredients in the sheet mask can penetrate into the layers of the skin really well. Toning also helps to remove any traces of the cleanser or scrub used before.

4. Exfoliate Your Skin:

Cleansing helps to remove the dirt but, exfoliating helps to unclog the pores by removing the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin. It also helps to remove any dirt or sebum that is embedded deep into our pores. Without exfoliating the dead skin cells, ingredients from the mask will not reach the fresh and actively dividing layer of skin cells.


5. Steam Your Face:

An extra step that can be undertaken is to apply steam on your face. Simply heat some water and allow the steam to open up the pores on your skin, or simply dip a soft, clean towel into the hot water and place it on your face for a few minutes. Opening the pores helps to absorb the mask ingredients better.

6. Apply Cream or Aloe Vera in Exposed Places:

Some sheet masks do not cover the entire face. Since our bare skin is exposed, it is always a good idea to apply a light cream on those areas for the twenty or thirty minutes required for the application of the sheet mask. This ensures that the exposed areas do not dry out.


7. Apply Essence Onto Your Face:

The packet containing the sheet mask contains a lot of essences, and if you want to use all of it just for your face, pour the essence onto your palms and pat it into your skin. Once that has absorbed completely, proceed by applying the sheet mask on your face.

8. Lifting Effect:

Many Korean beauty bloggers follow a procedure to create a lifting effect. While applying the sheet mask, lift it slightly upwards in the opposite direction of sagging skin and smooth it upwards. By doing this every time you use a sheet mask, the sagginess will reduce and ensure a tighter, tauter skin.


9. Remove Air Bubbles:

While applying the sheet mask, remove any air bubbles and ensure that the mask comes into contact with the skin in all regions. This may involve putting it down in between, in case it lifts up whenever we speak or laugh.

10. Use a Sheet Mask Cover:

Some sheet masks defeat the purpose of using them, as they keep sliding off our faces. Using a silicon sheet mask cover can help in keeping the sheet mask in place, as well as prevent the essence in the sheet mask from evaporating into the environment. Such sheet mask covers are available online. A DIY sheet mask cover may also be made using tin foil.


11. Don’t Let The Mask Dry Completely:

Often we fall asleep while wearing sheet masks, allowing it to dry completely. This should be prevented because as soon as the sheet mask dries up completely, it starts to draw out the moisture from our skin. Set a timer and stick to the designated time for usage mentioned in the instructions.

12. Do Not Wash your Face:

After removing the sheet mask after twenty to thirty minutes, pat in the essence sitting on the surface of your skin. Allow it to absorb completely, rather than washing it off. Washing the face after using the sheet mask will make your skin lose the nutrients it just absorbed.


13. Use Sheet Mask for Other Areas After Usage:

Even after removing the sheet mask, the essence still remains in it as it has not been used till the sheet has completely dried. You can use the sheet mask on dry places like elbows, knees, neck, etc. by placing it on these areas for thirty seconds each.

14. Moisturize Face If Needed:

If you are using a moisturising sheet mask that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerine, you can skip the moisturiser and simply call it a day. But, if it does not contain moisturising ingredients, a moisturiser is a must. The sheet mask is like a serum; you do follow up your serums with moisturisers. It will help to seal in the nutrients absorbed by the skin.


15. Adopt a Sheet Mask Routine:

Korean women use a sheet mask per day, but this type of a routine may not be feasible for everyone. But, if you love to use sheet masks, adopt a sheet mask routine so that your skin does not get used to the nutrients present in the essence of a particular sheet mask. For example, if you have dry and dull skin, alternate your sheet masks between a moisturising and brightening sheet mask respectively.

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