16 Ways to Throw the Best New Year Party!

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New Year is just around the corner and I am just loving the festive and Christmas-sy vibe in the air. Not all of us like to go out to clubs and instead like to ring in the New Year with a few close friends. Let’s find out some really could ideas to make your party the best and happening!

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New Year Party Themes

Thinking about a theme can be a bit time consuming but fun as well. You can choose any particular theme for the party and plan everything accordingly.

1. Dress as your Favourite Celebrity- you can ask your guests to dress up as their favourite celebrities and have a fun night filled with oodles of glam and style.

2. Karaoke Night- arrange a Karaoke Night for your guests and unleash the hidden bathroom singer in you all.

3. Dance Party- no party is complete without music and dance. If you can’t think of any other theme then a typical hardcore dance party is your way to go!

4. New Year Themed party- as it is beginning of the New Year then why not go back to the traditional New Year themed party with noisemakers, hats, tiaras, boas, and horns.

5. Movie Night- fill the party room with comfy blankets, quilts, pillows and soft lights and enjoy a movie marathon with your friends.

6. Decade-themed party- choose a decade like 50s elaborate dressing, 60s funky clothes or 90s wide legged pants and ask your guests to dress accordingly. This will truly be a great night for people who like to experiment with different fashions and style. You can also choose a particular colour and ask your guests to dress up in that colour only.

7. Pajama party- the classics are just the way to go when thinking about various themes. Go for the goofiest pajamas that you have and be proud to show it off in style.

8. An Outdoor Party- you can have an outdoor party on your terrace under the stars. Decorate your terrace with colourful banners and lights and you can also have a barbecue too, to make things interesting.

9. Masquerade Party: You definitely can’t go wrong with this one. The guests have to come in a costume and an elaborate mask. Have fun with guessing who the person is and remove your masks when it strikes 12 in the midnight.

masquerade masks

New Year party Games

Games have the wonderful ability to add more fun to a party, make the party atmosphere livelier and a bit more fun.

1. New Year’s Resolutions Guessing Game- as it is obvious by the name, all the guests would guess one another’s New Year resolutions by writing on a paper. Guests can read them aloud one by one randomly and let other people try to figure out who wrote what.

2. Charades- This game is an old family favourite and everyone can play this game. You just have to choose a song’s name or a movie’s name and act it out and other people guess the name.

3. Classic board game- you can never go wrong with a board game. No matter what, people do enjoy them. You can choose from Monopoly, Scrabble or even the plain ol’ ludo game.

board game

4. Poker night- what fun is a party without poker night? You can gamble the night way with poker chips and have fun loads of fun with it.

5. 2 resolutions and one lie- as the name suggests, every guest has to tell the group, 2 of their real resolutions and 1 fake resolution. Everyone has to guess which the fake resolution is.

6. Word games- word games are also a great way to bond with new people and also having fun creating new words.

7. Musical chair- does the name ring a bell? When was the last time you gathered around some chairs on music? Well, probably when you were 10! Unleash the kid in you and go back to basics with this game.

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