17 Things You Should Do For Yourself to Kick Stress Out

Hi ladies,
In today’s stressful world, sometimes things become really overwhelming and you start to wonder when did you lose yourself amidst the madness. Well, try to follow the points written below and you will be a happy soul. I guarantee you that!

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1. Wake up with a smile on your face. Keep the photos of things that inspire you and make you smile in front of your bed so that these are the first things that you see. They will automatically make you smile.

2. Get some exercise even if it is just a 10 minutes’ walk around your neighbourhood. This ritual will not only get your blood pumping but will also reduce your overall stress levels.

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3. Make a to-do list for the day. No matter how trivial it may seem, but it really helps!

4. Read newspaper if you can. If you don’t have the time then at least read the headlines. You can also try various mobile apps that offer short news stories.

5. Take out at least 7 minutes for your skin care. I am not talking about the makeup time but just basic skincare CTM routine.

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6. Make it a habit of whipping up at least 1 really healthy meal at any time of the day. Breakfast time is ideal as it means that you are starting your day in the right manner.

7. If you love to play games on your phone, then choose smart games that provide stimulation to the mind.

8. Give yourself 15 minutes daily of doing absolutely nothing. Leave your phone and tensions of the world aside and just relax in your own company and don’t do anything at all. You can just go to a park or just look out of your window for 15 minutes.

9. Try to write in a journal. If you think you can’t write, then just choose 5 things that happened in your day and just write them in points. You don’t have to think deep. Just 5 very casual points on a daily basis!

10. Make a habit of weekly calling your friends and family. Talk and be in touch (not through messages!).

11. Book a dinner table for your parents. Spend some time with them. If you have a partner, then randomly plan a date night for both of you. You don’t need an occasion to enjoy small pleasures of life.

12. Dress up nicely. Put some thoughts into what you are going to wear. Dressing up well actually helps in boosting the confidence levels.

13. Be nice to everyone, even if that person isn’t nice to you. This practice will welcome positivity in your life and cut back the negativity.

14. Develop a hobby and devote some time to it every day. It could be anything. Just do it. Don’t put it off because there will never be the right time!

15. Perform random acts of kindness for any one you come across. It will definitely make you happy and hearty from within.

16. If you are more of an introvert, then try to inculcate a habit of going out every once in a while and having small talks with people around you.

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17. And lastly, just laugh more. It will take away all the negativity and stress away from your life.

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