19 Tips to Save Some Money on Beauty Products!

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I recently visited my hometown for a week where I could carry very basic daily use products like clothes and toiletries. My visit got extended by a week more and I was left with no high-end skincare or makeup products. I had the option of buying new stuff there but I didn’t want to spend a bomb on the products that I already had at home. So I researched a bit and came up with ideas to save some money on those exorbitantly priced beauty products and beauty regime.

19 Tips to Save Some Money on Beauty Products!

1. Try a homemade body scrub instead of spending on expensive store-bought ones. You can mix olive oil, brown or white sugar and a pinch of salt for scrubbing. A few drops of any essential oil can be added if available at home.

2. Invest in good quality makeup brushes. Good brushes last for a life time if proper cleaning regime is followed. Don’t go for cheap quality brushes as you will have to change them more often.

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3. Buy family size of shampoo and conditioner bottles. You save a lot on these. Same applies for other toiletries as well!

4. Don’t redo your makeup after a mid-day meltdown. Only slight touchups with some face mist and translucent powder can give you a fresh and dewy finish. You will save on your products this way.

5. Use homemade lip scrub instead of the ones available in market. Powdered sugar mixed in honey works well for exfoliating dead skin from lips.

6. Don’t go for expensive face packs and masks. Instead make your own! We have a lot of DIY recipes on IMBB for the same.

7. Replace store-bought face toners with rose water.

8. If you don’t have long-lasting lipsticks, then you don’t have to necessarily get a new one in the same shade. Just use the blotting technique!

baby oil as makeup remover

9. Use almond oil, olive oil or baby oil to remove face makeup. These would last much longer that those tiny makeup remover bottles.

10. Close the products tightly after each use; this increases their life.

11. Buy double-duty products. Most of our products expire before we can finish even half of them. Go for products that can be used for more than one purpose like lip and cheek tints, eyeshadows that can be used as blushes, etc. This way you can finish the products before they reach their expiry date!

12. Eyeshadow palettes with more colors can be used as eyeliners, brow fillers and highlighters.

13. Keep Vaseline handy. It can be used for a lot of beauty hacks like correcting a smudged eye product, softening your hands and feet or removing makeup.

14. Indulge in a manicure and pedicure at home instead of booking an appointment at the salon. All you need is a baby shampoo, oil, scrub and some tools like nail clipper and cuticle pusher.

15. Use a conditioner instead of buying a shaving cream. It will leave your skin shiny and smooth.

16. Try and look for dupes. Many inexpensive drugstore alternatives are available for high end products.

Bright Broken Blush

17. Fix broken makeup. Don’t throw away your old broken eyeshadow or lipstick. A lot of makeup fixing techniques are available on IMBB. Follow them and reuse!

18. Shop during sale. A lot of products are available at discounted prices on various online shopping websites and stores.

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19. Most important: Use what you have! Don’t throw a product just because you don’t like its smell or a certain aspect. Finish whatever is left before buying a new one!

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