2 Easy Ways to Take Off the Sparkling Glitter Nail Polishes

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Don’t we all get fascinated with those sparkly glittery nail paints? On any usual day, I prefer my nude or soft neutral colors for office wear but I like to wear sparkles on my nails for evening get togethers and parties. The only thing which holds me from using these nail polishes is the difficulty of removing them! I just hate the look of my nails when the nail paint is half gone. I am sure many of you face the same issue. So today I am going to share 2 easy ways in which you can get this stubborn glitter off your nails in no time. So let’s begin!

2 Easy Ways to Take Off the Sparkling Glitter Nail Polishes

Method 1

What you need:
• Silver foil: 10 pieces
• Cotton balls/cotton pads: 10 pieces
• Rubber bands: 10
• Nail polish remover/acetone

glitter polish removal foil method

Dip the cotton ball in nail polish remover generously. Now wrap your finger nail with this cotton ball and cover it with silver foil. Put the rubber band on this to keep the cotton from falling. Follow the same steps for all your fingernails and let the cotton wraps stay for 2-3 minutes. Now press hard and rub your nails with the cotton pads before removing them. Use the other side of the pads to scrub the glitter gently off the nails. Apply some almond oil on your nails to hydrate them as the nail polish remover can cause dryness. This method works well with stubborn glitter as well as gel nail paints.

Method 2

What you need:
• Toothpaste, preferably white, like Colgate
• Old tooth brush
• Lukewarm water with some baby shampoo drops in it

Dampen your nails with some water and apply toothpaste on them. Leave it for 30 seconds and rub it well with your fingers. Now take a toothbrush and scrub off the toothpaste off your nails gently while soaking them in water shampoo mixture. This method is amazing and it protects your nails and the skin around them from the harsh impact of remover.


Now you can enjoy painting your nails with bold and shiny glitter paints without worrying about how to take them off!

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