20 Diet Hacks By Famous Dietician Rujuta Diwekar

It is extremely important to live a healthy lifestyle. One thing that plays a predominant role in deciding how your body functions is your diet. Having wrong food items or having food in the wrong way does more harm to the body than you can ever imagine. Several dieticians share different ideas of well-being but you should always hear from the best of the lot when it comes to having a healthy diet plan. In that regard, nobody else other than Celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar comes to our mind. This leading nutritionist has guided so many high profile celebs and businessmen in India in their weight loss journey. People swear by her golden diet mantras. In this article, we bring forth you a list of diet hacks by none other than India’s leading nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. All these tips are really easy to follow and can cause a sea change in making your body healthy. Keep scrolling to know 20 diet hacks by Famous Dietician Rujuta Diwekar.

20 Diet Hacks By Famous Dietician Rujuta Diwekar

1. Bring back Ghee to your life: Have ghee in your diet without hesitation. According to Rujuta, any person irrespective of her age or disease type can easily have 3-6 teaspoons of ghee each day. You can make your food tasty by adding ghee to it. Like a spoon of ghee to dal or adding some of it to your parathas makes the food taste really awesome.

2. Look at food as per their nutrition value: The caption says it all and doesn’t need much explanation. Rujuta advises her clients to look at food as food. Look into the nutritional value of the food that you are consuming. There is no point in looking at the calorie intake of your diet.

3. Eat as per the season: Our choice of food items varies as per the season in hand. For example, we like to have more of fried stuff during winter or monsoon and want to have colder items for summer. It is perfectly fine if your hunger cravings change. Eating as per the season does not do any harm to the body as per Rujuta Diwekar.

4. Never begin your day with tea or coffee: Starting g your day with tea or coffee is a big no-no. We know nothing can wake you up better than your daily dose of brew, but it’s time to chuck such plans. Have some seasonal fruits or soaked nuts or dry fruits within 15 minutes of waking up. Now, you can have your cup of tea or coffee, but it will be better if you can avoid such caffeine enriched drinks.

5. Start the day with a heavy breakfast: It is not a good idea to diet and starve yourself. Most of us feel hungry after waking up and that is the time when you should eat heavy. You should eat a heavy and wholesome breakfast within 1 hour of waking up. If you hit the gym daily, then have your breakfast before you go to the gym. This helps in better calorie burn and aids in weight loss.

6. Have early dinner to stay healthy: Rujuta Diwekar advises her clients to have dinner by 7 pm. If you get stuck at work and can’t have dinner early, then have something heavy in the evening so that your dinner does not become the heaviest meal of the day. Also, she tells to have dinner prior to 3 hours of going to bed. According to her, an early dinner ensures a restorative balance of hormones on the body and has an anti-aging effect which in the long run keeps you healthy.

7. Start exercising with the rule of Pi: All of you must be knowing what Pi is!! It was taught to us in elementary schools. According to Rujuta, you can use that number in your workout schedule now. It is quite evident that in our daily busy lives, we find very less time for workouts. Hence, once in every 3.14 days, you should do your body exercises. So, a healthy diet for 22 days with 7 days of exercise in between is a good way to go.

8. Avoid processed or packaged food items: Avoid having packaged foods like oats. They are tasteless and boring and do not have much nutritional value. Also, avoid processed foods as they contain unhealthy oils and carbs which leads to weight gain. Instead, you should rely on healthy carbs of naturally prepared foods.

9. Consume local foods: Eat local fruits like banana, grapes, chikoo, mangoes, etc. It doesn’t matter what fruit you are having as all fruits have fructose. In diabetics, eating fruits means the intake of fructose which helps to regulate the blood sugar levels.

10. Have freshly prepared food: This caption itself illustrates the need to avoid packaged food and necessitates the need to have home-cooked food. Rujuta advises her clients to have freshly cooked homemade food. Have your meals especially breakfast or dinner right after you prepare it. This helps the body to have maximum nutrients from the food. If you can’t do this, then you have to pack the food to your workplace which is again not a very good idea. Also, remember not to overcook the food that you are preparing as that makes it lose vital nutrients.

11. Add milk or Kulfi to your diet: Most of us rely on green leafy vegetables while we are dieting. We go by the presumption that dairy products might lead to weight gain. This is completely wrong as per dietician Rujuta DIwekar. You can skip leafy vegetables like Kale or Quinoa and derive similar nutrients from local food as well. This means you don’t have to cut down on dairy products, you can surely have milk or kulfi and derive your protein intake from such foodstuff.

12. Ditch green tea and have masala chai: Several studies have revealed that having green tea in excess amounts is not good for health. If you are addicted to your daily dose of the brewery, then you can replace green tea with masala chai. It comes without any side effects and you can have it in good amounts.

13. Always stress on having natural foodstuff: Unless advised by the doctor, you should never cut down on natural sugar. Having artificial sweeteners in foods is not a good idea. You can definitely cut down the sugar intake if you are diabetic but you must never replace natural sugar with anything.

14. Use seed oils: Rujuta advises to use seed oils like mustard, groundnut or coconut over normal vegetable oils as they are healthy to the body. You should avoid packaged oils like rice bran, soya oil or olive if you want to remain healthy.

15. Get started with Cardio and Yoga to remain fit: Rujuta Diwekar says it is cool to remain fit. She stresses the importance of cardio for the body as a weight loss measure. She further adds that it is important to do yoga in your daily routine as it boosts mental health and keeps you healthy. According to her, you should practice “Surya Namaskar” every day after waking up.

16. Keep yourself hydrated as per your body needs: Rujuta advises having a good amount of water at regular intervals. That doesn’t mean that you will have it in excess amounts that can burst your bladder. As per Rujuta, the color of urine is a good indicator of whether you are having the right amount of water. If not, then you must always increase your water intake. Not only this, having the right amount of water will help to reduce hunger cravings and flushes out toxins from the body.

17. Mix up ingredients to have a wholesome meal: Many dieticians bar people from having proteins or carbohydrates at the same time. But Rujuta Diwekar dismisses such ideas. She explains how important it is to include all kinds of nutrients in your diet to make it wholesome. Skipping one or the other makes your body crave for it more which is harmful. She suggests to all people that it is a fair game plan to mix foods to get the best of all nutrients in your meal.

18. Brown bread is not a healthy way to go: A lot of us feel white bread is not good for health and replace it by use of brown bread. This is completely a myth. Breads, whether white or brown, if taken in large amounts can do no good to the body as it comes processed and will surely play a vital role in weight gain. She advises her clients to monitor the food intake and the in-between intervals of having meals. She also tells to have food at frequent intervals in small amounts and not to rely on any particular food as a tonic to the body.

19. Have drinks while having your meals: Beer, whiskey or any kind of other drinks can be consumed but there is a time when you can have them. According to Rujuta, you should always have drinks while you are having food. Having drinks before or after you finish your meal makes you indulge in excessive drinking which is harmful to the body. Choose an appropriate time and have them with your meals.

20. Taking supplements to fill up the gap of any missing nutrition: It is not always possible for our diet to meet all the nutritional requirements. You can take dietary supplements to ensure that nutritional requirements are met. You need enough vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids for proper bodily functions and weight loss process. These dietary supplements help in removing any nutritional deficiency that one may be having. Supplements are really important as they help to reap maximum health benefits and are a great option for you if you are on a weight loss journey.

Follow these diet hacks and unveil the healthier you. Thanks for reading.


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