21 Perks of Being Single For Girls!

Single is no longer a lack of options – but a choice. A choice to refuse to let your life be defined by your relationship status but to live every day Happily and let your Ever After work itself out.”

Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

I feel sorry for those girls who’re single right now! Not because of their current relationship status, because I am sure wherever they go, they have to answer, “Beta, when you’re getting married?” and their friends desperately try to hook them up with someone. For some people, being “single” is synonymous with being “lonely”, “sad”. But what they often forget that often a girl’s relationship status is just a matter of her choice and not necessarily implies any emotional turmoil or loneliness. In fact, single girls enjoy and live life normally just like everyone else. A girl’s happiness doesn’t depend on her relationship status.

21 Perks Of Being Single For Girls1

So girls let the world know once and for all the perks that you enjoy being single!

1) You’re your own boss! Your life is all about you. Your choices, your likes and dislikes. You take your own decisions and you thoroughly enjoy it.
2) You’ve very less regrets in life because again you take your own decisions and you’ve no one to blame for it. But if someone else takes a wrong decision for us, then that leaves a permanent regret mark in our mind.

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3) You enjoy plenty of space. With singlehood freedom comes in various sizes and shapes. Basically, all the perks revolve around one thing “freedom” and who doesn’t love freedom? Gandhi Ji gave his life for our freedom!
4) You can take as much time as you want to get ready. Nobody will tell you to hurry up, or make faces!
5) You’re spared from the lectures about “benefits of no makeup” and how your wardrobe is already overflowing with your dresses.
6) One great benefit of being single is you stay with your family.
7) And you eat food cooked by your mom daily, which she serves with lots and lots of love. All your household works are taken care of by your mother while you’re working at office or enjoying with friends.

21 Perks Of Being Single For Girls5

8) You don’t care about gaining or losing few pounds and can thoroughly enjoy the junk food. There is no stress in your mind to get that size zero figure for your partner.
9) You save lots of money. Your relationship status is making you rich because you’re not spending on gifts and restaurant bills. There is a wrong assumption that girls don’t spend even a single penny when they’re in relationship but don’t we know the actual truth girls?

21 Perks Of Being Single For Girls4

10) You can go easy on body maintenance regulations. I mean all girls take shower and take care of their body irrespective of their relationship status but single girls can skip few painful experiences now and then like waxing or shaving. You can skip visits to parlor, if you wish.
11) Your mental hard disk is not full with important dates like birthdays and anniversaries!

21 Perks Of Being Single For Girls

12) You enjoy drama-free life and your engaged friends envy you for that.
13) Your precious time is not wasted in talking for hours over the phone.
14) You can go for clubbing with your guy or girl friends late at night and you’ve a legal license to flirt with any guy you want.

21 Perks Of Being Single For Girls2

15) You can make your own travel plans to your favorite place with your favorite people.
16) You can focus all your energy on your own life and on your career. You do not change your plans or mend them for your partner. For example, you can move to a different city for a better job or go abroad for higher studies without feeling bad or guilty about it.
17) Your free time is mostly for your family and that’s a huge perk which you will realize someday.
18) You’ve no worry of being lied to or cheated on. You literally live your life without any fear. The word “fear” doesn’t even exist in your dictionary.
19) You don’t get this “you’ve changed” attitude from your loved ones. In fact, people will not notice even the major changes in you if you’re single but will not forgive you if you make a slight change in yourself when you’re in relationship.

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20) You’ve learned to enjoy your own company. This is one the best gift that you can ever give to yourself. When you enjoy your own company then who you’re and what you’re looking for become very clear in your mind. You know yourself very well more than anybody else in the world. And you don’t find it hard to figure out what is good or bad for you.
21) Your relationship status has taught you to handle everything single handedly and you feel confident, strong and independent in whatever you do.

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  1. Hehe!! What a fun post! I am 31, single by choice, and loving it! Though i dont agree to a few points.
    Have you heard this latest song by demi lovato…confident.? I can totally relate!

    1. OMG! I was listening Demi Lovato’s Up when I read your comment. And yes, I love that song. Also, I am so loving her new short hair cut :-p Thank you Jyoti for reading my post 🙂

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