21 Things Every Girl Must Know before Getting Inked

Before you run to your tattoo artist and shout for a tattoo dedicated to your boyfriend, there are innumerable things that every girl must know before taking this serious step. While tattoo remains a fashion statement, there are girls who want to make at least one tattoo on every part of their body. Here are few things that every girl must remember before going for a tattoo.

Things Every Girl Must Know before Getting Inked

1. Never go for a cheap tattoo

Who does not want to save money? When you are offered a cheaper tattoo, you would probably be tempted. But then it can land you in trouble later. Never go for a cheap tattoo as might be a trap. Tattoo artists who are not talented or hygienic enough often make such offers.

2. Go for something small first

small tattoo woman

Large tattoos are not everyone’s cup of tea, and your first tattoo should never be a large one. Go for a smaller tattoo at first to become familiar with the process and to find out how your skin deals with it. Large tattoos can often put you in bad light if you work in a formal workplace.

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3. Select the area beforehand

You should be well aware about the area where you want to get a tattoo. Before you consult your artist, you should be prepared about the area. You should always choose the area which looks good and also attractive.

4. Research about your artist

You should research about your artist thoroughly. You can choose your artist a week before and also ask your friends to choose a better one. You should ask him/her about the cost beforehand too. Overall, you need to be comfortable before you go for your appointment. Your artist should be trustworthy enough.

5. Ask for your tattoo artist’s portfolio

You should always ask your artist for the previous experience. He would surely have a portfolio that will help you see his previous work. You can ask him questions and judge him on the basis of his portfolio.

6. Choose a proper design

beautiful tattoo design

Choose a tattoo that speaks to you, something that matches your personality well. Getting a design just because it is in vogue won’t make you happy after sometime. Since this is a lifelong commitment, go for something that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

7. Research on mantra or slogan

Before you make a decision to go for a slogan, make sure you know its meaning properly. Even if you are not following the mantra, it is fine. But a well researched tattoo won’t hurt anyone.

8. Choose an appropriate part if you want a slogan

If you are going for any proverb or quote, you can choose any area you want. But when you are just writing a slogan related to God or some culture, make sure you choose your area wisely in order to not offend anyone.

9. Best time to get a tattoo

Consideration of time is very important as tattoos can be completely destroyed by heat. This is the reason you should always go for tattoo during winter or after rainy reason. Avoid making them during hot summer days.

10. Pain tolerance

pain tolerance for tattoo

For girls who have got more than two tattoos, pain is now no stranger to them. But for you, you should take care about your own self. Know about your pain tolerance in advance and move ahead only if you think you can manage it.

11. Don’t go for face tattoos

You should always keep your face free of tattoos. It is too big a commitment for anyone working in corporate environment, and such tattoos do not look great on everyone.

12. Buy Bepanthen+

This is a nappy rash cream which every girl must buy before she goes for an appointment. It depends upon your artist whether he would apply a good cream or not. Many do apply, but some do not. So, to be on the safer side, buy it in advance.

13. Committent

You should be committed to what you have decided about the design and the area. If you are not sure, consult your family and friends.

14. Ask about advance payment


Many artists do take advance payment after you have confirmed the appointment. You should ask if you need to pay any advance or not.

15. You should ask questions

If you feel like something is wrong, or he is not following the guide given by you, you can question him. Asking questions can always solve your problems and issues.

16. Speak up

If you are unable to bear the pain, you can speak it up to your artist. Ask him to take a break and then continue after you feel fine.

17. Don’t go empty stomach

You should never go empty stomach to get a tattoo. If you have not eaten anything, you might faint or feel nauseous.

18. Take a friend

Of course, you should never go alone to get a tattoo. For your encouragement and support, take a close friend with you.

19. You should tip your artist

If you feel like he has helped you get the best tattoo, there is no harm in giving him some extra bucks. Tipping will also help you in future reference.

20. Sometimes you might get shaved

To prevent hair coming in and becoming a hurdle, you might get shaved by your artist. Shaving is common if you have chosen the back area.

21. Always follow aftercare instructions 

woman tattoo ideas

Every tattoo artist will give you the directions to take care of your tattoo. Always follow these instructions for proper healing and to maintain the beauty of your tattoo.

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5 thoughts on “21 Things Every Girl Must Know before Getting Inked

  1. got inked over a year ago and didnt pay heed to many of them especially # 2 for small tattoos. I got a pretty big one. No regrets at all. loving it even more as time goes by. The only thing I knew was that it would not be religious or political. .(luckily we dont have any policy at work so worked out well)

  2. Excellent points and a very useful article! It is necessary to give due thought and consideration before taking the tattoo plunge especially regarding the PERCEPTIONS that are prevalent about tattooed people and in particular about tattooed women. For example, lower back tattoos are perceived as a sign of promiscuity (look up tramp stamp), while Chinese character tattoos as a sign of being “ditzy” or not serious enough for a career. Face and neck tattoos have long been associated with criminals and gang-members. Women with large tattoos are perceived as being lesbians while several other tattoos are associated with drug-use.
    Although these notions may be outdated and disappearing slowly, they still exist especially in workplaces in the West. The best bet is to go for a tattoo that is not visible most of the time and to avoid getting tattoos that may mean something in some other culture.
    Make a wise choice!

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