21 Things We All Do That Irritate Our Partner

 Girls, please don’t take this post seriously. This is meant for just fun, and not to degrade any gender. Let’s have a good laugh at ourselves because isn’t life too short to be taken seriously The Bollywood film ‘Pyaar ka Panchnama’ was like an eye opener for most of us. Before that I used to think, irritating someone is an art which only men have mastered. Unfortunately, I was wrong. There are times when we take away this trophy from them. Let’s look at the moments when women irritate men the most. 😉

21 Things We All Do That Irritate Our Partner4

1) I’ve heard somewhere that every man on earth curses the day when selfie was created. They do not understand our selfie-love. No matter wherever we go or whatever we do, we want to take a selfie first. Just like people do Ganesh puja before they attend an important event, we take selfies. To make the matter worse, we often force our partner to pout for our couple selfie. I tell you girls, they are just jealous because they don’t get our full attention when we’re busy clicking.

21 Things We All Do That Irritate Our Partner1

2) The moments when we do things just to show off. For men, the only thing that is worth showing off is either their car or bike.

3) If instead of talking to him, we declare our love for him to the world. He has arranged a nice dinner date for you. It was meant to be a private and romantic occasion for both of you, but you’re busy typing #feelingloved #feelingblessed #bestpartnerintheworld #topoftheworld #dinnerdatewithpartner #luckyme while he sits alone, doing nothing, and just staring at the walls.

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4) If you burst into rage for appreciating a girl sitting opposite to you in the coffee shop. Their appreciation makes us furious for not noticing the brand new expensive dress that we’re wearing right in front of them. We worked so hard for months to fit into it, but forget it!

5) If we use or type the word “awww”. The degree of their irritation is directly proportional to number of ‘w’ we add in our “awww”. How mean they are! Awww is such a sweet, innocent, lovely word. Guys, please leave our little “awwwwwwww” alone! Huh!

6) When they find it extremely difficult to decipher the real meaning behind our words. It irritates them when we say “yes” which actually means “NO” or “no” which actually means “YES”! They don’t understand our intelligent word games. Poor men!

21 Things We All Do That Irritate Our Partner3

7) When we get too moody and cry for no reason. If only they knew or understood what we go through every month to cause this moodiness then only they would’ve understood why we were crying the whole day on his one simple statement last night which was “you forgot to add salt in the curry.”.

8) If we take too much time to get ready. Oh, come on! You want us to look good, but you do not want us to give time to do makeup. What do you know about the hard work that is required to perfect those lines of winged eye liner? Well, we do not blame you for that! Your fashion world is so boring with too less options. We really feel bad for you.

21 Things We All Do That Irritate Our Partner

9) When we forget that he is NOT Dabboo Ratnani. One of the criteria to be a good partner these days is that he has to be a good photographer. We carry them like our personal fashion photographer everywhere we go. If he cannot take a good DP that could get us at least 100 ‘likes’, then he doesn’t love us enough.

10) When we call them nth number of times to know their whereabouts and expect them to receive it ALWAYS. So what, if he is driving or giving presentation in office, he must answer and update you.

11) If we become too curious about our neighbor’s life and “sharmaji ka beta” become the prime topic of conversation on dinner table.

12) If we compare and blame him for our friend’s successful and happy life.

13) When we avoid window seats in bus or car so that it doesn’t ruin our makeup or hair.

14) When we wear high heels and then refuse to take even a single step. Hoping someone would drop us from a helicopter to our destination.

21 Things We All Do That Irritate Our Partner2

15) If we wear a sleeveless top and micro mini outdoors at 4 degree Celsius.

16) When the only thing we watch on television is saas bahu war.

17) When we spend thousands of bucks on a single hairpin, but declare world war when an autowallah charges us one rupee extra.

18) If we make him wait in front of the trial room, buried under clothes for hours.

19) Our urge to see things exactly at the right place sometimes irritates them. They feel like we carry a measurement tape to mark the exact position of all objects in the house. If those things are moved even an inch from their respective positions, it’s time to face the wrath…for them.

20) The long lectures that we deliver to them on how inappropriate their actions are.

21) Lastly, they find our capability to nag most irritating.

Like, Veronica Roth had written; “Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now.” And that’s exactly how I am feeling right now. But girls, don’t worry; our list is too small compare to them. At least, they should be happy that we don’t keep used, dirty, smelly socks on the sofa. And we all know how terribly they miss us when we’re not around to irritate them. 😛

Please tell us the one thing that irritates your partner the most about you in the comments section below! 🙂

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  1. fantastic post shainee 😀 laughed out loud and I do feel gulity of that selfie, photographer dabbu ratnani point too 😛 I always lecture him wen he dnt get me a gud shot 😛 lol But now I better rely on timer that too wen he is not at home haha 🙂
    it was such a gud read!!

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