24 Signs that your Weight Loss is Permanent

Weight loss is a gradual process and there are no shortcuts to lose weight overnight or in 10 days. Those who promise such changes most likely would be short-term benefits and most likely you will gain back all those extra kilos. That’s why Rati Beauty diet programs stress on making lifestyle changes, laying great importance on healthy clean eating along with exercise to lose weight. Dieting should all be about giving proper nourishment to the body while cutting down calories and not by starving it and punishing it with strenuous exercise to melt fat. Those of you who are on Rati Beauty diet programs have shed considerable weight and have got healthy through this process, and in this post, we will tell you about 24 signs that your weight loss is now permanent and why you no longer will be yo-yoing to your previous weight once you follow these diets.

Signs that your Weight Loss is Permanent

24 Signs that your Weight Loss is Permanent:

1. You read labels of food products before putting them into your cart at the supermarkets:
Don’t believe what front labels of food products say! They often have “catchy words” printed on them which would lure you to pick them up. Let go of “sugar free” products, they are most often loaded with artificial sweeteners which do no good either. For example, high-sugar processed breakfast cereals like whole-grain, choco puffs are termed healthy by their manufactures. Regardless of their front labels, these breakfast items are not at all healthy! A simple breakfast cooked at home like Indian porridge (Dalia), overnight rolled oats, idli, poha are far more better and healthier options to consider. Read the ingredient list to weed out all added sugar, color, and everything that is not natural. Muesli with added sugar and dehydrated fruits coated with artificial colors cannot be considered healthy, right? Here’s how you can read labels of food products.

2. You have completely cut down on transfat:
Transfat is extremely toxic for your health and transfat will prevent you from losing weight. Transfat is artificially made from vegetable oils by a process called hydrogenation where hydrogen molecules are added to the oil. This is done to increase the shelf life of the oil, to solidy the oil, and make it more appetizing and suitable for frying. Once you have learnt about the harmful effects of transfat, you cut them out completely, and your weight loss will be permanent because it’s one of the major changes that you made in your life.

3. You are not interested in crash dieting anymore:
You have realized that losing weight through crash dieting is not sustainable anymore, and that’s why you are following programs on Rati Beauty instead to lose weight without compromising on nutrition. Crash diets dip down your metabolism and you would hardly lose any weight after the initial 5 kg. Crash dieting is usually restrictive and cause a lot of health problems. Crash dieting may lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, fatigue, and dizziness. Crash diet will only achieve short-term goals, and once you come out of such diets, you would regain everything and even more. So crash dieting is not at all realistic.

4. You no longer make frequent trips to the refrigerator to pick up a snack:
Yes, you no longer get tempted at the sight of doughnuts, chocolates, and ice cream stacked in the refrigerator. If you have made that trip to get a bottle of cold water, you would pick just the bottle, and close the fridge door, without picking up an unhealthy snack.

5. You believe in a cheat meal and not a cheat day:
Yes, you now know, you can indulge in your favorite meal during the weekend – but it’s not an entire day of binging, just a meal that you want to reward yourself with..

6. Added sugar, what’s that?
Yes, you cannot remember the last time you picked refined sugar from the supermarket. You no longer need white sugar or added sugar for any meal, not even for your evening chai.

7. You feel gung-ho about exercising, it’s not about punishing your body anymore:
You look forward to working out and it’s not an hour that you have fixed in a day to punish yourself for eating proper food and for feeling hungry.

8. You learn how to portion control:
Portion controlling is extremely important to sustain weight loss and now you have mastered this art. Portion control is an essential aspect, not only to lose weight but also to maintain optimum health and to prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. These tips will help you to portion control all meals.

9. You see muscles as a result of workout, not just loose skin:
When there’s a considerable amount of weight that has been lost, loose skin is inevitable, but you have no loose skin because you also lifted weights and functional training instead of doing just cardio during the weight loss process.

10. You don’t think the food you are eating on a diet is “tasteless” and just “meh.”:

Diet food need not be boring and bland. All recipes on Rati Beauty are delicious and you would not feel that they are tasteless and “meh.” You would be cooking them for the rest of your life now.

11. You no longer compare your weight loss success with the numbers on the scale:
You have overcome your obsession with weighing scale and feel much happier getting into old clothes that are now loose!

12. You have stopped snoring:
You have now realized that you have stopped snoring because the fatty tissue at the back of your throat is no longer there and it ain’t coming back.

13. You no longer make excuses and need break from dieting:
There’s a lot happening in your life right now and you can no longer diet! That’s a common excuse, but you no longer feel dieting is a “task,” it’s a part of your daily life and unaffected with ups and downs of your life.

14. You feel energetic throughout the day:
It’s unlike crash dieting, you feel energetic throughout the day and you do not want that momentum to drop.

15. You have stopped stress eating/not dependant on food emotionally:
Emotional eating is a situation where one eats to feel good and pleasant, to cope up with trauma, to relieve stress, rather than to satisfy hunger. The food that emotional eaters choose are usually high-fat, high sugar, calorie-rich food full of transfat and other toxic ingredients, extremely unhealthy for the human body. When someone depends on food to cope with certain situations or to relieve stress, preoccupation with food takes over that person’s life and before he/she realizes, they would end being obese with a high risk for developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. You no longer think about turning to comfort food to overcome life’s problems.

16. You are aware of all the healthy swaps for unhealthy food:
Yes, you know now brown rice is healthier than white rice and so are these foods.

17. You don’t hate fat in all forms anymore:
“Fat” doesn’t scare you anymore. You know the difference between healthy fat and unhealthy fat. In fact, healthy fat like ghee, coconut oil, seeds and nuts are all part of your daily diet.

18. You have increased the intake of protein:
Protein-rich food keep you fuller for longer, decrease hunger pangs, and boost metabolism, and that’s why you have increased protein content in your diet.

19. You love more and more veggies now:
You love all veggies now, in fact, it forms a major chunk of your plate.

20. Meal time is also “me time” now:
You keep distractions away while eating (which means no phone or television) because when you are distracted, you might be consuming a lot of extra calories without realizing your tummy is now full.

21. You are sleeping for 8 hours every night:
You now know that to effectively curb the hunger hormone “ghrelin,” you need to sleep well. You need to give your body enough rest to help it burn fat, and you are not going to compromise on that now.

22. You know how to break out of a weight loss plateau like a boss:
You realize that plateaus are inevitable during weight loss and you no longer get demotivated or depressed because the scales are not moving in the right direction. You definitely know ways to overcome weight loss plateau like a boss.

23. You dislike artificial sweeteners as much as white sugar:
Artificial sweeteners like stevia and aspartame are hugely popular and considered healthy options to refined sugar, but they have their own side effects, and it’s best to avoid them. Read more about the side effects of artificial sweeteners here.

24. No longer trust low-fat foods:
“Low fat and fat free” can actually make your health worse. For decades now, we have been made to believe that all “fats” are bad and can make you obese, raise cholesterol levels, lead to stroke and heart disease, and cause a lot of other disorders in the body, but in reality, “fat” has been made the villain through wrong research results. In fact, to lose weight and to lead a healthy life in general, you should consume the recommended intake of “good fat.” In this post, we will find out why low fat and fat free products are not good for weight loss. In fact, keto diet, which advocates low-carb-high-fat formula actually is based that a high-fat diet makes the body into a fat-burning machine where stored fat is used to fuel the body. Through research, it has been established that women who consumed low fat-yogurt had gained more weight in comparison with women who ate moderate amount of full-fat yogurt

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