25 Things You Never Knew Vaseline Could Do

Vaseline! I’m sure there isn’t a single person here who has never heard of it or used it, for whatever reason. Whether it was to make your feet smoother (or to annoy your older brother by putting it in his hair when he was blissfully unaware, and fast asleep), or to soothe dry skin, this amazing and versatile product has been around for over 140 years.

The above picture is my current jar of Vaseline. Although enriched with Vitamin E, it honestly doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference as compared to the ordinary one. Only difference is that I felt very happy when I bought it! 🙂


Vaseline was initially introduced as a barrier to keep water, air and bacteria away from a cut. However, this amazing beauty staple is a must in every household, for many other reasons:

    1.  Vaseline prevents windburn (chafing of skin due to harsh and/cold winds)
    2.  Vaseline helps to eliminate lice. If applied in a thick layer to the scalp, it will destroy all the lice by smothering them. However, this may be difficult to get out of hair, and will require numerous washes.
    3.  Vaseline helps soothe burns.
    4.  Consistent application of Vaseline after a shower will help get rid of dry patches on skin.
    5.  Vaseline helps shine leather bags. Can also be used to shine leather shoes, though isn’t advisable, since shoes will attract more dust if they have a coating of Vaseline on.
    6.  Many swear by Vaseline as an aid to help eyelashes and eyebrows grow thicker and longer, when used every night, directly on them. This is a very slow process, though.
    7. Vaseline can be used to make homemade lip gloss or lip balm. Various recipes can be found on the Internet for this.
    8.  You know that whitish powder that forms on the battery terminals of your car? Apply a little bit of Vaseline on them after dusting off the powder already formed. If the powder is stuck, then use a bit of warm water and a soft cloth, get all that powder off, and only then apply the Vaseline. This helps retard corrosion.
    9.  Dab little on to your wrists and pulse points. Then spray your perfume. The scent will last much longer.
    10.  Vaseline helps soften calluses and dry, tough skin on feet, if applied nightly.
    11.  It can be rubbed on teeth when lipstick is worn, to prevent those unsightly lipstick marks on teeth. However, a very tiny amount must be used, and NOT a huge blob. Beauty pageant contestants use this trick as well!
    12.  Sometimes, a ring can get stuck on a finger. The ring can be slipped off much easier if Vaseline is used to lubricate the finger first.
    13.  Brittle nails benefit from a regular massage with a mixture of Vaseline and glycerin (or even plain Vaseline will do!)

  1.  Hate that dried up nail polish on the mouth of your nail polish bottles? Apply a tiny amount of Vaseline on new nail polish bottles (or on old ones, after cleaning off the accumulated dried polish with remover).
  2.  Brush your eyebrows with a little Vaseline to help them look groomed. Don’t use too much, though, as when you sweat, it’ll create a greasy mess on your forehead.
  3.  Getting a tattoo? Vaseline helps heal the itching and irritation arising from a new tattoo.
  4.  When you dye your hair at home, whether with commercial box mixes available or with vegetable dyes (eg. henna), apply Vaseline along your hairline and on the top rims of your ears to prevent the color from touching the skin and staining it.
  5.  Love the scent of that lotion but it’s now almost over? Extend its life by adding a bit of Vaseline into it. This will not change its scent, as Vaseline is unscented, thus preserving your favorite smell.
  6.  Love carving vegetables? Rub Vaseline onto the exposed edges after carving to keep the vegetable from spoiling or drying up. Of course, don’t do this with something meant for consumption later!
  7.  Rub a bit on the inside of the candle holder of your favorite scented candle before putting the candle in. This prevents the candle from sticking to it. Can also be done for your regular white candles when there is a power cut!
  8.  Got lipstick stains on your precious linen napkins after that dinner party? Apply Vaseline on them before washing, and see those stains fade away.
  9. • Run out of your favorite makeup remover? No, don’t wash it off with face wash. First use Vaseline like you would your regular remover, and then use your face wash. Your skin will thank you for it.
  10. Baby NappiesGot a baby in the house? Apply a thin coat of Vaseline on their bottom before putting on a fresh diaper, to prevent diaper rash.
  11.  Vaseline works as good as regular chapstick to heal chapped lips.
  12.  To get smooth lips, exfoliate them by putting some Vaseline on an old toothbrush, and gently brushing your lips with it, and then wiping it off with a soft cloth dipped in warm water.

vaseline petroleum jelly

About Vaseline:
Although “Vaseline” is a brand, it is associated with their petroleum jelly, because it has been a tried and tested remedy for so many ailments, as well as being one of the best marketed products. The brand also produces body lotions, lip salves and creams.
Petroleum jelly is the only ingredient in your regular tub of Vaseline. This was discovered by a New York chemist in the 1860s, and was first marketed to the public as Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in 1870.

What is petroleum jelly?
Also called petrolatum or soft paraffin, petroleum jelly is a mix of mineral oils, paraffin, and microcrystalline waxes. With a melting point of just above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, it literally melts on the skin, in the process, filling the gaps in the lipid barrier. It doesn’t really add any moisture to skin, but keeps it from naturally losing moisture to evaporation (for instance, in extremely dry weather) and also serves as a protective barrier, keeping harsh cold weather and wind out. It is a by-product of oil production.

However, petrolatum is also highly associated with carcinogens, i.e. studies have shown it can cause cancer.
It is refined into petroleum jelly that you buy in the Vaseline tub through very specific processes. This refining is done by a number of sources.

This refining is also the key to the carcinogenic classification by the European Union in its ‘Dangerous Substance Directive.’ Since petrolatum is derived from oil, it needs to be refined. Some of the methods for this refining and some methods of petrolatum production, have been shown to contain hazardous, toxic or carcinogenic components. One of the most notable contaminants, PHAs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), have been linked to cancer.
Yet, these contaminants are removed in the refining process. Thus, the product Vaseline itself is NOT carcinogenic, never has been, and never will be, if handled and refined properly.

What about the ban in the EU, you say?
The Cosmetics Directive of the European Union does recognize this, and does not actually ban petrolatum products outright. Many products manufactured and sold in the EU do contain petrolatum.
All that the European Union’s restrictions require is that the “full refining history is known and it can be shown that the substance from which it is produced is not a carcinogen.” If the petrolatum meets these standards, it is not classified as a carcinogen by the European Union because it is known to be free of carcinogenic contaminants.
No scientific studies yet actually link petrolatum, by any of its names, to cancer. The process, yes. Contaminated petrolatum, yes. But carefully refined petrolatum with a nice lineage that is produced well? Not a cancer link to be found!
Thus, Vaseline is safe to use, in any climate, and on any part of the body.

However, it is NOT meant for internal use.

The side effects from ingesting petrolatum include diarrhea and various stomach ailments, so don’t put it a big blob of it in your mouth. It’s a great soothing balm and wound healer, although it should not be used on fresh burns, or fresh sunburn, as it can actually trap heat in the skin and worsen the condition.
As long as your petrolatum or petroleum jelly is manufactured by a trusted brand (ensuring its refining process has been reviewed and approved), or it is pure jelly in a Vaseline tub, you have no cause for worry.

Slather on! 🙂

What do you use vaseline for?

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  1. i looooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeee vaseline!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i think this is one product we all have heard about right from the time we had our first tooth :jaiho: :jaiho: works miracles great post :specs: :waytogo:

  2. I go get my dabba of vaseline NOW , sam.. i used to have vaseline with me always but then so many other things are available now that i stopped using it. i used to love vaseline for my feet especially.

    WOuldnt applying vaseline on lashes be sticky? ?:) ?:)

    1. Rati, same here :)) I had stopped using it for a few months because my old tub got over and I started experimenting with heavy moisturizers instead. Now switched back to it. :haanji:
      No, Vaseline on eyelashes will not be sticky. :nono: You just have to take a tiny amount, and smoosh it between your fingers, and hold your lashes gently between two fingers, and sweep through. From root to tip. Very little is enough. This makes them appear fuller, if done for atleast a few weeks (as I said, slow process). :((
      I did this every night before bed for three weeks, and there was a difference. Not a huge difference, but pretty noticeable. Some people online have apparently seen miracles with this. Now of that I’m kinda skeptical. :stars:

  3. I am going to do this now ” Hate that dried up nail polish on the mouth of your nail polish bottles? Apply a tiny amount of Vaseline on new nail polish bottles (or on old ones, after cleaning off the accumulated dried polish with remover).”

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    thankoo sam. :-*

  4. wow.. another awesum post for today :yahoo: … u hav really revived the spirit in me of using vaseline….u hav given sum really gud tips here samantha like 6,11,25 & sum incredible ones too like the 2nd :woot: :woot: .. luved reading ur post.. i am definitely going to try the 6th n last point :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. nids the last wala point toh i do weekly.pehle i used to do with vaseline now with my lip balms.. bt with vaseline the results are better… i feel. 😛

      1. thts wht rati.. this is such a new n simple technique to soften n smoothen the lips..i’m too gonna try this :yes: :yes: .. if u were doing this, y didnt u tell this tip pehle :waiting: :waiting: :bash: 😛 😛

      2. You know what, with Vaseline, it’s like I can take a huge glob out of the jar (and waste half of it) without feeling bad, because I usually buy the big jars. 😀 😀
        With lip balm, I get the same results, but I normally end up using half of the tube :haanji: so then I feel sad and just go back to Vaseline 😀 :pigtail:

  5. wow….nice review!!! :yes:

    btw rati ma’am, still waiting ‘desperately’ for your gel liner tutorial….. :suspense:

  6. all of the above were excellent :waytogo:
    just that babies are advised to be kepy away from petroleum products :))

    1. Thank you Neha :))
      I know about the baby thing. There is intense debate going on about the benefits and harmful effects of petroleum on skin, especially on young skin. That’s why I wrote the last five paragraphs :))
      Again, various people have differing opinions, and there, somehow, are ways to prove both sides right.
      That’s therefore a matter of opinion. I believe that when used in the quantities we normally use them, petroleum products are not harmful.
      Unless specifically advised by a doctor to refrain from using petrolatum on your baby for whatever reason, you can do so with no side effects.

  7. Awesome post!!~ :thanks:
    I always love to read these sort of posts..u know,hidden uses and all. :preen:
    I looove Vaseline…but I somehow keep forgetting to use it right. :lol2:

  8. I have always used Vaseline to keep my feet soft…. trust me it works…. my 10year ols nephew commented a few days back that i have really soft feet.
    The effect of being in 30’s has been that my skin is getting dry in patches, I have been using vaseline instead of my night cream for last 2-3 days…. and trust me i love the way my skin feels in the morning… and no it didnt break me out (thankfully!!)… it does feel greasy initially bit it tends to lose it with time…

  9. Vaseline, while great for standard wounds and burns, is not recommended on tattoos as petroleum products can leech the ink right out of fresh tattoos, which is really counter productive considering how much one can pay for a quality tattoo! Stick to your tattoo artist’s instructions and advice. Use the Vaseline long after the tattoo has been healed to rev up the colors and give it new life.

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