3 Avon Senses Perfumed Body Powder Review

Avon Senses Perfumed Body Powder Get Ready, My Moment and Refreshing Treats

Avon senses perfumed body powder-get ready, my moment and refreshing treats

Hi ladies. First off please don’t wonder why on earth do I have so many talcs (I have an addiction to everything beauty related) in general I love to wear talcs and layer it with EDT or deodorants etc. I am reviewing the Avon talcs, two of them get ready and my moment are from the recent line Avon offers and the remaining one is from the older version of the same line.

Variants: Avon offers four talcs, my moment, get ready, divine time and recharge. I love all of them for mainly one reason. Read on to find it out. My moment is the floral woody variant, get ready is fresh aquatic, divine time is jasmine and exotic rose fragrance and recharge is my favourite citrus fruity. The refreshing treats is the older one which is aromatic herbal. The entire above are offered in 60 gram and 160 grams.


About the my moment powder price 59 for 60 gram: from the pack (floral powdery infused with lavender, water lily and herbs.

Soft and smooth skin enjoy soft smooth luxurious skin after use of body powder

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Leaves a sparkle and shimmer appearance on skin

Sprinkle daily after bath/ shower on body
Use with senses my moment deodorant spray for your fragrance to last even longer

My moment is second on my list after recharge in terms of fragrance. Third is get ready and divine time is the last. More or less I have tried the deodorant or the talcs of the four variants. My moment is exactly what it says, floral powdery and some what like ponds dream flower powder . Use it on an afternoon or evening out. I find my moment like the others to be n the milder side and lasting for two hours maximum on a hot day. Even if you were to be in an air conditioned room the lasting power is not more than three hours(even though u may use it with a heavy hand) it has that shimmer and very fine sheen that it gives to the skin is the best part of these talcs from Avon. I love it!

Get ready senses powder:
(From the pack) accord of mint and marine watery notes

Get ready is fresh aquatic with a hint of cologne or citrus into it. It smells exactly what it says on the pack with a hint of mint and citrus. I really like this fragrance as I am totally fed up of floral talcs like ponds which we have been exposed to since childhood. This powder again is mild and the lasting power is just the same as above. The same shimmer/sheen is given by this one too.
Even though u were to use it with the deodorant, it would last for four hours maximum.



Refreshing treats: aromatic herbal

This one is one the older variants before they were modified into the above
Refreshing and invigorating herbs and citrus notes. This one smells mildly citrus that’s it. Over time this has lost what ever fragrance it had. The sheen it gives is awesome like the others. I believe this is the one converted to recharge but I am not particularly fond of the name for this one .thank god they changed it!


What I love about these Avon Powders
• The packaging.simple and neat
• The dispensing holes are pierced and the sticker needs to be removed that’s it. I hate all the piercing business with talcs
• THE SHEEN/ SHIMMER it renders to skin is the best part. I find it quite unique as I don’t have any other powder with this kind of a feature. This is something like the dove beauty lotion I have reviewed earlier.
• Rub it on the skin even on arms and it vanishes to a mild shimmer, nothing else. The shimmer is not over the top please
• All the variants have a respective deodorant too
• These are all on the mild side, light and fresh, love it.
• I wish they come up with respective shower gels and body creams and EDT too
• Order of preference for me: recharge, get ready, my moment and divine time


I recommend this product if u like fresh and light very fine shimmery talcs. This would easily get a 4 on 5 from me…though do not expect much lasting power from this. I have not had any kind of sensitivity from this either. So go for it!

Which is your favourite Avon Senses Perfumed Body Powder?

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  5. i like powders all year round.. i mean i change clothes and i have to apply powder. 😀 i picked up this habit during college days and now i just like it. 😛 shimmer powder would be cute :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  6. I’ve used one powder from avon called “little black dress”…….classy packaging & decent fragrance :). I’ll look out for these,. :thanks:

  7. wud luv to try these… me too use talc a lot … layer it with deo and the smell is long lasting … currently using oriflame talc .. which i luv luv luv

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