3 Blackhead Clearing Scrub Reviews

Blackhead Clearing Scrubs

Hi All! This is my first article/review for IMBB and hope you all like it. I have had blackheads on my nose since a teenager. I have combination skin with a very oily T-zone. I have tried (and keep trying) various scrubs. I have to use scrub alternate days or else my nose looks like it has thorns on it. Ugh!!

Blackhead Clearing Scrubs

At any given time, I have minimum of two scrubs and currently I am having three –  VLCC, Clean & Clear and Garnier.  Let’s review them and check if they really live up to their claims!

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

Price:  Rs. 45 for 40 g.

Not mentioned.

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub

The scrub claims to “visibly less blackheads in just 3 days.”  It claims to be a daily scrub and yes it is. It is very mild and can be used every day. Did I see visibly “less blackheads?” Well yes, it did, but common, if I use a scrub every single day, I would expect a clean nose, right?

Pros of Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub:

  • It has mild tiny granules which are not harsh and does a good job of cleaning up my nose and chin.
  • The consistency of the scrub is gel-like and after using this, my skin doesn’t feel stretchy.
  • Can be used everyday.
  • Decently priced.

Cons of Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub:

  • If I don’t use the scrub daily, I have blackheads the next day.

This is going to be a permanent in my kitty. It really does its job well. Then, why try other brands, for variety of course!

VLCC Anti-Tan Skin Lightening Face Scrub


Rs. for 125 for 60 gms.


Contains SLS, Glycerin, Orange peel extract, Lemon peel extract, Aloe vera extract.

VLCC Anti-Tan Skin Lightening Face Scrub

It is my second favorite scrub. It has tiny orange granules and a few bigger yellow granules. The scrub is not as gentle as Clean & Clear but not very harsh. People with sensitive skin will definitely find it harsh. It has a nice, mild orange-y smell. The scrub consistency is gel-like, but my skin does feel a wee bit stretchy after this scrub. I use this scrub on alternate days and unlike Clean and Clear, I do not get blackhead growth the next day.  In fact, I see new growth after 2 days. I would not use this scrub every day. It’s a little harsh for everyday use.

What about the anti-tan claim? My skin looks really fresh and glow-y. I get tanned easily and I have noticed that it does make my skin a bit lighter.  I have tried it on my arms to test the anti-tan claim and I found it to lighten my skin tone, but I wouldn’t say it completely removes the tan, no!!!!

Pros of VLCC Anti-Tan Skin Lightening Face Scrub:

  • Does the scrubbing job really well.
  • Nice, pleasant smell and gel-like consistency.
  • Does not leave your skin stretchy.

Cons of VLCC Anti-Tan Skin Lightening Face Scrub:

  • The granules are a bit harsh, so girls with sensitive skin, beware.
  • A bit pricey compared to the other scrubs.

Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub


Rs. 79 for 50 g.


SLS,  Menthol,  Salicylic Acid and a whole lot of chemicals.

Garnier Blackhead Uprooting Scrub

This is the least favorite one. It broke me out!!  This is the first time any scrub has broken me out.  The scrub has a creamy texture and has tiny blue scrubbing granules.  It has a nice mint-y smell. This scrub does not remove my blackheads completely.  So, no “uprooting” of blackheads here. It gives a tingling and cool sensation when applied on to the face, which will be good in summers. You definitely get a fresh feeling after using this because of the mint smell and the coolness of the scrub, but my skin does feel little stretchy after this scrub. Anti-spots and anti-marks claim? Well, let’s just pass that.

Pros of Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub:

  • Mild scrub granules, so can be used everyday.

Cons of Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub:

  • Broke me out.
  • Leaves the skin a bit stretchy.

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30 thoughts on “3 Blackhead Clearing Scrub Reviews

  1. nice review sheetal :yes: we need comparisons like these!
    but i do find that after using any clean and clear product, the skin becomes addicted to it.. and goes bad again if i stop using it..
    is that only with me or have any of you faced this too? 🙄

  2. just bought the garnier one on my way home.. :headbang: :headbang: and I dont even have blackheads. :phoolan: .i do have plenty of white heads though :waaa: :waaa:

  3. oh the garnier one broke me out bad a few months before.. 🙁 had to throw it away..
    the only product i like of garnier is body cocoon, which works decently

  4. What a well written article with good pictures! I don’t have any blackheads so I won’t be trying these but I loved your review. Good job! :yes:

  5. Hey Sheetal!
    Thanks for the review! 🙂
    I have the VLCC one and its pretty effective on my blackheads. Yes, it is definitely harsh, so I use it once a week. It does it job pretty well. :thumbsup:

  6. i’ve used both clean and clear & garnier scrubs…both dint do what they claimed..stopped using a scrubs after that. i stick to my normal face wash which keeps my skin oil – free..oil free skin helps to avoid blackheads now.

  7. Garnier Scrub is not as bad as you’ve put it.. It has Salicylic acid which helps to control acne that are below the skin surface, hence it might’ve initially broken you out..
    Garnier scrub is good for people with cystic acne (like me!) and for people who have lots of residue pimple scars on the face, as salicylic acid is a mild exfoliator which helps in removing the scarred tissue in the skin.

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