3 Quick Trendy Hairstyles

3 Quick Trendy Hairstyles


3 Quick Trendy Hairstyles

There are times when you’re in a hurry and don’t have much time, but you have to look good for the event! It is in situations like these that we need quick hairstyles to uplift our look. I present to you 3 elegant hairstyles, which are easy to do, require just a few minutes and don’t need any large amount of accessories

1. Side- Braid



1. Take all your hair to one side, either left or right and tie with a rubber-band.
2. Make the braided pony as we generally do and tie another rubber band at the end of it.
3. Now take each braid and stretch outwards each side of hair in the braided knot a little to make it look thicker.
4. Remove the rubber band at the start of braided pony.(which we tied at the beginning)
5. You’re ready to go! 🙂
6. You can also accessorize by wearing any cute head band or a hair clip.

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2. Side–Bun



1. It is easier to make if you have made the side braid before! 
2. Just make the side braid as mentioned above and roll your braid in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to make a bun.
3. Take 7-8 bobby pins or bun clips and place them in the hair to attach the rolled bun.
4. Voila, it’s s ready! You can also accessorize it by using a headband or a hair clip or by simply attaching a clip to your bun.

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3. Japanese Bun


1. Take your hair and make a pony at top making sure the hair are not totally out of the rubber-band.
2. Now stretch the hair as shown:-


3. Now take bobby pins and place them on the stretched hair to attach to the rest of hair.
4. Attach the bobby pins on both sides i.e. front and back side of the stretched pony.
5. Don’t worry if you have small hair and they come out during the process, just roll them over and attach with bobby pins.
6. Your Japanese bun is ready! You can accessorize it with a headband or a clip.

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Please note that the size of the bun depends on length of hair.

So these were some quick, easy-to-do hairstyles which make you look pretty in a jiffy! 

Go Try Them!!

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