35 thoughts on “3 Must Have Skincare items for Travel : Ask IMBB

  1. Depending on the weather of the place where I’m travelling, a light or heavy duty moisturizer, a grainy facewash for cleaning and quick exfoliation. And a sunscreen or tinted moisturizer with spf!

  2. mine would be a multi purpose moisturiser that i can use both for face and body, sunscreen and a face wash. i also pick up stuff from local general stores when am travelling. use and throw. This way I can keep my baggage light.

      1. I have always purchased sheet masks, razors. 🙂 I also carry stuff in travel bottles and if my luggague gets a bit heavy, I discard the bottles.

  3. methinks…a facewash,sunscreen & lip balm….if given the liberty to add one more it wud be a smudgeproof kajal…. :))

      1. i swatched lakme lip love ones..but they are not as pigmented as they seem… 🙁 …i thought they wud be super pigmentated…..i just love my avon cherry one… :-*

        1. oh! may be you were expecting them to be true lip colors. they are not. 🙂 but if you apply them witha Q tip, they impart loads of color. 🙂

  4. A good moisturising sunscreen for both my face and body,a tinted lip balm and a good face wash. :haanji:
    ….and if I can sneak it in,a pressed powder compact to keep the oil away. 😀

  5. hand sanitiser, a hand lotion/hand cream. i have an oily face so never need a multipurpose moisturiser :toothygrin: lip balm.

  6. The below items are my SOS items that i always have in my handbag.

    1. Moisturizer -> Mulondon moisturizer. Can be used multi-purpose – face, body and as hand cream
    2. Lip balm(Tinted) -> Korres pomegrante. This has a nice rose tint to it.
    3. sunscreen -> Peter roth sunscreen powder. I can simply sweep it in my face and it acts both like sunscreen and makeup powder.

  7. salicyclic acid face wash
    tea tree/ aloe vera oil-blotting sheets
    non-acnegenic tinted moisturizer with good spf, preferably 30
    yeah you guessed it,my skin goes crazy with breakouts during trips due all the dirt and pollution! :headbang:

      1. hey Shivani..I use biotique’s tinted moisturizer, it din break me out *touch wood* :tongue: on a serious note, you can give it a try, but buy it for your mom, sis or friend and so on, even if it breaks you out, it’ll have some taker and not go waste, if it’s suiting you, great u can start using it! Hope u getting wat I’m trying to say here! :methinks: Even though pond’s tm is a great one, i personally havent used it so I dunno how it’d b for acne prone skin..on higher end brands, Clinique’s moisture surge range has some good TMs! And imported brands mein benefit & laura mercier are good buys! Hope this helps you dear!

        1. biotique is really good. though the shade is kind of muddy almost and dosent exactly look like a regular foundation shade, somehow it still works.

  8. Mine would be –

    Face wipes – i am so addicted now and such a useful thing to have in the bag
    concealer – just cant do without it.
    …and compact/eyeliner

  9. Aroma magic cream face wash,suncreen,kajal must :makeup: i agree wid Pooja A oilies dnt need anythng mr 😉 😉 :whistle: :whistle:

  10. skin care mey scrub , deep cleansing facewash n then hand sanitizer
    coz of all the dust n grime we would get in travel(any mode) 😥

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