3 The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polishes Review, Swatches

The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polishes

By Bakul J.

Hello everyone,

I came across IMBB around a year back while checking for some product’s review online and since then I am hooked onto it. All through I have been a silent reader and couldn’t muster the courage to write a review. But finally I decided to take the plunge and here I am today contributing my bit to this vast ocean. Okay…enough of my blabbering; let us go straight to the review.You can read my other review here.


Today I will be reviewing my favorite make up product – Nail Polish. 2 things that kept me sane after moving here (I had to quit my job and sitting at home is sooooper boring!!!): first is IMBB and second-nail paints. I absolutely love nail paints.

Product Description (Taken from The Body Shop Website):

With a rainbow of 24 uplifting, colorful shades inspired by nature, this range feels as good for your soul as it does on your nails.

• 24 feel-good shades
•Nail-loving formula
•100% vegan
•Quick-dry, high gloss finish
•Enriched with Community Fair Trade marula oil



$8 for 6.8 ml (0.22 US FL Oz) each; I got 3 for $20.

Shelf Life:

18 months


It comes in a cylindrical glass bottle identical to the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish and is only slightly bigger than the latter. The brush is a flat one making the nail polish application very easy and is good for applying in a jiffy.


My experience with The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polishes:

We all love The Body Shop; one of the main reasons being supporting the community trade. So when they launched the colour crush Nail polish range, I was super excited to try them. But did it fulfil my expectations…let us find out. The Color Crush Nail Polish has been launched in 24 beautiful shades. I got three of them. The consistency is a little bit thicker than the standard nail polishes but nothing bothersome.

Crazy for Blue:

This was the first shade I tried in store and I instantly fell in love with the color. The shade Crazy for Blue is a dark navy blue color and perfect for winter which has begun in full swing here in Minnesota. It has a creamy, semi-shiny finish and will look good on all skin tones. The skin of my hands is very wrinkly and I love how this color makes my granny type hands look a bit decent.

the_body_shop_nail_colors_review_collection__4_ the_body_shop_nail_colors_review_collection__3_

The application is very easy and the nail polish spreads easily on the nails. However, the first coat applies streaky so a second coat is must. But it gives a beautiful creamy opaque finish in 2 coats. I did not find the removal so easy and it stained my nails a bit.

Staying Power:

Without a top coat it started fading from the edges of my nail after 2 days. But with a top coat it stayed on for 4 days and after that I noticed little bit of fading and chipping from the edges which I am satisfied with, since none of the nail paints stay on my nails for more than 2-3 days with all the dishwashing and housework. And yes…I wash my hands a zillion times.

Relish the Moment:

This shade is a rich deep red shade and a very beautiful one. In the past, I have tried quite a few red shades but somehow none of them looked too good on my hands. But I absolutely looove this shade on my nails. The shade is very pretty and is the “mera wala red” for me!!

the_body_shop_nail_colors_review_collection__9_ the_body_shop_nail_colors_review_collection__8_

It applies better than the blue one, first coat is good, no streaky finish but 2 coats are needed for achieving the opaque finish. The staying power of this shade is better than Crazy for Blue. It stayed on my nails for 5 days with minimal fading and chipping from the tips, without any top coat…impressive!!! The removal was also easy and no staining issues.

Minty Armour:

I bought this shade only on my hubby’s recommendation. Generally he is never bothered about my nail paints but when I tried this in the store, he instantly asked me to pick this shade. I was super surprised by his reaction and picked this up even without checking how it looked on my nails!!! But I am glad I did. It is a lovely sea green shade with a tinge of turquoise (but somehow my camera has not picked up the shade well; in pics it looks more blue) and it perks up my mood and nails on these gloomy, dull winter days.

This shade too goes on smoothly in the first coat but second coat is needed for a creamy opaque finish and to achieve the exact shade in the bottle. And the staying power too is similar to the red one. Since the ingredients of all the shades are similar except the color (of course!!!) I wonder what can be the issue with Crazy for Blue.
This one is easy to remove and comes off easily with a nail paint remover without leaving any stains on the nails.

the_body_shop_nail_colors_review_collection__7_ the_body_shop_nail_colors_review_collection__6_

All the shades dry out pretty quickly and within few minutes you will be able to head back to work. This is good for me since I apply the nail paint during the last minutes before heading out somewhere.

Pros of The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polish:

– 100% vegan.
– Beautiful colors, look good on my hands.
– Quick drying time.
– Flat brush makes application easier.
– Stays on for 5-6 days with slight fading and chipping.


Cons of The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polish:

– Pricey (But The Body Shop has a lot of offers going on, so totally worth if you get it during sale)
– Quantity is less as compared to the price.
– Not available in India yet.
– Some shades stain.
– Staying power differs from shade to shade.

IMBB rating:


Would I repurchase The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polishes?

Yes, absolutely. I would try out the other shades from the range.

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