3 Ways To Update Your Day Time Home Wear Look

slippersStyle begins at home. Many of us are used to wearing our old tattered tee-shirts and washed out salwar kameezes at home. While comfort usually drives our choice of home wear, it is possible to achieve an effortlessly put together look even for when you are just lazying about the house. So the next time that cute guy unexpectedly drops by or you have to run over to that kirana store around the corner, you won’t find yourself rummaging through your wardrobe to hurriedly make yourself look presentable. You will always be presentable if you build your home wear wardrobe by including a few inexpensive yet trendy pieces.

If you are the kind who revels in their loose tee-shirt and pyjama pants, then lycra leggings can add a dash of style to your look. Leggings can be worn with man shirts, tees, cotton dresses and even short kurtas. Even though leggings may look too snug to be comfortable for home wear, a soft pair can easily stretch over time and continue to look sleek when worn, bringing style plus ease. Footwear to team with this outfit would be cute flip flops in bright colours for when you are at home. Bata (yes the good old desi footwear company) makes home wear slippers in many colours and prints. And you get them at Bata prices and Bata durability. Alternatively, slipping your feet into a pair of  ballerinas will round off the look instantly, so you can run errands in style. Leggings can be bought more affordably at your local ‘garment stores’ instead of paying a bomb for them at posh departmental stores. Choose plain lycra over shiny nylon leggings for hot weather.


If you are used to wearing a salwar kameez at home, then you can upgrade your style quotient by transitioning to harem pants. Harem pants, also known as ‘Aladin pants’ can be teamed with comfy tops for that quirky yet relaxed look. These tops can be knee length tee-shirts if you still want the feel of a kurta over your pants or they can be camisoles to give you a hip look.

You can also choose short, fitted tee-shirts as an in-between alternative. Harem pants suitable for home wear can be bought from flea markets at throwaway prices, so stocking up on different colours is easy. Inexpensive versions of harem pants can be tried out at home first before buying a more expensive, glamorous version if you are unsure of being able to carry them off outdoors. If you have to pop out for a walk around the block or grab a quick coffee, fling a stole around your neck and don a pair of Indian kitsch chappals to glam up the outfit instantly.


If you wear night gowns during the day and are looking for a change, there are some good options out there. Many Indian women choose the frill-over-the-front nighty for their comfort and roominess, but the thing is, they are called nighties for a reason – they are best worn at night.

Fabindia stocks an elegant version of the nighty that can pass off as a day gown as well. They are wrap around gowns costing about 1100 rupees a pop. Also, kaftans (or caftans) are a graceful alternative. With kaftans, one can retain the coverage of a nighty and not look like they are about to hit the sack any minute. While a cotton kaftan would be good enough for a relaxed day at home, a satin / silk kaftan lends polish and class. Kaftans can be worn in varying lengths depending on the kind of effect you are trying to achieve – a full length kaftan would make for a modest attire whereas a knee length or shorter version could be more flirty. To top off the look, wear your hair up in a loose chignon, leaving soft tendrils around the face.

To carry over the daintiness of the gown / kaftan all the way to the footwear, pick slippers with velvety or satin finish bands. Alternatively, fabric lined closed toe slippers would add sophistication with style.


A note to the readers: This is my first blog post in a series of posts about fashion and styling. I have some ideas lined up for future posts, but I want to know what you would like to read about in this category. So post away your comments and questions! 🙂

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30 thoughts on “3 Ways To Update Your Day Time Home Wear Look

  1. Fantastic pictures! shame we cannot get the same quality products in the UK at asia prices.
    you can get simple kaftan’s here but not silk etc. good post btw

  2. Nice post:) At home I’m always wandering around in sweat/pyjama pants, so comfy but looks quiet ugly, I always feel ashamed when I have to open the door for mail or when I get unexpected visitors. Will try the leggings and kaftans!

    Would like to read about: color combinations in outfits, hairdo tutorials (e.g. braids), dressing like icons.. looking forward to your new posts!
    .-= Sunaina´s last blog ..Vintage shopping =-.

    1. Thanks Sunaina! Wandering around in pyjamas was me until not so long ago. Then I made a pact with myself (long story) to always be presentable outdoors as well as indoors.. 😀

  3. For me it’s the harem pants. That’s the best investment I have made in my home clothing. They look good , are comfortable and I don’t have to bother about running to a changing room if some unexpected guests come in. I have never beem comfortable wearing nighties and kaftaans during the day.

    Loved the post. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rati! So here we already have a harem pants love story.. Come on girls, give these pants a try.

      I myself bought tons of them at Goa flea markets and totally love the way they bring back all the vacation memories each time I wear them. :laugh:

      1. Hi Sonal
        can u tell we where you did your shopping in goa i am going end of Jan 2011 and well be staying in calangute. Can one shop in calangute itself or are there other markets nearby. Is the ajuna market good fro shopping comy kaftans harma pajamas t-shits etc.. I am on the fat side :O so are big sizes XL etc available.


  4. Awesome post! Totally feeling you on the “run over to the kirana store” bit 😀 ALWAYS happens to me!

    Leggings and Kaftans are totally my thing 🙂 🙂 I’m still a little apprehensive about the harems, but I <3 how they look!

    Looking forward to your other posts 🙂

    1. Su, your comment touched my heart! 🙂 Listen to Rati and take my word for it as well, give harem pants a try. The picture does not do justice to the comfort and uniqueness they provide! 😎

  5. Night clothes during daytime is a strict no no for me…And moreover I don’t like night gowns or kaftans..Its always PJ/tracks ..

    Love to wear skirts@home.

    I have not tried harem pants..In fact, I have never come across good ones here..

    Though they are named Harem pants, I would prefer to begin with some sober colours..If anyone from Blr knows any place to get some decent ones, do post the details please..

    1. Poornima, I used to wear skirts but now I’ve switched to summery dresses (flea market bargains) with leggings since this combination provides me greater freedom of movement. 🙂

      For harem pants in Bangalore, you might want to check out shops in Commercial street.

  6. Now..can someone tell me where to get those flip flops…

    Or would it be tempting ma doggie too much :struggle: :struggle:

    1. We can send em over from delhi… I’ve seen olive green, clack, dark purple… they’re not very flashy and cheap as well. I’ll be going shopping to sarojini nagar very soon. Let me know if you want me to pick up on your behalf. :-)) They’re usually one size fits all, I think 😀
      .-= ki.´s last blog ..Don’t quite know what to write =-.

  7. Cute post….
    I am very much a long kurti with leggings girl…. I also love to wear loose Lucknawi Cotton suits at home… Comfy but chic…. 😛

  8. Nice Debut post Sonal..!!!!
    me too totally a leggings cotton kurtis person in summer.. leggings are the best thing to happen to mankind after blue jeans of course.. the best part is they are cheap.. so if they last a season its more than your moneys worth..!!! Throw in a cute looking pair of flip flops and you are ready to rock..!!! Dont you love that summer shopping, its so very inexpensive in comparison to the wintery overcoats and cardigans.. although i love overcoats i hate spending 5 -6000+ on them.. 🙁

  9. Hey.. lovely post. I normally live in long ts and only salwar tops when at home. 😛

    And guess what, Bata isn’t desi company. Surprising, isn’t it? 🙂 Even I din’t know it until recently.

  10. hi,

    I am going on a Thailand tour next week, this is the only weekend i have to complete my shopping.
    My collection lacks a harem pant. I am on the lookout for a pair of harem pants.
    Can some one tell me where i get to check out a variety of them in bangalore? I have very less time on my hand.
    Do we get them in different colors as well, apart form black and brown?
    I saw a foreigner wear beautiful multicolored harem pants in mysore and fell in love with them instantly!

  11. Hi Prathiba,

    Welcome to IMBB. 🙂 Benetton has some good Harem Pants. In Delhi they are available easily at even mall side shops ..

  12. Old washed out salwar kameezes, faded tees and old jeans have always been my home wear. I guess that is because we are trying to get maximum wear out of it! but i like your idea of harem pants!
    .-= anks´s last blog ..Writing Vs Therapy =-.

  13. Hey all,

    I am LOVING the harem pants look but i am not too sure where to get them. I do not live in India and don’t have easy access to these… are there any online stores that someone can recommend that would sell these pants and ship them to Canada? i would totally LOVE a pair.

    Thank you in advance,


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