30 BB Creams to Choose From

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This post is a part of IMBB Digs Series that we used to do a while back. I thought since BB creams are becoming such a rage , it would be nice to put them under once post. It might help some of you to pick the right BB cream for yourself. 🙂 All the titles are liked to the respective reviews. Some of the these BB creams are available in India and some of them are not. But you might purchase them online.

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best bb creams india

1. Clinique Age Defense BB Cream with SPF 30 : Overall, I think its a pretty good BB cream, but you would not get all the characteristics of a glorified BB cream out of this one. There’s good sun protection and coverage and it won’t sweat out your face and would help makeup last longer

2. Boscia BB Cream : This is ideal for daily wear but as I said, this is a little warmer shade, so not for fair skin tones, you would have to mix any foundation of your choice with this to get the look you want. This BB cream contains a little bit of shimmer particles, but I am okay with it as its not much visible.

3. Bourjois 8 in 1 BB Cream : I will say try this at the counter, on your face, go and shop for the next 4 hours, come back and check how it looks, only then invest the money in it.Otherwise, you might as well buy a foundation or a tinted moisturizer or another bb cream.

4. Maybelline ClearGlow Bright Benefit Cream : The cream has slight, pleasant, fruity fragrance which is not bothering to the senses and fades after a minute or so of application. This cream evens out the complexion, provides light coverage and does brighten up the face instantly, without leaving any whitish cast.

5. Garnier B-B Cream : I am more than satisfied with the product. The packaging is very similar to the Maybelline BB cream and is travel friendly. This BB cream is available only one shade

6. Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream : After using Garnier ’s and Maybelline’s BB Cream these cream’s were just a tinted lotion for me but after using Deborah’s BB Cream in shade beige I was like WOW this is what is called BB Cream. It gives me a light to medium coverage but its buildable. I have a oily T-zone.

7. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream : Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream offers a novel skincare concept with BB Cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.

8. Skin79 BB Cream : I absolutely love the results. Having an acne-prone skin, not many makeup products are friendly with me. I use the makeup only on special occasions, but this one is good for me, even for a casual use.

9. Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Instant Skin Perfecting BB Cream : I am highly impressed with this cream. Actually, this is a moisturizer-based foundation. I found it perfectly well as a makeup base. The texture is smooth and non-chalky. It blends perfectly with the skin.

10. Superdrug BB Cream 5-in-1 Skin Perfecting Day Cream : This is my first BB cream and I must say I am totally loving it. Although, its a darker shade, I like the tan finish it gives to my face. It imparts a dewy finish and it makes the skin very soft and velvety smooth.

11. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream : The good thing is that you have to apply it in a very very little amount, so it goes a long way! Also, be very careful with the amount you dab on your face as if you put more, it will make you look like an ape!

12. Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream : I really like this BB cream out of all BB creams available in the market. It gives a nice natural instant glow to my face without giving me a plastered look.

13. Clarins BB Cream : My skin tone looks even and healthy. The cream is pretty thick but once it is absorbed by the skin, it gives a natural matte finish and actually felt and looked like I wasn’t wearing makeup. I finished my look with some concealer and mascara and was set for the day!

14. UNE Intuitive Touch BB Cream Foundation : This is practically my first rub with a BB cream! I mean I know it’s not even a PURE BB cream, but still, I got all excited when I tried it!

15. Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions : I love this BB cream!! If you have a grey undertone and are very fair skinned, then you NEED TO TRY THIS OUT!

16. Ever Bilena Anti-Wrinkle BB Cream : This is comparable to other pricier BB Creams that I have tried in the past. It is at par with good BB Creams in terms of coverage and finish. I prefer those BB Creams that consume less time to even out on skin.

17. Skin Food Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream : If you have dry skin, like I do, I think this can serve as a moisturizer+lightly tinted foundation in one. It’s a good product to keep skin moisturized in air-conditioned places or colder climates.

18. Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream : Missha Signature Real Complete is one of the best bb creams I’ve tried so far. Oil control is better than Skin Food Peach Sake BB Cream, surprisingly because peach sake is very known for its oil control properties.

19. Shawill BB Cream : For those of you who can’t find the right BB cream yet, the Shawill BB Cream is worth the search. Grab yours now to check out the difference it makes. It’s truly a must-have for me this summer!

20. Snoe Beauty S Skin BB Vitamin E SPF 30 : Just the right coverage.Available in 3 shades. SPF 30. Has Vitamin E. Nice packaging.

21. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick : The coverage it provides is light, I’d say medium, at most. If you want a base that gives sheer, natural-looking coverage, you might like this, but if you prefer something very pigmented that gives heavy coverage, then you might not.

22. Maybelline Clearglow BB Stick – Radiance : A good product with a great price point, but having two shades ONLY is like playing with our emotions. 😛

23. Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream : Has a dewy finish. Color adjusts well to one’s skin tone. Price is just right, not too expensive.

24. Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream : I won’t repurchase the full size tube since this doesn’t work for me.

25. Nature Republic Age Slick Collagen BB Cream : It’s not likely to leave streaks on your face if you don’t take enough time to blend it in. My skin is on the dry side so I prefer to use moisturizer before applying this.

26. Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream : It claims to resist heat, sweat and humidity and I couldn’t agree more. It is definitely long lasting; I don’t even need a finishing powder on top of the BB cream and it lasts me the whole day with my skin looking dewy.

27. Rimmel BB Cream : is an absolute delight. It is my go-to face product these days, because it proffers what I need on a daily basis. This is great for those “let my skin breath” kind of days and regular mornings to office and school.

28. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector : It has sheer coverage though if you have a lot of problem areas, then you should use concealer as it only blurs the imperfection, doesn’t hide it completely.

29. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder : I like that this Maybelline Cake Powder is not too powdery. It is on the silky side which is smooth to apply on skin. I like that this does not emphasize fine lines on under eyes.

and there is CC cream by Lakme. I thought I’d add it in the list.

30. Lakme Complexion Care Cream : It is a bit thick in consistency though it blends out very well. I used fingers for application because a flat foundation brush just ate up the CC cream.

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  1. have just used maybelline ki bb cream.. *duh* will try out deborah milano and ponds wali this time… *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. wooooow i soooo love you for this post *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* you have clubbed everything superbly.. its becomes sooo very easy to choose *happy dance* *happy dance *thankyou* *thankyou* and i love bb creams the most *happydance*

  3. rati do.. u r the beshteshhttt *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* thank u so much for the compilation… heard so much abt deborah milano bb cream… wondering whether to go for loreal or deborah or bourjois.. thinking thinking… *waiting* *waiting*

  4. Wow Rati….I can imagine how much hard work must have gone into compiling such a great post..Love you for this.. *puchhi*. Amazing post by you..yet again..!! *clap* *clap*

  5. great compilation rati 😀 another launched yesterday 😛 😛 the body shop vit e bb cream *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

  6. Great post Rati di… *happy dance* *happy dance* bb creams are a must and u have eased the task of choosing…ur great.. 🙂 *puchhi*

  7. hy wowwwwwww watta a peculr post………….nce wrttn n i hv used maybelline garnier its wrks gud on my skin but now m thnkng to opt fr ponds,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, *preen* *preen* *preen* *preen* vry nce article,,, *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* rati di…………….

  8. Wow…. can’t wait to try missha…. Ponds bb cream caused me to break out severely….I was so disappointed. *nababana* *cry* I quite like maybelline and clarins for their bb creams. Would want to try deborah milano and lakme. Thanks for the all lovely information dear *drool*

    1. hi riti.. ur skin reacts like mine i think. U try deborah or lakme nd pl let me know. Then I will try it.. hehehe…

      1. Gosh! the very tragedy of it was that I bought ponds bb cream and tried it the very night like an excited little puppy….. I had this big even the next day… and BAM!!!!! my face looks like a carpet *nababana* Its been a month and I still recovering from *bad skin syndrome*….

        1. ohhhh.. I too had my face red on cheeks near the nose after ponds BB. I put raw aloe vera gel on it nd in 2 days it was back to normal.. try it..

          1. tried it ALL!!!! *scared* but yeah aloe did soften the blazing red cheeks of mine initially… and finally pure sandalwood paste is helping!!!!

  9. so manyyyyy.. Ponds made my skin break out heavily.. garnier makes my skin look darker after 2 hours. Maybelline bb cream and stick both working great for me.. I will try lakme CC next.. Thanq for the whole lot of info..

  10. I am 20 now……so can i start using bb creams now,for daily use?? please someone rwply…and thanks in advance *thankyou* *hihi*

  11. I have Pond’s, Maybelline and Garnier ones. 😀 Love them all, but I tend to use the Pond’s one more than the others. Have been saving up for Clarins BB Cream ever since I read its review here. *woot* *woot*

  12. imbb digs *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* i should compile my whole makeup for this na
    and told u na got one more loreal bb cream *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* its raining bbsss

  13. Thanks so much for this post Rati *puchhi* I’m using the Maybelline Bb stick and it works really well in my skin, didn’t break me out and controlled oil all day, but it dried out even my extremely oily skin, can anyone tell me how the clarins bb cream is for Oily, sensitive acne prone skin?

  14. Nice post Rati thx for putting it all at one place. I have ordered ponds one this time. Waiting waiting *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

  15. Hi
    M looking for a bb cream which is light weight, blends easy, and easy to carry on normal skin. Most importantly the one which hides dark circles Lil bit, . As there are so many products in the market m super confused plz help.

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