3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review

The second biggest perk of working with IMBB is the fact that one gets to try and review amazing products. What is the first one? Working with an awesome team! Sanjeev sir, Rati, Neha, Jomol and Garima – I love working with you all. And, I say it truly from my heart that my professional life before IMBB sucked! Big time!! Thanks for having me in your team. 🙂 So, coming to today’s product, it’s a beautiful eyeliner. When it comes to makeup, I am rather conservative and hence, usually go for black eyeliners. But, this time I wanted to try some color (yeah, this is my idea of adventure!) and hence chose this one!

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review4

Product Description:
3 Concept Eyes Gel Eyeliner is a fool-proof eyeliner that features gel instead of a pencil point. The creamy gel is easier and smoother to apply. It is waterproof, sweat resistant, and has lower viscosity to give your eyes a really rich and silky look.

• Waterproof and longer lasting.
• The ultra-smooth gel formula provides precision in application.

How to Use:
Using the brush applicator provided, apply gel eyeliner to your upper lid, staying close to the lash line.

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review222

INR 605 (after discount!)

My Experience with 3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner:

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review1

Except liquid, I love eyeliners in all forms. And gel is probably my most favorite one. It is very pigmented, stays long and gives beautiful finish. This one comes in a tiny, glass jar, like most of the other gel eyeliners. It looks quite cute and I can easily carry it in my makeup pouch without any hassle. It comes with an eyeliner brush with works great, but it cannot create super precise lines easily. I am satisfied with the quality of both – the jar and brush.

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review2

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review5

The color of this eyeliner is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. green! I agree, there must be some dupes available of this shade, but it’s gorgeous. It looks black or dark grey in the pot, but it is dark green. I had a tough time clicking its pictures by keeping it at a surface cos the color just won’t show up. So, I had to hold it in my hand and tilt the camera at weird angles to click good pictures. 🙁

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review6

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review8

I am not a fan of glitter and shimmer and this one has it. But, the shimmer particles in it are super fine and do not irritate the eyes. In fact, the shimmer accentuates the beauty of the liner. Under sunlight, this shimmer enhances the color of my brown eyes and indoors, the beautiful khaki color enhances my skintone. I know, I sound very excited about this liner, and to be honest, I actually am!

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review9

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review10

The pigmentation is very good and just one swipe on eyelids gives opaque color. But, two-three swipes can also be used to even out the color and shimmer. The texture is super smooth and in filmy language maska hai maska! 😛 It is not very thick like other gel liners, it is thin, but that does not affect the pigmentation, as mentioned earlier. The benefit of thin consistency is that it can be doubled up as an eyeshadow and omg! it looks mesmerising.

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review11

The shimmer particles do travel a bit under the eyes, but I am okay with that and I can always remove it with a cotton ball (unconditional love, you see!). It stays put for around 7-8 hours easily on my non-oily eyelids, without primer. It is not completely waterproof, but it does not smudge.

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review12

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review13

So, as you can guess, I am in love with this eyeliner. It’s a gorgeous shade to have and fulfils almost every claim. The application, pigmentation, staying power and most importantly color is amazing and very flattering. Also, it does not dry instantly – this can be an advantage for some and disadvantage for some, based on the kind of look one desires.


3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review17

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review14

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review16

3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner Review15

Pros of 3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner:

• Beautiful shade
• Brush is good enough
• Cute packaging
• Good pigmentation
• Stays on eyelids for long hours
• Shimmer enhances the color
• Shimmer does not irritate the eyes
• Lightweight
• Can be doubled up as an eyeshadow
• Smooth and creamy texture makes application easy
• Smudgeproof

Cons of 3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner:

• Glass packaging – cute, but well can get broken easily
• Shimmer can get a bit nasty and travel the face
• Not completely waterproof
• Availability

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase 3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner?
I will definitely repurchase it. Everything is just beautiful about it. I usually stay away from shimmer and glitter and this one is one major exception.

Would I Recommend 3CE Glitter Khaki Gel Eyeliner?
If you too like its shade, go for it!

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    1. Yes Neha, I love the shade. It’s gorgeous and that’s my sister’s eyes. I could not click good pics of myself. 😛

  1. It looks SO gorgeous! I love the way it has been applied. Your sister has beautiful eyes. I’m definitely getting this one, you sold it to me!! 🙂

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