3CE Lip Pigment in Issue – Look Stunning with this Bright Orange on Your Lips

3CE Lip Pigment in Issue – Look Stunning with this Bright Orange on Your Lips

Hi lovely ladies,

My quest for orange lipstick will never stop, I am literally obsessed with them. I secretly wish that I can get hold of each and every orange lipstick available in the world. I cannot explain the joy I get when I buy a new orange lip color. I can never get bored of that color. I have tried orange lip colors in every form – lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick and lip stain, but never as a lip pigment. Finally, I got a lip pigment in a lovely orange shade that I will be reviewing today – 3CE lip pigment in the shade “Issue.”

3CE Lip Pigment in Issue


$14 for 11 gm.

Product Description:

Lip Pigment can serve many functionalities in your makeup regime. It works as a lipstick/crayon, and can be added to powder products to become a creamy eyeshadow or blush. Blend two different lip pigment shades together to come up with one of your own. The possibilities are endless.  High pigmentation, so a little drop goes a long way.  Can be mixed with other products or other lip pigment shades to produce a new shade or cream.

3CE Lip Pigment in Issue

My Experience with 3CE Lip Pigment in Issue:

3CE lip pigment comes in a cute black tube packaging with a screw on cap. It has a thin nozzle to dispense the product and the tiny nozzle opening allows only a small amount of product to come out, so you don’t end up wasting the product.  I love this type of packaging, so easy to use and to squeeze the product out and of course hygienic. The shade of the product is seen on the color indicated strip on the box as well as the tube making it easy to locate the shade you are looking for. At the back of the box and the tube, it has the name and a few other information written on it which I assume is in Korean language, but since I can’t read Korean, I have no idea what it says except for the name of the shade.

3CE Lip Pigment in Issue

“Issue” is a bright bang-on orange with slightly reddish undertones.  It has no shimmer or frosty finish.  It is super bright and will instantly give a stunning look to your lips. It tilts slightly towards the neon side, but doesn’t look over the top, so you can easily wear it during the day and will suit all complexioned beauties.

The texture of this lip pigment is thick, creamy and non sticky. It glides easily on the lips but you require a lip brush to get a precise application. You can apply it using your fingers too, but the application becomes messy and looks tacky because you will tend to go beyond the outlines of the lips.  It contains a little oily component which makes it glide easily on the lips. It is creamy but not moisturizing on the lips, so you need to prep your lips well before you have this product on your lips otherwise your lips will look quite unflattering. It is a lightweight product and you won’t feel as if you have applied anything to your lips.

3CE Lip Pigment in Issue

When you look at the lip product’s size, you will be disheartened to see how tiny it is (as it contains only 11 gm of the product), but it is so insanely pigmented that you need very little product to cover up your lips, probably just a drop or two.  So, the 11 gm will surely last long.

3CE Lip Pigment in Issue

The lip pigment settles to a matte finish after a while and feels slightly dry on the lips in this winter, so it would be advisable to apply a little lip balm over the lip pigment once it settles down to a matte finish. This extremely pigmented lip pigment settles to a matte finish but doesn’t “set” on the lips, making it prone to bleeding from the sides of the lips especially after you have eaten something.  The color is so intense that it transfers easily.

3CE Lip Pigment in Issue

The product lasts for a good 5-6 hours on the lips and gradually fades away without leaving any stain behind. It doesn’t survive meals. It doesn’t dry out the lips but the color tends to settle in the fine lines of the lips through the course of the day.  The best part of this product is that it has no fragrance to it which is a big relief point for people with sensitive nose.  This product mentions itself as a lip pigment, but I guess it would work well as an eyeshadow and a cream blush too.  These 3CE lip pigments have a good color range that can be mixed with each other to create your own customized lip color, sounds amazing, right> I am waiting to get my hands on the other colors from this range so that I can unleash the artist in me 😉

Pros of 3CE Lip Pigment in Issue:

  • The packaging is super cute and travel friendly.
  • Tiny nozzle dispenses very little product, therefore no product wastage.
  • Extremely pigmented orange lip color.
  • Only a little quantity goes a long way.
  • Product will last long.
  • Non-sticky, creamy and thick consistency.
  • No fragrance.
  • Lasts long.
  • Leaves no stain behind.
  • Doesn’t dry out the lips.
  • Can be mixed with other shades to create your own customized shade.
  • Can be a multi task product (for lips, eyes and cheeks).

Cons of 3CE Lip Pigment in Issue:

  • Availability.
  • Transfers easily.
  • Bleeds on eating and drinking.
  • Doesn’t last a meal.
  • Tends to settle in the fine lines of the lips through the end of the day.
  • Need a lip brush to apply the product.

IMBB Rating:


Overall, I just love this 3CE lip pigment.  It is so insanely pigmented and just a drop of the pigment will give rich, opaque color to the lips. If you like rich, pigmented, matte finish lip products or would want to customize your own lip color, then I highly recommend you to get one of these lip pigments. I’m sure you will love it!!!

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20 thoughts on “3CE Lip Pigment in Issue – Look Stunning with this Bright Orange on Your Lips

  1. This one is indeed very bright 😀 one stupid, silly question Raeesa, do you have lippes in any other color as well or only orange!!! 😛

    1. Hahaha – I do have lipsticks in other shades too. But most of them are orange. I have a weakness towards orange lip products Bakul. 😛

  2. I am very much disappointed with 3CE products. They settle in fine lines like anything. For this price, I will prefer to buy MAC or Clinique products. Inexpensive brands like Lakme, Colorbar, Maybelline has good quality lip products.
    3CE Lip Pigments are totally not worth the cost.

    I tried few shades. I tried them with exfoliating my lips. I tried with lots n lots of lip balm, lip gloss. Nothing works. They tend to settle in fine line, even smallest of fine lines are visible and this pigment looks extremely ugli when you smile 🙁
    Only way it worked for me was to apply good primer+Concealer base or with MAC lip erase lip balm.

    Such a disappointment.

    1. Well they weren’t that drying on my lips rashmi. I applied a thin coat of lip balm and applied this color using a lip brush. The finished look is how you see in the lip swatches above. Only after a couple of hours it settled in the fine lines of my lips.

  3. u nt only pick such awesome orange shades but totally rock them in every lotd as well gal.. 🙂 hats off to ur orange love and amazing lotds..

  4. thats a perfect orange ebauty.. plus the texture looks sooo good.. these lip pigments are sooo amazing na.. super stunning swatches 🙂

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