4 Easy Homemade Packs for Youthful and Beautiful Hands

Just like our face and our neck, our hands are constantly exposed to sunlight and pollution; this promotes tanning and also makes our hands look dull. Going for regular manicure surely helps to make your skin look healthier, but it is very important to take care of your hands even at home. Therefore, here are a few easy homemade packs that will help you to maintain the youthful skin of your hands.

The first homemade pack is for tan removal. As all of us are exposed to sunlight, it is very important to use a pack that can help us remove tan and make our skin look youthful. For this face pack, all you need is following 3 ingredients which will help to remove your tan effectively.

1 teaspoon lime juice
1 spoon of gram flour (besan)
1 teaspoon raw milk
All you have to do is mix all the three ingredients and make a paste. Apply this paste on your hands and leave the pack on until it gets dried. Once it gets dried, you can wash your hands. You’ll notice a soft glow on your hands and your hands will achieve their natural color.

2) For Dry Hands

The second pack is for those people who have dry hands and the ones whose hands lack moisture. For this pack, you’ll need the following 3 ingredients:
1 spoon of milk cream
1 spoon of gram flour
A pinch of turmeric
After mixing all these three ingredients, you’ll have to apply the pack on your hands and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. You’ll feel a noticeable difference in the texture of your skin. This pack will help you achieve moisturized hands.

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3) For Super Soft and Smooth Hands

For the third pack, you’ll need the following 3 ingredients. This pack is very easy to make and all the ingredients are easily available in our kitchen.
1 teaspoon of gram flour
1 spoon of rose water
A pinch of turmeric
Once you mix these 3 ingredients and make a paste, you’ll have to apply it on your hands. Wash the paste off once it dries completely. This will help you achieve soft, smooth and healthy skin.

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4) All-Rounder Pack

The fourth pack is also an easy one and helps to moisturize your skin while removing tan.
Gram flour (besan)
1 teaspoon of honey
A pinch of turmeric
1 teaspoon of coconut milk
Mix all these four ingredients and make a paste as usual. Now apply this pack well on your hands. After the pack dries up, you’ll have to wash it off. You’ll be left with soft, smooth and healthy skin that’s free of sun tanning.

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