4 Green Beauty DIY Recipes

4 Green Beauty DIY Recipes

Hey Girls,

Organic beauty products are a huge trend these days and it’s not a surprise at all. They’re great for your skin and packed with healthy nutrients that will revive your skin. However, here’s a few green beauty DIY recipes that might just help you save a few bucks. They’re cheap, great for your complexion and the environment and they’re really green too.

Green Beauty DIY

Green Tea:

Green Beauty DIY

Green tea is packed with antioxidants and it’s an absolute beauty essential that does amazing things for the skin. Just washing your face with green tea will benefit your skin greatly.

However, not everyone has the time to brew a bowl of green tea 3-4 times a week for cleansing. Your next best option would be a bottle of green tea mist or toner! You won’t have to spend a few bucks to buy one at all.

Brew up a small cup of green tea weekly, transfer it into a small mist bottle and store it in the fridge. Spritz the mist on your face daily and watch your pores disappear.


Green Beauty DIY

Got horrible eye bags or puffy eyes? Two slices of cucumbers will do just the trick. Cucumbers contain antioxidants and flavonoids that decrease irritation naturally and swelling.

Just slice up a few slices and keep them in the fridge to cool. Take out a few slices when you need them and put them over your eyes, lay back and let it work its magic.

Olive Oil / Coconut Oil:

Green Beauty DIY

Olive oil and coconut oil are amazing and used as an alternative for most beauty products (eg. eye makeup removers, oil moisturizers and etc.). I’m sure everyone has a bottle of these oils at home.

Dry cuticles? Thinking of going out to get a bottle of cuticle oil? Don’t. Grab your bottle of olive oil/coconut oil and apply it to your cuticles. It’ll moisturize them exactly like a store-bought cuticle oil does.


Green Beauty DIY

I love body scrubs and long baths. I’m currently using a store-bought organic body scrub. Instead of spending 20$-30$ on a bottle of body scrub, why not make your own?

We use lime to garnish cocktails, food and more, but it’s an awesome kicker to your beauty routine too. It contains tons of Vitamin C and flavonoids that aids in rejuvenating the skin, keeping it’s shine and protecting the skin from infections. It also reduces body odor.

Make your own batch of lime body scrub with coarse brown sugar, olive oil and lime pulp or juice. It’s a body scrub that mixes chemical and physical exfoliants. Watch your dead skin cells disappear!


Green Beauty DIY

Ever woke up with a huge pimple on your face and just freaked out? You’ve got no idea how to get rid of it and you’ve got an important event coming up? You won’t need any products, just mint! The menthol in this herb has a cooling effect and helps to reduce inflammation and redness. I can’t guarantee that the pimple will disappear, but it definitely won’t look red and angry.

Crush up a few mint leaves and throw in some rose water. Mix it all together till it becomes a paste and apply it to the affected area. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse it out with water after.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Hopefully, these beauty recipes are useful and it’ll work amazing for you. Have a great one girls! 🙂

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