4 Instant Ways to Fix Dry and Damaged Hair

By Priyanka Dixit

Hello, beauties!
Hope you all are taking care of your pretty faces and gorgeous hair too. It is summer and we all tend to make one common hair mistake: over-washing. This and other torture that we make our hair go through often leave our hair dry and damaged. But, since not everyone has the patience to make hair better, here are 4 different ways through which you can revive your dry and damaged hair.

Instant Ways To Fix Hair

1. The wonderful argan oil

argan oil
Argan oil is excellent to curb dry hair problems. It is extremely rich in nutrients like Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that promote the health of hair. The best part is that this oil is non-greasy and does not irritate the scalp. It gets easily absorbed into the hair, making hair softer and shinier. It also prevents split-ends as well as tames frizzy hair. Just apply some argan oil on the ends to moisturise them. Or spray some argan oil on your hair and comb through to make hair softer and moisturised.

2. Homemade natural hair packs

homemade hair pack
Fix your dry and unruly hair by trying a natural hair pack at home. This might not work within minutes but such treatments can definitely improve the health of your hair within hours. You can find numerous hair packs on IMBB, here are some best ones:
Honey and Olive Oil Homemade Hair Mask
Homemade Hair Mask to Control Dandruff and Frizz
Mayonnaise Hair Treatment For Dry and Damaged Hair: DIY

3. Stay away from hair brush

hair brush
A lot of women make their hair dry and rough by brushing it over and over again. Dry brushing of hair is important for blood circulation but as you know, too much of everything is bad. You can brush your hair up to 4 times of hair but over brushing will lead to damage and dryness. Instead of combing and brushing, opt for finger brushing. This will make your hair better, and will reduce and prevent dryness. Meanwhile, style your hair in simple ways and try low-maintenance hairstyles.

4. Leave-in conditioners

leave in conditioner
Do you think chemicals in conditioners can damage your hair?Wrong! Conditioners can very easily help you in maintaining your hair. Invest in a good leave-in conditioner and apply it to your hair thoroughly and you won’t see any dryness or roughness till next hair wash. If you do not want to rely on store-bought ones, apply ample aloe vera gel to your hair after washing. Or, here are two recipes:
Homemade Chemical Free Leave In Conditioner
How To Make Your Own Leave-in Conditioner

These are some ways through which you can curb dryness but you must aim to make your hair healthy and nourished in the long run. Drink lots of water, maintain a healthy diet and stay away from hot tools to improve the health of your hair.

Bonus Tip: You can use petroleum jelly to tame flyaways and tame split ends by rubbing just a bit of the jelly into the hair strands.

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  1. I needed this too! Already been doing the first 3 things. Now I am all set to invest in good leave-in conditioners!

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