5 Bags to Carry this Summer in Every Budget and Style

The Best Bags to Carry this Summer in every budget and style

The beginning of the summer season is always marked by sweltering heat along with a range of colourful and exciting accessories. From shoes to bags to hairbands, the choices are varied.

And the most important of these accessories to any woman is the handbag. Whether you are investing in a classic high-end bag or a fun roadside one, a bag is a reflection of every woman’s personality. The choices needless to say are endless, from totes to shoulder bags, bright oranges to mute browns, from leather to straw bags.

Here’s a small part of my bag selection showcased, to give you an idea of the different choices you have, keeping in mind your price range and your daily usage.

1. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull a.k.a. the “Investment bag”: This bag by LV is classic and you’ll probably have it for the rest of your life, considering its hefty price tag. The reason I bought this bag is because it’s easy to carry on the shoulders and it’s a mute brown that matches everything. It comes in three sizes so pick according to your need. It also has a beige version in the same as well as the monogrammed one with the lvs all over it. louis vuitton While you’re at it, enjoy the lovely feeling of wearing the same bag as Angelina Jolie! Price: Rs 37,500

2. The DKNY Orange patent leather bag a.k.a. the “Happy Bag”: This bag has the same shape as the Neverfull, but its happy orange colour makes it a distinctly summer cheery bag. This bag has a zipper on top and the patent leather hardly ever gets dirty, making it the perfect day-to-day bag for casual outings. dkny The importance of a bright, colourful accessory in the summer cannot be ignored and every woman must have a happy bag in her wardrobe in her favorite colour. Price: Rs 6,750

3. The Aldo bag a.k.a the “Classic Black bag” : The black bag is something every woman is always looking for, inspite of having thousands in her closet. This Aldo bag gives one the option of wearing it on the shoulder or on the arm. Besides this design, Aldo has a range of other black bags, which are well made and up to date with the current styles. aldoblackbag These are definitely worth a look. If you’re in the market for an extremely classic black bag, then the chanel bag never ever goes out of style. Price: Rs 1,800

4. The Accessorize sling bag a.k.a. the “Comfortable bag”: This bag gives one the much-needed comfort of both hands. Most women would agree that during shopping or walking around in this heat, it’s a boon. I bought this bag from accessorize because it matched my basic khaki and white wardrobe it the summer but these sling bags are available in many colours. slingbag Check out Accessorize for more options and Marc Jacobs if you’re looking for higher priced ones. Price: Rs 1,300

5. The Janpath straw bag a.k.a. the “budget savvy bag” : This bag has the twin qualities of being both classy and easy on the pocket. It’s an ideal bag for summer and looks lovely paired with cheery florals as well as linens. It comes in a variety of colours, of which I own pink and beige. It’s widely available at Janpath in Delhi and other flea markets. Besides this style, one can also buy jholas, which are as budget friendly. janpath Bag These bags are the perfect indo western addition to any outfit. Price; Rs 150

This completes my current list of favorite bags for the summer. As I use all these bags personally, I can vouch for the fact that these five bags will complete any woman’s bag needs. Let me know what your ideal set of bags is. It isn’t necessary to break the bank while buying bags as long as you pick wisely.

Happy shopping, ladies! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “5 Bags to Carry this Summer in Every Budget and Style

  1. I also want that orange bag. Btw did I tell you guys that I have found my orange nail paint at colorbar. 😛 Going to pick it up soon. 😀

  2. The orange bag is pretty great!
    I got it from Ambience mall, at 30% during the sale.
    I think dkny is going to have a sale at the end of june again.
    You guys should try that :-))

  3. OMG!! I’m totally addicted to bags and I’m currently looking for a new one 😉 ;-). I love the 2nd and the 3rd, but I’ll probably look for dupes for the orange one as I’m currently not employed.

  4. And LV is becoming a disappointment coz of fantastic replicas available in Mumbai.. I don’t feel like carrying mine because of that 😥

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