5 Best Essential Oils for Hair

Essential oils have been used for a variety of medicinal and cosmetic purposes through ages. Essential oils work wonders not only for our skin but for our hair and scalp as well. These can be used to cleanse the scalp, strengthen hair, stimulate hair follicles and even promote hair growth. Some essential oils improve the condition of the scalp whiles others improve the condition of the hair.

Best Essential Oils for Hair

Whether you have super thick and curly, or very fine and straight hair, you cannot get away with just cleaning your hair with shampoo, they need some extra attention to look healthy. Pick out the one as per your needs and see the difference in the condition of your hair.

Clary Sage Oil: Clary Sage is very beneficial if you have problematic greasy scalp. Mix it with other essential oils of your choice or use alone to achieve optimal Ph value of scalp.

Carrot root oil: This essential oil is basically a thicker orangey paste you can either obtain in its pure form and dilute in Jojoba oils or opt for a ready to use extract. It is rich in carotene and antioxidants and aids in hair growth.

Best Essential Oilsfor Hair

Almond Oil: If your dry, damaged hair then try almond hot oil mask. Heat a small amount of this oil, rub into your dry tresses and give it about half an hour to soak into the hair. Wash your hair as usual to notice the added softness.

Lemon Oil: This oil is best for dry, curly hair because it actually stimulates the oil glands to produce more oil which leads to healthier, stronger and shinier hair. It also minimizes the appearance of dandruff and get rid of head lice.

Rosemary Oil: Another great oil for oily scalp beauties. This oil stimulates the roots, improves hair growth, and increases circulation in the scalp which in turn promotes hair growth.

Best Essential Oils forHair

Tips to use Essential Oils:

• You only need a few drops of an essential oil — mix one or more types in a shampoo or conditioner. Or mix the drops into 2 ounces of a carrier oil, such as olive or jojoba. Do not apply the undiluted oil directly on your scalp, as they may cause irritation.
• After you apply the oil mixture, cover your head in a towel or shower cap.
• You can either wash out the treatment after 30 minutes or leave it on overnight and shampoo in the morning.
• Remember to wash out oils completely. When you leave them in too long, they weigh down hair, leaving it limp and oily.

Best EssentialOils for Hair

Apart from these just keep in mind to:

• Drink at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis in order to balance the production of oil.
• Avoid the use of styling products on your hair.
• Avoid using detergent based shampoos.
• Don’t wash your hair with too hot water.

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  1. Hello Era, your articals are always too good!

    I have a question- Can i mix 2-3 essential oils in my regular hair oils and use it twice a week? I wish to mix it in one go and not prepare a fresh mixture everytime.

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