5 Best Exercises to Tone and Sculpt Your Body at home

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I had joined a gym for a month, but soon got bored. Honestly, I didn’t really see any changes in my body plus those monotonous workouts had started to feel boring. I find my at-home workouts more effective and fun because I can do them any time I want and play some really loud music too. So today, I am listing down five best exercises that can be done easily at home to tone and sculpt the body.

5 Best Exercises Tone and Sculpt Your Body at home



Burpees – in simple words, ups and downs with a jump. This exercise focuses on your hands and abdomen for strength. It is a simple exercise which starts with a squat then push up, return to squat, and then stand up and jump. This is one single burpee. I do 3 sets of 10 burpees every single day. How many burpees you do during your workout depends on your stamina and body weight. This exercise burns a lot of calories and tones the entire body.

High knee sprints

knee high

High knee sprints can also be done at home with ease. You must have noticed the sprints that athletes perform, but this one is different. These sprints involve standing up in an upright position. Then, keep your arms straight in front and bring your knees up till your hands, and as fast as you can. This is ofcourse great for your legs, arms, and core.


woman jump rope

Do not underestimate the importance of a jump-rope if you’re working out at home. So many exercises can be done with a simple jump rope and it’s fun to workout with this equipment. Jump rope gives amazing results and burns insane amount of calories. It tones your legs, arms, core, and strengthens your body too. While jumping a rope, make sure you’re doing it right and stop if it starts to hurt. Start small and then gradually increase as your health improves.

Mountain climbers

mountain climbers

This is another amazingly effective exercise as it improves blood circulation and focuses on whole body, and not just on one part. This exercise also shows results quite quickly. You’ll get stronger arms, core and legs. Infact it will benefit your full body. Start with a set of 10 and then gradually increase the reps.

Long jump or tuck jump

tuck jump

Both of these jumps are beneficial, and can be done at home. But, be careful if you’re just starting out. Start slow and do only a few repetitions in the beginning. Once your body gets acquainted with these jumps, you can increase the repetitions and intensity.

Apart from these five exercises, you can do many other fun exercises at home to achieve your fitness goals. You can use stairs or a rod to work out. Such exercises improve your stamina and increase your height too. So, keep working out! 🙂

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