5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Their Childhood Sweethearts

Marrying your childhood sweetheart is the stuff that Hindi movies are made of and when our Bollywood celebrities choose to marry their childhood sweethearts, their fans swoon at the real life love story.  Of course, some crazy fans are heartbroken. But who doesn’t like mushy story where childhood love blossoms into marriage. It makes the star a real life hero because money and fame has not altered him. But not everything is hunky dory for the star and the spouse post marriage. The “happily ever after” dream can be rudely shattered in the gossip hungry corridors of Bollywood.

Being an object of adulation has a flipside too. The innumerable link-ups with co-stars are bound to upset the apple cart once in a while at home. Explanations and denials do put a strain on the relationship. The more popular the star, the busier he is, the lesser time he has with the family which is bound to worsen the situation. But whoever said that success is an easy path? the difficulties are the fun part, once you cross them and look back, they are memories made forever!  Being attracted to a gorgeous co-star is also a huge possibility and the hawk like eyes of the media is ready to pick on the slightest hint. But then what good is the film world without some juicy gossip. Don’t we all love to  see the flip side of the larger than life heroes? To know that they are as flesh and blood as we are?

Here are 5 bollywood celebrities who married their childhood sweethearts!

1.  Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan:  They have been known to be the best-looking couple who are deeply in love.  Right from their PDA to their matching-tatoos, they looked perfect together.  While Sussanne claims that they knew each other since they were kids, Hrithik says that he fell in love with the beauty at a traffic signal. wow! Such is romance!! Hrithik, the insanely handsome man broke a million hearts after he got married to his love in 2000. Though 2013 didn’t prove to be very good with them parting ways, but still, this couple will always be our favorite.

2.  Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan:  King Khan who is the king of romance fell in love with Gauri chibber at just a glance. yes, it was love at first sight! Belonging to different communities, it was difficult for them to convince the families, but their love conquered it all when they got married in 1991.  Their love is still going strong and the “oh-so-in-love” couple have been an inspiration to many others too.

5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Their Childhood Sweethearts

3.  Imran Khan and Avantika Malik:  The couple started dating when Imran was just 19.  The chocolate boy was awestruck by Avantika and knew that he could not spend his life with anyone else.  The Khan boy couldn’t actually wait to make his soulmate his wife and he finally proposed to her which led to their marriage in 2011.

5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Their Childhood Sweethearts

4.  Ayushmann Khurana and Tahira:  They’ve known each other since forever an have literally been grown up together. their families knew each other and their love was never hidden. the lovely couple got hitched in 2011 just before his superhit debut Vicky Donor. They still look they fell in love just yesterday, fresh as ever!

5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Their Childhood Sweethearts

5.  Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Dutt:  In this tale, Ayesha fell in love with Jackie when she was in school. His career was not that great at that time but when he met his lady at the record store he knew it was meant to be. they got hitched in 1987 after dating for a couple of years.  Their love is still so strong, love is forever? IT IS!

5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Their Childhood Sweethearts

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7 thoughts on “5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Married Their Childhood Sweethearts

  1. I was so heartbroken when I heard about Hrithik’s split from Sussanne. Didn’t know about Jackie Shroff and Aayushman’s love story! Makes me go awww

  2. well i never understand why Hrithik an sussane parted? Gauriand SRK look like meant for each other, love the way they are together..
    zayed khan married his schoolmate lady love Malaika Parekh and Fardeen married Natasha Madhwani after they were in love too…
    well a hitch….Ranbeer Kapoor had a worst crush on Mrs Imran Khan in his teenage….!!

  3. Being a Hrithik fan, I was heartbroken to hear that they parted *cry* I wish they get back together soon! *cry*
    Second is definitely SRK and Gauri *clap*

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