5 Brilliant Articles to Take you Through Scorching Summer

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I was going through some of the summer beauty posts for myself on IMBB. I thought I’d compile some for you as well. You know…as a good reminder. The titles are links to the main posts. Enjoy reading them. Super helpful. 🙂


1. Saffron+Yogurt+Gram Flour Anti-Tan Face Pack: DIY

Tanning is a major issue in summers. I am still struggling to get rid of my holiday tan. Going to try out this summer pack today itself. 😀

2. How to Prevent Summer Makeup Meltdown

Makeup can be so not pretty in summers. But with right tips and techniques you can totally prevent your makeup from melting down and still look fresh all day long.Tips such as “Pick lip liners instead of lipsticks” or ” “Get a nice primer for the pores, remember summers = oily skin and a perfect foundation with an awesome coverage for the summer.” are live saviours in this crazy heat. Must read this one!

3.Summer Hair Care: Tips for Healthy Hair in Hot Weather

Did you know that sweat causes hair-fall? Boy! it does. This post includes a homemade after-sun hair care spray that would not only prevent your hair from frying in the sun but would also keep your head cool.

4. How to Control Sweat and Body Odor During Summer

Body Odour is such an uncool thing. The moment your realise that you are not smelling fine, it takes away half of your confidence. As much as taking care of your skin and hair is important, it is suuuuper necessary that you smell fresh and nice all day long. Simple home tips consisting of neem and tulsi go a long way. Every one needs to know these tips. 🙂

5. Refreshing Homemade Face Packs for Summer

And over the weekends, just sit back relax , apply these refreshing face packs and eat your watermelons! 😀

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