5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas



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This article is more or less a continuation, or a part 2 of the Fashion Trends by Bollywood Divas article that I had written a few days back. Our female actors are beautiful and gorgeous, and have the capability to turn heads with every appearance they make, whether on screen or off screen. There have been many articles about the disasters that have happened on red carpets or any other public appearances, but this time, I am going to take you down the lane of some movie looks donned by our beloved actresses. Having a look at these makes you cringe, literally, and you want to question them as to why, why, whyyyy did they have to do this to us!!!

  • Rekha – in pretty much every movie before “Ghar”

5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

Legendary actress Rekha is the all-time diva of fashion and beauty. Who would have thought that even she would take a spot in this list? But wait, I have my reasons for doing so. In the 60s and 70s, buns and artificial puffs were a common fashion trend. Almost all the actresses of that time, be it Hema Malini, Sadhna, Asha Parekh or Waheeda Rahman. When a young Rekha made her debut, alongside Naveen Nishchol, she too followed the trend, which continued for many movies after that. The overweight figure, which could not look svelte, the puffed buns that made her face look shapeless, and the overly thin eyebrows, which could only suit Sharmila Tagore, these were some trends, which just turned Rekha into a disaster at that time. Thankfully, a welcome change came in her look in the superhit movie “Ghar.” And I think, a little bit of plastic surgery has also played a role in forming the present Rekha, the diva, before us. Look for yourself. The beauty that emerged after “Ghar”, mesmerizes us even now.

  • Karisma Kapoor – in the pre “Raja Hindustani” days:

5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

Goodness. Where do I start? The way this fashion diva of present created her look in her initial movies, I guess she was trying to get inspired by Dada Raj Kapoor. I mean, why would anyone want to look like a kid who is mentally stuck at the age of 8. I don’t know what was Karisma thinking when she made it her staple statement in almost all her initial movies. That childish accent, those overly washed lips, and too much facial hair, with two plaits (Andaz Apna Apna anyone? ) That was some trend which I guess none wanted to follow then, and none would want to remember now. Gone and forgotten, we can only thank the makers of Raja Hindustani, to bring the real diva out of her cocoon and unleash the Kapoor charm. This movie, raced her glam quotient to the top, and since then, there has been no looking back for this elder Kapoor gal.

  • Kareena Kapoor – The Kapoor “plumpness” with Blonde hair:

5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

I never thought that I would be listing the Kapoor sisters in an article of fashion disasters, but trust me, the way they started off in the industry, I think a good whacking was needed to make the butterfly come out the shell of caterpillar, literally. The younger Kapoor sis looked a little plump, but absolutely fresh and beautiful, in her debut work “Refugee.” No matter how horrendous “Yaadein” might have been, but Kareena looked beautiful there too. And who can forget the legendary “Poo” in K3G. But the downfall in her look came after that. From 2003 to 2006, her career graph, and her fashion graph, both went downhill. Her horrifying fashion trend of blonde hairdo and plump look was disastrous. It quite did not have the effect which I think the younger Kapoor sis wanted to have. Neither did the blonde color suit her yellow skin tones, nor did the plumpness made her look cute. In fact, it just had the opposite effect.  The turn in her career and looks came when she went size zero, and though I do not approve of the way she starved herself for it, it became an instant rage. She is no longer the same size zero, but this Kapoor, is now very conscious of the way she looks. The weight that she has put on now, looks absolutely gorgeous now. Also, a little plastic surgery help to her lips and jawline has also helped 😉 . Her looks in Kurbaan, Jab We Met, Bodyguard and the likes, have completely won over hearts. But still, we cringe to think of that trend of hers when her fashion sense went completely haywire.

  • Vidya Balan – Hey Baby, Kismat Konnection, Salaam – E – ishq:

I guess, no fashion disaster article is complete without the mention of Vidya Balan. Though I am an ardent fan of acting skills, which can put many male actors to shame (*coughs*umm*Salman*cough*Khan*coughs again 😛 ), but as far as her fashion skills are concerned, she needs to go a long way.  Although I must say that with the safe and dependable Sabyasachi Mukherjee, she has come a long way, though she still manages to give us a heart attack, but as far as her post “Parineeta” and pre “Paa” days are concerned, we desperately want to forget those. Take a look at some of her worst movie trends.

  • Kismat Konnection – pretty much everything from hairdo to dresses (Lord save us!! 😮 ):

5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

Salaam – E – Ishq : Pleeeaase someone issue a notice in general interest. You “must not” wear kurtas/kurtis with long skirts. Whyyyyyy?? 

  • Rani Mukerjee in “Ta Ra Rum Pum”:

5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

Although I am yet to figure out why this movie was made, Rani’s look in the first half gave me reason enough. If she and the makers thought that it would become a fashion statement, it did, but in a disastrous way. So much so, that in an award ceremony that year, SRK and Saif presented her and Vidya Balan a joint “Na-Real” award (like the Razzies in the west), for the worst looks in their movies, Ta Ra Rum Pum and Kismat Konnection. Even her short dresses and boots did not suit her figure at all, and instead of making her look like a young girl, it made her look more like an aunty, desperate to hide her age. I am just happy that her look was restricted to the first half only. Simple, not acceptable.

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