5 Easy Steps to Get That Bombshell Blow-Out

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How many of you look at those Victoria’s Secret models and wonder if we could be in their place? Well, I do and let’s get real with ourselves. Who wouldn’t want that supersexy hair??? After all it’s not just meant to be for a VS runway, we can all have it! 😀
Big, voluminous hair screams sexy and that is what everyone is looking out for now! However, people always feel that they are not skilled enough to get the right blow-out. Good news is that you now do not need your hair stylists to get that bombshell blow-out; all you need is getting a little wild with your hair and that isn’t a tough job or is it?

5 Easy Steps to Get That Bombshell Blow-Out1

Let me jot down foolproof steps that will not go wrong and give you that BIG hair you have always wanted:

1. The first step to that amazing blow-out is to wet your hair thoroughly and run a wide toothed comb through them for a smoothened look. Then put some mousse on from the roots to tips to help the blow out stay. Using a volumizing formula is suggested to get that BIG HAIR for the perfect look!

5 Easy Steps to Get That Bombshell Blow-Out2

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2. The second step is to rough dry your hair. If you are wondering what rough drying is, let me tell you about it: Rough drying is basically a new way of drying out your hair, which will give you salon like results. You need your blow dryer and your hands for this technique; yes that’s all you need, so give your hair brush some rest. After you wash your hair, pull sections of hair out in the upward direction and blow dry from a distance. To get a sleeker look, you need to blow out in the downward direction; the trick is to half dry your hair.

5 Easy Steps to Get That Bombshell Blow-Out3

3. Once your hair is partially dry, run three sections of hair around a round hair brush and curl tresses away from your face with a light-tension blow dryer. Once the hair is all smooth and dry, roll your hair up with the help of Velcro roller to cool the hair strands.

4. After you put all your hair up in rollers, use the diffuser attachment of your blow dryer, which releases cold air and is a great way to enhance the curls. Yes, we all would want to skip this step thinking it’s not worth all the effort, but don’t! Because it enhances the curls amazingly as cold air amplifies the tresses and keeps them from getting flat throughout the day!

5 Easy Steps to Get That Bombshell Blow-Out4

5. Finally, unroll your beautiful curls and snarl them up a little bit. Once all your hair is out, shake each section of your hair gently; do not ever be harsh when it comes to styling your hair, especially when it’s a blow-out. Keep in mind to be as gentle with your hair as you are while washing it; just use the tips of your fingers and then go through every section with your fingers. When you have done all this, spray on a texturizing spray to get that added texture along with volume. Spray from your chin down, to get that more lived-in look!

So, let us just stop drooling over how gorgeous those models look on the ramp, with all that BIG hair and make-up, because you know how to get the BOMBSHELL BLOW-OUT without any hair stylist? How cool is that?

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  1. You can ignore a perfect blowout, but I hate going to salon each time (and paying them 😛 ). My sister has super long hair, will try on her first. Thanks for this. 😀

  2. Loved the detailed steps Cidra…I had a question though. The steps you have given us for curling the hair, right? If I want the regular wavy/straight look, steps 1-3 should be enough. Correct me if I am wrong!

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