5 Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

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Makeup looks can be universal or they could be based upon specific features of the face. People with a structured face easily rock the bronzed glow look whereas, those with a petite face can highlight the delicateness of their features with blush. Likewise, eye color can define the makeup look as well. In this post, we will explore some easy eye makeup ideas for those with blue eyes.

5 Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

1. Gold or Copper Glam Eye Look

This sparkly look is suitable for festivals or weddings as it enhances the blue color of the eyes. It also goes well with jewelry and beautiful lehengas with metallic detail. Start by applying a brown or orange transition shade into the crease. Follow up with an all over glitter or shimmer gold color on the eyelid. Blend the transition shade and lid shade well. Copper work well too and can be chosen based on the outfit. Apply a thick liner and mascara. Line the lower lash line with a nude pencil to make eyes appear larger. Adding falsies will lift the look too.

2. Gold Peach Eye Look

5 Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes Peach Gold Eye Look

This eye makeup look is suitable for daytime events like brunches or weddings. In this look, the gold shade is applied to the lower lash line to add a hint of glam. Start with a soft transition shade in the crease, lighter than the peach color to be used. Then, apply the peach color and blend into the transition shade. Highlight inner corner and brow bone with a subtle highlighter. Apply the gold shade on the bottom lash line. Finish with a nude eyeliner on the lower water line, mascara and thin eye liner.

3. Cool Blue Mermaid Look

In this eye makeup, the blue color of eyes will be enhanced with different shades of blue and a hint of purple to add smokiness. As usual, start with a transition shade in the crease. Apply a cool toned blue shade all over the lid. In the outer corner of the eye, blend a darker blue. Layer a violet shade over it and blend after every step. Apply each of the lid shades on the lower lash line to balance the look. Finally, use an icy blue shade to highlight the inner corner. Finish with mascara, liner and falsies. Adding shades of green will also lift the look.

4. Silver Blue Metallic Look

5 Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes Silver Blue

Another look that works well with blue eyes is to use a shade of blue lighter than the eye color to enhance the softness of the eyes. As always, start with a subtle transition shade. Pat an icy blue shade all over the lid. Blend well. Next, take a silver eyeshadow and apply it on the centers of the eyelid. Apply the same for highlighting inner corners of eyes. This will add a holographic effect. Finish with mascara and light falsies. Avoid eyeliner as this will take away the softness of eyes.

5. Basic Neutral Look

This eye look focuses just on the color of the eyes and works simply as an everyday look. Start by applying a very soft transition shade in the crease. Layer another shade over this that is slightly darker. Blend it out so that it gives a blown out look. Next, apply a nude shadow all over the lid and blend. Finish with a thin eyeliner and mascara.

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  1. Light pink eye makeup is another one that can create a feminine look and open up your blue eyes. 😀

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