5 Facial Kits to do Facial at Home

It may not always be an easy option to run to the salon or a spa to get a facial done due to time constraints and doing at-home facials would be a great way of bonding with your friends. We’ve come up with a list of facial kits that you can try at home.

Facial Kits to do Facial at Home

1. VLCC Gold Facial Kit:

Price: Rs. 1,200

This is great for oily skin because it rejuvenates your skin and comes with an anti-aging formula. Although it is priced quite high, it will be sufficient for 6 uses. It removes dead skin cells and cleans out clogged pores. After this facial kit, your face will feel squeaky clean and you’ll be left with a soft glow.

Facial at home

2. Pangea Organics Skin Care Discovery Kit:

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Price:  Rs. 3,300

This kit comes with five tubes. There is a face wash, a scrub, a mask, a moisturizer, and an eye cream. Although it’s quite expensive, it’s completely organic and contains many essential oils for skin rejuvenation. The products are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that will significantly improve the look of your skin. It’ll almost give you a sudden fairness effect without any whitish cast. I like this one because its paraben free and completely organic.

3. Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit:


Price:  Rs. 215

This kit is probably my most favorite. It’s affordable and easy to find. It contains papaya scrub, clove pack, saffron massage gel, and saffron youth dew cream. This kit is sufficient for 2 uses. This facial kit leaves your face fresh and relaxed after completion. I personally like this facial kit because it has so many great ingredients and the whole process only takes about a half hour. It also didn’t cause any break outs on my skin which is great. It also gives you a very soft subtle glow.

4. VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit:

Price:  Rs. 325

This kit contains an oatmeal scrub, melawhite gel for detanning, melawhite powder for detanning, pistachio facial cream, and melawhite face mask. This kit is supposed to be all natural and VLCC is pretty reputable when it comes to facial kits because they have quite a wide variety of them. This happens to be my personal favorite in comparison to all others because it works well with most skin types. I did notice the detanning effect (very slight effect though).

5. Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Facial Kit:

Price:  Rs. 960 (I purchased this online).

Shahnaz Husain facial kit

This kit contains four little jars – an exfoliating scrub, a radiance gel, a moisturizing cream and a beautifying mask. This kit is a little difficult to find in stores in Hyderabad at least, but I do like this. I’m also aware that a few salons carry this for gold facials but they charge you so much more. I prefer just buying it and applying it at home. I’ve tried this twice before and it does give me a very soft glow. I’m pretty sure there are no actual gold particles in this kit but it’s pretty effective for me and I have combination skin.

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