5 Homemade Cranberry Face Packs

5 Homemade Cranberry Face Packs


I associate cranberries with TBS’s holiday releases – the cranberry body polish and shower gel, but there’s more to cranberries. Like all yummy fruits, cranberries also have a lot of beauty benefits.  Cranberries have a high level of antioxidants and they help to detoxify skin.  Along with having anti-inflammatory properties that’s good for sensitive skin, they have vitamin A and C content too. Cranberries have anti-ageing benefits and fight off free radicals to prevent premature ageing.  Also, they brighten up the skin.  They also fight off microbes and cause lesser breakouts.  Cranberries also aid in moisture retention and in improving skin’s elasticity and suppleness. So, if you want to keep pimples and wrinkles at bay, try these homemade cranberry face packs.  You can use cranberries in the puree form by blending them into a smooth paste.  You can also boil to soften them up and then mash them into a smooth paste.

1.  Cranberry and Honey Face Pack:

There’s nothing that honey does not work along with.  Even with cranberries, it makes a great combination.  Make a puree out a few cranberries and add in 1 or  2 tbsp to the puree.  Mix well and apply on the face and neck, rinse off after 20 minutes.


2.  Cranberry, Oatmeal and Yogurt Face Pack:

Another wonderful skin beneficial ingredient, yogurt will smooth out your skin. In cranberry puree, add in a few tbsp of yogurt, mix well.  Since this mixture would be quite runny, you can add in oatmeal powder to make a thick paste.  The oatmeal powder gently exfoliates dead skin cells while the cranberries and yogurt in the pack brighten and soften the skin.

3.  Cranberry and Red Grapes Face Pack:

This is a strong anti-oxidant face pack.  Cranberries and red grapes have high concentrations of antioxidants and when you use them in a face pack together, you would not have to worry about premature ageing at all.  Make a puree out of a few cranberries and red grapes (include the seeds, take care they are not abrasive).  Mix both the purees together and apply on face and neck.  Use this pack regularly to get the anti-ageing benefits.


4.  Cranberry and Olive Oil Face Pack:


Blend cranberries and yogurt in a blender to make a smooth paste.  Add in honey and olive oil.  Apply on the face and wash off after 20 minutes.  Honey acts as a natural moisturizer and olive oil has vitamin E and antioxidants. Yogurt helps get rid of dullness and hydrates the skin.

5.  Cranberry and Sugar Face Scrub:


This is a homemade scrub recipe by Neha A.  To make this scrub, blend a few cranberries into a smooth paste.  You can add in one tbsp of jojoba/almond/coconut oil to this paste.  Add in oatmeal powder and sugar.  Apply in a circular motion over damp skin. Wash off after the exfoliating process.

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  1. OMGG it’s been so long i have had cranberry juice. Jomo you made me soooo crave for it. *drool* *drool* *drool* never tried a cranberry face product. would love to give them a try *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. You always come up with such awsum ideas :)…one query,can you boil the cranberries(semi dried/dried,which is easily available) to soften them and then make the pack?

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