5 Iconic Bollywood Hairstyle Tutorials With BBLUNT

Hi Everyone, 🙂

After almost a month of using BBLUNT products regularly, I decided to show the products in action. BBLUNT asked me to create some hair looks inspired from our Bollywood Divas. Although our Bollywood celebs have a whole team at work to do any hair style they prefer to do, I wanted to create easy versions of the hair styles that one can do easily at home using right products but still getting a salon-like finish. This is part one of the collaboration. I’d share the second part in a few weeks with you all. For all these looks, I’ve used the different prepping and styling products by BBLUNT, which are created especially to suit Indian hair and weather.
Hope you enjoy it and hope you create some of these hairstyles for the ongoing wedding and party season. 🙂

1. Criss Cross Hair : This hairstyle is inspired by the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor. She mostly pulls her hair back from her face but there is a little element of surprise that makes the whole hairdo look well-put and stylish.
easy criss cross hair style

  1. Straighten your hair using BBLUNT Liner II Professional Hair Straightener
  2. Using a fine comb, come your hair back.
  3. Pull hair in sections from each side.
  4. Pin the hair section in opposite direction using a bobby pin.
  5. Keep pinning your hair in criss cross manner until you have pinned all your hair at the back. You may take thin or wide sections depending on how thick or thin you want your criss crosses to look.
  6. Rub a little BBLUNT IT MATTERS Zero Shine Moulding Clay to set the hair. It would also take care of fly-aways and baby hairs.

Ta-da! 🙂

Volumized Curls : These curls are inspired by the iconic Madhuri Dixit. She always has these perfect big volumized curls. Have tried to recreate those curls.
curls-using-bblunt-flat-iron-1 curls-using-bblunt-flat-iron

  1. I have naturally straight hair so I have to take help of curling products to make my curls look defined. I used the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave-in Cream.
  2. Rub the cream in damp hair.
  3. Once your hair is dry, use the BBLUNT Liner II Professional Hair Straightener to create curls. Pick a section of hair and pull it downwards using the iron.
  4. Twist the iron.
  5. Twist it one more.
  6. Once you leave, you’d have lovely bouncy curl in your hair. Repeat until you have curled all sections of your hair. The rounded exterior of the iron helps in creating curls easily.

Finish off with BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine for the extra gloss.

Twisted Hairdo : This looks inspired by Sonam Kapoor. She experiments a lot with her hair but I have noticed hat her hairdresser does a lot of twisted styles from the front that frame her face very well. I have done a side ponytail using the style but you could also create a bun while keeping the front same.

I started by applying the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti- Frizz Leave-In Cream so that my hair had a more natural movement & smoothness for this look.
1-2. Pick a little section of hair from your crown and push it on the front to create a little volume. Then start twisting that section. Once you have twisted the hair till the end, secure it with a bobby pin.
3-5. Now start twisting the side of the hair section by section and keep pinning it until you have twisted and pined one side of the hair completely.
6-7. Repeat the twisting on the other side of the hair. Finish off with BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish for instant shine. It would also set your hair in place.

Top Knot : No one rocks a top knot better than Priyanka Chopra. I love creating knots. I find them very chic and polished for both day time and party wear.
top bun tutorial top bun tutorial

  1. Spray BBLUNT Back to Life Dry Shampoo in your hair to add some texture to your hair. If your hair is not freshly washed, this would take care of the grease & oil and freshen up your scalp.
  2. If you have bangs, section the bangs out and pull the rest of the hair up in a ponytail. Secure with a rubber band.
  3. Pull your hair in two sections.
  4. Start twisting around in a  knot form.
  5. Secure the hair with bun pins and bobby pins.
  6. Style your bangs using BBLUNT IT MATTERS Zero Shine Moulding Clay. Just rub teeny bit of wax between your finger tips and style your hair according to your preference. the wax would basically set your hair exactly the way you want then to and it wouldn’t move. Plus it’d take care of any baby hair as well.

Messy Side Braid : I think of a messy braid and I think of Deepika Padukone. She sports side braid with her dresses, sarees and probably with every outfit she sports. Why wouldn’t she, it suits her mighty well. Hope you enjoy creating her favourite hairstyle. 🙂
messy side braid

1. Use BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray and create rough waves on the crown of your hair. It gives your hair a lot of fullness and added softness.
2. If you have bangs such as mine, just pin them back while still keeping the volume on the top.
3-4. Now divide your hair in 3 sections and start braiding your hair. You can also braid your hair in fishtail if you prefer.
5. Secure the end of the braid with a rubber band. Pull the braid gently to make it look thicker. Let some strands come out naturally to make it look effortless and a bit messy.

I’m hoping you guys had as much fun as I did recreating these super-easy looks, and that you will share your own versions of these styles with me. I’ll be eagerly waiting. And in case you need any assistance you can reach the hair-styling experts or me by just dropping in your queries. Do let me know how you guys liked these styles or if there’s any other you would like me to recreate! :))

Happy Hair-Styling peeps!


20 thoughts on “5 Iconic Bollywood Hairstyle Tutorials With BBLUNT

  1. Rati – this is one rocking post – I absolutely LOVED the way you created different hairstyles, all of them trendy, and rocked them all!!!! You have sold that bblunt straightener to me, I am getting it! My absolute favorite is the volumized curls style – love the way your hair looks in all the styles – SOOOPER!!!

  2. Rati.. you rocked all of these sooo well. Loved all these on you. And btw, you looked ravishing in that nimbu paani saree (just wanted to tell you this.) Best part is that these look so easy peasy. I am going to try the first one tomm itself. 😀 Lotsa love and lotsa best wishes.

  3. Fabulous!!!!!!
    loved all d tutorials. today i was going through the posts n realised that u dont do much tutorials now… and then it came!!!!!!
    total droolworthy post! thank u so much 🙂

  4. you made these hair styles effortlessly easy through your self explaintory pics and write up rati 🙂 you look ravishing as always no matter what style or attire you sport! Now I hunt down for this BBlunt hair product, off late am also finding myself into hair styling sumhow 😀 had to book mark this post for upcoming events.. 🙂

  5. Omggggggg this is like the best hairstyle post ever on IMBB 🙂 Look at the efforts you have put it man… just outstanding :-* I am totally bookmarking this 🙂 That first criss cross wala hairstyle looks so beautiful and gets done so quickly.. i never knew there was such a hairstyle, but you are the inventor of a lot of things and this is mind-blowing.. definitely trying that look.. and btw you look awesome in all of these 🙂

  6. Wow I am a big fan of their salons, don’t know why they closed their GK wala salon, I miss it so much. Anyway, becoming a fan of their products slowly too; I use a couple of products and they work so well on my hair. I love the hairstyles you have created; fav one of messy braid since I love Deepika. 😀 So wish my hair was long enough to try out these hairstyles.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you Rati! These tutorials are just awesome! I especially liked the first one. I am going to try it this weekend for sure. 🙂

  8. I love the first one..!!!
    Totally going to try it this weekend. Must say, you have put in a lot of efforts and great results. You look super.! 🙂

    Waiting for the next post.!

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