5 Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel Review & Swatches

Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel

Most nail enamels contain Acetone and Toluene that often cause skin irritation and lead to dull and fragile nails. Colour DEW™ is a range of exciting nail enamels that are completely safe as they are Acetone, DBP and Toluene free. Packaged uniquely, they come with a flat & sturdy brush applicator. And the best quality? They dry so fast that you are spared from the trouble of repeatedly re-colouring your nails.

5 Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel Review

I am thrilled to review nail colors after so long, today I have the most amazing shades from Lotus Herbals, I bought them online as well as from my nearby beauty store, I mean these are totally the best nail colors around,for two main reasons, the intensity they have, one coat is more than enough,and the price point.

5 Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel 5

Then of course these go on forever, on my left hand these dont chip at all for 4 days and last for close to 8 days, on my right hand my nails are abused in the kitchen to open containers, so it easily lasts 6-7 days, if you are not a homemaker, you can count on this nail color for almost ten days, or else if you get bored and it still wont chip. 😛 On the feet, you can actually wear it for weeks on end, mine wont chip at all on toe nails, these are amazing, thick textured and the long handle is unique in itself because it really eases my task of applying it, trust me, you will forget short stubby handles.

At this price, these are best nail colors, and they have plethora of shades, my local beauty store has a huge basket full of these nail colors, it gets very difficult to come back with one, I have these 5 and I am so happy with these that I wanna start a collection of these, Lakme and others are priced double but are so streaky trust me (I will review some soon) you need to build those sheer ones and I hate them,but Lotus Herbals gives me opaque color in one coat, I have given a few to mom, she loved them as well, I have some 5 old shades but these I believe are new and I love them so much.

5 Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel (3)

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Strawberry shake:

This is a coral orange and the density really amazed me, it is so thick that one coat is enough, but for the post I used two coats, this lasts me forever, without chipping, the color is a little bright so I don’t recommend it to darker skin tones, but otherwise it is the most happening coral orange around, lasts awesome and the thickness and quality will amaze you, it dries in less than 60 seconds, and the two coats I am wearing were applied by me within 60 seconds, I could not wait to click pics, but there was no smudging later on, no dents, no bed sheet prints, I mean really?I actually thought it is so thick that it would dent and take ages to dry but it proved me so wrong. These lines hold true for the below three colors as well, one of them that is the fuchsia drop is slightly not so thick, but all the others are intense and  opaque.

IMBB rating:

10/5 😀

Two coats:

lotus herbals strawberry shake (1)

lotus herbals strawberry shake (3)

Fairy flare:

This is so similar to the strawberry shake one but it is brighter and more coral,less orange, love the shade in terms of bright corals and it is super duper creamy and intense, one coat is really enough, I have used just one here and again lasts me for ever.love the shade, dries so quickly despite  being so thick and opaque. Must have for college goers.

lotus herbals fairy flare (3)


lotus herbals fairy flare (1)

IMBB rating:


Fuchsia drop:

This is a mauvish pink, not really fuchsia, it is great for young brides, and for the 20s girl, if you love mauves this is for you, this is not as thick as the others, you need to two coats of this one to build up, but otherwise one coat is a lighter pink too, one coat is not very sheer like many you might have used but I like to wear two of these, great staying power and dries super quick, again, I applied two coats in one minute! can you  beat that?!

lotus herbals nail enamel fuschia drop(10)

IMBB rating:


Rose petal:

Another fav of mine, this can be a bridal wear too, this is a beautiful rosy red, very muted and not at all in your face red, this is a classic, the color goes opaque but is not as thick as strawberry shake and the fairy flare one, i like to wear two coats of this one but truly beautiful wearable red.

IMBB rating


one coat

lotus herbals nail enamel rose petal (4)


Two coats


lotus herbals nail enamel rose petal (6)

Pure Plum:

The most beautiful soft pink ever, this is the pink,I am wearing it now and cant stop admiring it, this is a thicker opaque shade again, you don’t need two coats but I do wear it for I work in the kitchen a lot 😛 this one, fairy flare and the strawberry shake shades are super opaque, I so enjoy wearing them, they are no fuss colors and texture, no dents or smudges dry up so soon and wear so long.

lotus herbals color dew nail enamel pure plum (5)


IMBB rating:


two coats

lotus herbals color dew nail enamel pure plum (4)


One thing that might cause a bit of inconvenience is that the handle is so long that as much as I enjoy working with it,all the color on the handle recedes to the tip of the brush while I am applying the color, and if the brush is horizontal,  the color might start dripping so be careful but other wise I like the long handle, it helps me in application. These don’t smell OTT just very comfortable.


Rose petal, strawberry shake, pure plum,fuschia drop and fairy flare

lotus herbals color  dew nail enamel shades (2)

The above five shades are must-haves! I know they have many other amazing shades like cozy mulberry and peach perfect but for coral and pink lovers get these shades, you wont regret it, at this price, these are superb nail colors, one of the best around.I dont like sheer nail colors that need to be built up, like the new Lakme ones, but Lotus Herbals polishes are intense and very opaue, they reduce your manicure  task to half!

lotus herbals color  dew nail enamel shades (1)

I have some friends who swear by these over other brands, they have recommended the Go grapes shade, and I am eyeing the Spring green and Mint magic shade Rati sported here 🙂

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  1. *drool* *drool* they are just amazing *woot*
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  2. wow the shades are superb I really wanna go and buy ASAP u know I love nail paints that lasts while doing kitchen work and running after kids will surely give them a try *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. AWESOME Neha……I wanna get those colours just by looking at the swatches *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* Amazing work Neha……..I prefer these over Lakme, Revlon, etc. These are so good, my favourite is the deep sea one….but now I would get these…. *happydance* *happydance*

  4. I absolutely love Lotus Nail Polishes. Love the long brush….so easy to apply. Applied a bright red nail polish from Lotus yesterday and was thinking why don’t I have more of this brand in nail polishes!! I like Lotus as a brand in skincare and it dosent disappoint in the cosmetics area too (Jomol – am giving you stiff competition in the Lotus brand thingie *whistle* )

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