5 Best Red Carpet Looks of All Time

5 Best Red Carpet Looks of All Time

It is awards season again :happydance: ! Other than being a yearly guide to the best movies that have come out, awards are a real treat because of the gorgeous “Red Carpet” looks. It is the time to pull out the best of the best- best designers, best hair stylists, and best-looking women. Everything on the red carpet is hot, hot, hot! I remember getting up early in the morning from right when I was a little kid just to see how the stars walk the red carpet at the Oscars! Here are the top five all-time best red carpet looks ever:

No. 5: Julia Roberts in Valentino at the 2001 Oscars

5 Best Red Carpet Looks of All Time

Simple, classy, elegant, this dress from the “King of Red Carpet fashion” Valentino fit the Erin Brockovich star like a glove. Despite being vintage, Valentino gave the dress to Julia because it looked so good on her! The lovely gray net train, the white lining, the fitted yet roomy look of the dress, along with the radiant, glowing skin of America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts, very few red carpet looks have been this perfect. This dress is a genius of design and it met its perfect match in Roberts.

No.4: Halle Berry in Elie Saab at the 2002 Oscars

Halle Berry

There was never a dress more risqué, more Biblical and more suited for an iconic moment in history. Its deep rich maroon color, its beautiful leaves appliqué showed the right amount of cleavage – a “well-bosom-ed Mother Nature” look rather than some Hollywood cliché. Berry’s olive complexion and jazzy hair style with minimum jewelery made it the perfect outfit for a first-time female black Oscar winner. We all shed tears with her, tears of joy.

No. 3: Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston at the Met Gala 2010:

Sarah Jessica Parker

There is no way we could have left Carrie Bradshaw off this list! Star of the most iconic show about “labels and love,” this Sex and the City star has worked many a flower and how. This dress is grand but simple and oh-so SJP. The dull peach color, the way that the fabric sits tightly on her tiny waist and flares up every where else, it almost seems like its from another era.

No. 2 : Penelope Cruz in Versace at the 2007 Oscars

Penelope Cruz

This has to be the most remarkable red carpet dress of all time. I did not want to include another peach dress in this list, but the color is hardly the issue here. Just the modernity, the extravagance, the sheer amount of genius that has gone behind creating this magnificent dress makes it befittingly a work of art. Penelope flounces her feathers as if she were the queen of the pack. With this dress, she surely was.

No.1: Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy at the 1954 Oscars

The 50s was the time when red carpet dresses gained its name and glory. Those were the days before stylists, multitude of labels and even color photography came along. Givenchy found its muse in Hepburn and designed clothes for her. Audrey herself had impeccable taste and always chose the right dress for the right occasion. In fact, every dress, every haircut, every other style detail that Audrey has endorsed has been iconic. No wonder she is the red carpet queen, and this Givenchy midi dress with belt and patterned flowers is the all time best red carpet look.

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