5 Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eyeshadow Photos, Swatches

Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eyeshadow

Revlon has launched this new range of shimmery glittery eyeshadows. True to their name, these are super sparkly and sort of powdery eyeshadows. I found them utterly gorgeous. 🙂

revlon luxurious color diamond lust eyeshadow

I found these to be of medium pigmentation and best used on top a some matte eyeshadow to give that beautiful sparkly effect on lids.  I found the texture to be creamy powdery and very soft …to the point of being crumply. The silvery whitish color is gorgeous for inner corners. All of these are party wear shadows. Atleast one of these can definitely find a place in your stash. 🙂

Price : Rs 600/- (approx)

105 Plum Galaxy : It is a purply plum color with multi color glitter, the prominent one being purple and blue.

revlon eyeshadow plum galaxy

120 Night Sky : This a black with prominent  blue, golden and silver glitter.

revlon eyeshadow night sky

115 Neptune Star : It is a teal blue shadow with blue  and green prominent shimmer.

revlon eyeshadow neptune star

Starry Pink 110 A silvery baby pink eyeshadow with prominent silver glitters.

revlon eyeshadow starry pink

Celestial Star 100 : A silvery white shadow, great for inner corners or just applying it on the centre of the lids.

revlon eyeshadow celestial star

Swatches :

l-r plum galaxy, night sky, neptune star, starry pink, celestial pink.

revlon diamond lust eyeshadow swatches


Which of these 5 diamond lust shadows did you like the most?

Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eyeshadows are available at Kunchals, GK 1 M Block Market, New Delhi

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48 thoughts on “5 Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eyeshadow Photos, Swatches

  1. i want plum galaxy and neptune star……….:) i liked those shades soo much…….Thnx for sharing Rati…:) :thanks: :inlove:

    1. This is my article only. I used to bring the updates of all these new products in the market. Just got lazy in between. You’d see more of these in coming days. 🙂

  2. Gooood morningggg..the pigmentation is just alright alright but they are so blingyyy :happydance:
    I miss these updates and swatches of all the new products ,me demand more 😀 😀 😀

  3. rs 600 ka ek ?:) how about nyx new eyeshadow pallette? its around Rs 440(i think)
    which one is better …..Rati plz enlighten me!

      1. m not sure its nyx new launch or not but they do give so cute colours!
        only problem is they fall out very quickly but a trained person can handle it!
        (youtube source)

        1. It’s best to use an eyeshadow base. That holds the eyshadow for pretty long. 🙂 and the nyx eyeshadows that i have used have not had so many fall outs.

          1. hmm true….nyx eyeshadows are good its only with their shimmery pallette collection which faces fall out problem.anyways with this collection m likin plum n blue a lot will buy any of these two soon 🙂

  4. Glitter, shimmer, shine, bling….. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: , i’m running to get these ASAP. Thank you, Rati, for these pics, I was missing all the new products updates, I’m so happy to see these posts again. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  5. Oh wow. Revlon launched a new collection here too 🙂 and I heard its coming up with gel liners too. 😀
    My lappy still dead :(( 1st the battery died so I replaced it. Now the power cord is not working. I feel like :headbang:

  6. So pretty! I like them all and will defnly pick up one or two (except the white). can these be used as all-over-lid colour?

    1. these can be used all over the lid but it is best that you use them moderately only as they may accentuate the fine lines on the lids. Best used just on the centre of the lid to get that nice shimmery effect 🙂

  7. loved the plum n blue ones :love: …uncommon colors :thumbsup: …n not very vey shimery…just rite…. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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