5 Styles of Watches that Every Woman Should Own

From showing time to becoming fashion statements, wristwatches have come a long way since their introduction. They survived every test of time including numerous technical revolutions and even wars; and have been around for more than 500 years. Though we all have our smart phones that precisely show us time, watches are one of those creations that would always be around no matter what.

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My watches are very special to me and in a way I feel quite nostalgic about them. Each one I own have a loving memory associated with it – my high school days, my first salary, wedding anniversary and many more that I dearly cherish. There wouldn’t be many occasions when I have stepped out of the house without wearing a watch and I kind of feel incomplete without it. In fact, I believe that in addition to showing time, watches speak volumes about the wearer’s personality and sense of style.

So, today’s post is about the 5 styles of classic, must-have women’s watches.

1. Leather band watches:

leather band watch

Leather band watches can be worn anywhere, anytime; be it formal or casual occasions. Nowadays most leather band watches come with interchangeable straps in a variety of colours that can be mixed and matched according to our wardrobe.

However, when compared to metal, nylon or synthetic bands, leather bands need the most care as they tend to stretch, wear out or get sticky when exposed to sweat, water, intense sunlight etc.

Some of the ways to take care of the leather straps are:
• Avoid exposure to moisture/water. Make sure you take off the watch while washing hands.
• If you intend to wear them mostly outdoors, buy a sweat resistant one.
• Clean the leather straps every 4 months gently using leather cleaner.
• A tightly worn strap wears out faster, so wear them comfortably loose.
• Always dry the wet strap with a cloth; do not let it dry under the sun or by exposure to direct heat.

2. Metal band watches:

metal band watch

The metal band watches are an absolute must have. The band is mostly stainless steel with the most popular ones being the classic silver, gold tone and rose-gold tone bands.

I find the silver band ones suitable for both formal and casual occasions. The first watch I owned was a metal band one in silver and it is one of my all-time favourite .

The rose-gold tone watches can be styled with both formal and casual wears while the gold tone ones are more suitable for casual or dressier occasions. Both of these get along elegantly with ethnic wears.

3. Sports watches:

sports watch

Sports watches are a great choice when you are involved in active sports, working out in gym, hiking, diving etc. They are generally light weight and come up with a number of added features like water resistance, chronograph, lap timer, countdown timer, altimeters, compass and many others. There is a huge variety of sports watches available in the market to choose from based on your style preference, band material and choice of sport.

4. Chronograph watches:

chronograph watch

Chronograph watches are fun, trendy and bold. They range from simple stopwatch models to watches with multiple sub-dials that measure seconds, minutes, hours and even tenths of a second. Being a perfect fusion of style with functionality; they make a powerful fashion statement.

5. Bangle watches:

bangle watch

Bangle matches are elegant, feminine and available in a wide range of dial and band options. They can be suitably worn for both formal and casual occasions based on the type of band and dial design. Most of them come designed with embellishments like gems, pearls and even diamonds, making them a favourite for wedding seasons.

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4 thoughts on “5 Styles of Watches that Every Woman Should Own

  1. Oh no! I need to rush and get myself a leather and a bangle watch. I do not own a sports watch, but then I am not really a fan of that style. I have always been a watch hoarder, and used to own 12 watches when I was in school. I need to up my game again now. Loved the list Akhila, all of us definitely need to own these watches. 🙂

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