5 Styling Tips To Achieve the Grunge Look

By Swati Kumar

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The grunge look or the 90s look is a very popular style sported by celebrities such as Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Lorde and Cara Delevingne. The look is quite effortless and makes you look chic at the same time. The reason why this style is so popular is because of the customizability of the look. It is purposefully messy and carefree. It looks great with any hairstyle and almost any outfit. There are chances that the styling and beauty products required for achieving this look are already in your vanity.

5 Styling Tips To Achieve the Grunge Look

To know how to achieve this classic look, keep on reading.

1. Hair:

Messy hair is the key to nailing the grunge look. For a simpler look, take all the hair to one side, to create a heavy side part. Use a hairspray to add some extra volume. The same can also be done for shorter hairstyles. Alternatively, tie your hair loosely in a printed bandana or scarf. Let some of the loose strands of your hair to hang. Love sporting braids and buns? Any braid or bun style can be transformed into a grunge style by making it look more messy and loose. Low buns, half buns and pigtail side buns bring out the classic grunge style as well. Greasy hair problems? Simply wear a beanie and curl your strands. For a wild look, spiked and coloured hair will work perfectly as well.

5 Styling Tips To Achieve the Grunge Look3

2. Accessories:

Keep the accessories simple. Dark sunglasses such as Wayfarers suit all face cuts, and also helps to accentuate the look. Add some subtle metal jewellery to complete the look. Carry an oversized dark coloured sling bag.

5 Styling Tips To Achieve the Grunge Look4

3. Clothes:

In contrary to the popular belief, the grunge look can be styled with plaid shirts and ripped denim. For warmer climates, ripped shorts and short denim skirts will work best. Plaid skirts are also quite popular in neo-grunge looks. Crop and ripped tops will keep the style chic; whereas sheer tops will give a feminine touch to complete the look. Printed graphic tees can be tucked or half tucked into the denim shorts or skirts. For the winters, ripped boyfriend jeans or black leggings compliment the whole look. Alternatively, add a pair of fishnet stockings to short skirts as it will add a grungy vibe to your look. Oversized, dark coloured wool sweaters with plaid shirts will fulfil the look as well as keep you warm. Layering is the key when it comes to a grunge beauty. If nothing works, leather jackets make a great outfit too. Tie a plaid shirt around the waist to bring out a casual and chic look.

5 Styling Tips To Achieve the Grunge Look2

4. Shoes:

Leather boots such as combat boots and high top sneakers will complete the look. Spiked or studded boots will add a chic look as well. For a neo-grunge look, Leather oxfords or Dr Martens will do well too. Heeled booties would really compliment dark coloured fishnet stockings.

5 Styling Tips To Achieve the Grunge Look1

5. Makeup:

Matte makeup is the key to this style. Everything from lipsticks to eye shadows has to be kept matte. The lipstick shades could range from dark reds, deep plums, burgundies, chocolate browns to the darkest shades like black. For the eyes, go heavy on the mascara and blend in a neutral shade in the crease to get more natural looking eyes. Use a matte foundation or a BB cream. Powder the face well to keep the mattify your makeup. For your eyes, use matte eyeshadows. Smoke out the eyes using a matte black kohl. For a darker look, apply a dark coloured eyeshadow all over the eyelids.

5 Styling Tips To Achieve the Grunge Look5

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