5 Teas That Can Make You Slim

5 Teas That Can Make You Slim

Every tea, when had correctly has benefits for the body. Though tea alone would not help you loose weight, but teas can surely aid your journey towards weight loss. Green tea is now popular in every household where we have a fitness conscious member. But trust me, there is much more than green tea, Enjoy the soothing properties of tea and also shed weight alongside with these 5 teas. Take a look at 5 teas you can make you slim.

Rose tea:

I have been looking for rose and oolong tea in Nature’s basket for sometime now. I try and consume three varied teas a day, apart from desi sugar tea 😛 Like the name suggests, this is made with tea buds and fresh roses.This removes toxins and also give you  glowing skin. This also helps the body against infections apart from aiding in shedding some weight.

Oolong tea:

I recently learnt that when you think you have had enough green tea, around thrice a day, for a long time, it is time to make the change to oolong tea. This is a semi-fermented tea which is much stronger than green tea. It helps to lower cholesterol, also helps to regulate fat in the body. You may have it twice a day, make it as light or strong, small or big cup, as you like. Twice a day is a good idea to see results.
Green tea:

Full of anti-oxidant benefits, this tea is quite popular. I read, you must try to consume three cups a day to burn as much as 60-70 calories a day. Post meal, one must wait for half an hour at least before consuming green tea. Steep it for 3 minutes and enjoy the benefits of this anti-oxidant rich tea that will aid metabolism to make you loose weight.

Peppermint tea:

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The first benefits of peppermint tea I learnt – it is very refreshing and soothing. Most importantly for your body, it speeds up digestion and metabolism like green tea. It is good idea to alternate it with green tea. To make a light refreshing cup, you can use peppermint leaves and steep for 4-5 minutes, honey can be added for taste.
Star anise tea:

This started as being used in China for stomach troubles. The star anise pod can be steeped in hot water for ten minutes before consumption. This again helps keep stomach healthy and aiding metabolism.Star anise benefits are also reaped in Indian food as a dry whole masala.
Black tea deserves a mention but it has been around for so long in our households in India, that I wanted to include some unique teas you can look for, next time you shop for groceries. I am surely buying the rose and the oolong tea, in variation with  the various green teas I have stock of.Which teas do you like to have for staying slim?

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11 thoughts on “5 Teas That Can Make You Slim

    1. i usually take it twice a day :-)…i am not sure about the right time or way to drink it……but i have been drinking it since past 7-8 months and i have lost around 3-4 kgs…..it might not be much but considering that i remain away from exercise and sometimes do eat what i want, its not bad either 🙂

  1. oh wow Neha 🙂 I will look for Rose tea now!!!
    i have been drinking green tea since 2 years and it totally rocks. you will be addicted to it.
    i drink 3 times a day..
    From where can we get Oolong tea and rose tea??

  2. Rose tea looks fab. I love all teas which are basically not teas but dried fruit/herbs/spices. Would love to try the anise one too as it has a nice aroma. Currently i’m loving orange tea and it’s amazing.

  3. I am going for green tea…although I do not have weight gaining tendencies (thank god for that) but cutting a bit of flab and remaining healthy doesn’t hurt either 😀 great post neha 😀 bookmarking as I am definitely gonna try rose tea someday too 😀

  4. Just give a try to organic india’s tulsi green tea..m drinking this from last few weeks n I started loosing…I don’t know how much. ..bt everyone is noticing change in me


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