5 Things you must Learn if you Love to Travel

Hi Everyone, 🙂

I wanted to do a quick post on some things that you must learn if you love to travel. This will not only keep your travel easier but will also keep you looking good in your travel photographs. After all, those photos will be your lovely memories 🙂

1. Basic Makeup : Learn how to do the basic makeup. As it is when you are travelling you cannot do much but basic grooming is a must. Basic makeup such as – tinted moisturiser, eyeliner, blush and a lipstick/ lip gloss is enough if you get it right. They would add a bit of freshness to your face and obviously enhance your pictures. 🙂

2. Basic Blow-dry : This is so important. You MUST learn how to do your basic blow dry / iron your hair. That not only keep the frizz away but all keep your hair looking good all the time. This time during the trip the blow dryer in my room was not working so I thought I’d get my blow-dry done at the salon. Unfortunately, the hotel salon was completely booked. So I convinced them if I could come to their salon and do my hair on my own. They gladly agreed. So I could look decent in my pics. 😛 Also, some basic hair styles would be an additional bonus.

3. Iron your clothes : Sometimes the ironing is so expensive at the hotels, you just don’t want to pay for it. And sometimes it’s not the money crunch, it’s the time crunch. I only notice my crushed clothes  at the last moment. 😐 All the hotels have an iron and an iron board provided in the room. If not, ask for one. My mom forcibly taught me how to iron my clothes. Well! I was super finicky about getting the perfect pleats in my uniform skirt so she basically asked me to do it myself. 😛 Now I can’t thank her enough. 🙂

4. Research : Do a bit of research about the place you are going to beforehand. This will not only help you plan your wardrobe better but will also let you know about the place etiquettes. For example in some places in middle east, it is rude to show too much skin. In fact even find out about the services that you hotel may be offering. You know..just the basic things. 🙂

5. Bargaining : Don’t be rude to the locals, first thing. Bargain politely but you can bargain just about everywhere. Use your judgement. A smile and a polite attitude definitely helps in getting you a good bargain. 🙂

Hope you find these tips helpful. If you have some travel tips to share, please do share in the comments below. I’d love to know. 🙂

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33 thoughts on “5 Things you must Learn if you Love to Travel

  1. Superb tips Rati…..you know all these above tips like learning how to blow dry and grooming is so useful. Also, laundry at hotels is so expensive *nababana*

  2. *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* very true!
    i think research is what my husband is expert at 😛
    but yes blow dry and makeup and bargain soooo needed!

  3. Loved the tips Rati. 🙂 I didnt know about the blow drying thing. I mean I always stayed away from blow drying fearing it’d add more frizz to my already frizzy hair. I have dry, thin air. Do you think blow drier would help?

    I saw and read all your posts on FP and here.. but couldnt comment. We are having a bad time with internet here.. 🙁

    1. thanks surabhi. well if you dont know how to do it properly, it would only make your hair frizzy. Try to learn it from someone or check some youtube videos. 🙂

  4. such an apt post. It is vital to have basic makeup when on trip.
    BTW i was having bad chapped lips at my recent trip to pairs and then i when i remembered you lip scrub (yaad hai) that you did while travelling- oh it was so helpful 🙂 *jai ho*
    *thankyou* for such helpful tips..

  5. I love your tips. I am planning to go Thailand in august. *happydance* Will surely try these tips 😀 *thankyou* 😛

  6. Such a must read post for all especially the ones who love travelling n brides for their honeymoon *clap* *clap* *clap* superB post totally agreed to ur every point *hifive*

  7. I am quietly noting down everything and waiting for my turn to just fly away for a break soon..fingers crossed…keep sharing..love u for this *puchhi*

  8. u always share so useful and interesting things *clap* *clap* keep them coming , seriously apart from everything else I need to perfect the art of blow drying my own hair as I have extremely frizzy hair which look pathetic immediately after washing and it takes me forever to style them, hence I love getting it done at salons but its not always possible *pigtail* *pigtail* *pigtail*

  9. Very useful post 🙂 Some basic grooming is very essential. I hate to wear wrinkled clothes. It’s so important to have an iron.
    I never blow dry my hair. I have curly and very little hair so usually avoid that. But I feel I really need to learn to do that. Gives a neat look for sure 🙂

  10. 1.Straightner is a must have for me… for those with frizzy hair that tend to get even more troublesome while travelling it is a saviour.
    2.Sunscreens…..you don’t want to fuss over your tan than cherishing your happy holiday memories once you return.
    3.Face wipes… they work wonders for those with oily skin
    4.Water resistant makeup,all the sweating and temperature changes call for these …
    5.Body lotions if travelling to cold places and a lip balm,we don’t wan chapped lips and dry skin that make holiday photos ugly…..
    6.comfort shoes.. flats,wedges and bellies…. though we love our high pointed companions..they don’t always stand by us during gruesome travelling…

    1. Good tips. :)) Shoes are sooo important while travelling. I recently saw someone wearing heels and standing on the mountain. Still wondering how? *hihi* *hihi*

      1. U bet Rati! I hv seen women wearing heels up at Mountain at Gondola in gulmarg, they were actually climbing mountain at stage 2..and i was like WTF..i was struggling even in my sneakers..,comfy shoes r a must.

  11. since I have done a fair bit (and have more coming up), I learnt that the following are imp:

    Know the kind of weather you are in for before you leave
    Carry pieces of clothing that can be layered ..jackets, stoles etc..
    Carry something to eat/drink ‘cos if you are doing the sightseeing but you are never sure when you will need that extra energy . I personally have had some lousy experiences with food.
    comfy shoes are a must
    Money and a phone are a must have with emergency contacts handy..:)

    hope these were useful

    1. Supper tips aruna. Sad that we dont get to see your adventures too much these days. Anyway enjoy your trips. So far you are having fun, it’s all good. :)) *puchhi*

  12. Great suggestions! Some more things i want to add:
    1. Wear comfortable shoes, if a lot of walking is needed.
    2. Sunscreen must for outdoors.
    3. For areas of high humidity or areas with water scarcity, do not expect to wash clothes; pack more sets of clothes, or at least more undergarments. I learned this from my trip to Rajasthan, and this tip came handy when i visited Cherrapunjee last monsoon.

  13. *woot* *woot* What an awsum post rati di…great tips *happydance* *happydance* I wanna start my abroad journeys from New Zealand ..!!! Its a Heaven *woot* *puchhi* I think You should plan ur next trip there ..im sure u will love evrything *haan ji* *haan ji*

  14. Packing sanitary napkins/ tampons in handbags helps a lot while traveling to near or far places. I have 2 or 3 in each of my handbags so that I need not worry about them while shifting things from one bag to another each time I change hand bags

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