5 Things You Should Never Do Before Applying a Foundation

Hello ladies,

Today I would be talking about 5 things we all should never do before applying a foundation. Applying foundation may be a common task for all of us because these smooth textured creams help to give you a flawless and impeccable skin. Our daily skin care routine starts by washing our face and then prepping the skin with a Toner, Serum, Sunscreen, and a Moisturiser. But, when we need to make our makeup look flawless and glowing, a touch up with the foundation is required.


So, here we mention you few things that you should never do before applying your foundation.

1. Getting a Facial:

Perhaps, you have a big event coming and hence you cannot resist from applying loads of foundation on your skin. Many of them assume, applying foundation on your freshly cleansed skin can help to give a flawless look. But according to experts, you should never ever apply foundation after a facial. You should allow your skin to relax for some time and satiate yourself with just a highlighter and bronzer. Experts say, getting a facial few days prior is an excellent idea.


2. Exercise:

When you know you have to get ready, avoid rushing for an exercise or workout just a few minutes before. Exercise will surely help to boost blood circulation in the body but, it may open up the pores on your skin. When you apply the foundation after a workout, the pores are opened which means it may observe the makeup and dirt particles thus, causing breakouts on your skin.


3. Covering up Yourself:

You should never cover up your face with the help of primers and foundations, instead focus on what is best on the face. According to experts, you should never cover up your skin after getting a facial instead shift the focus on those areas of your face which you love the most. Covering the freshly cleansed skin may absorb the foundation thus, resulting in acne and blemishes on the face.

4. Tweezing:

Tweezing can make your face out off limits. High professional and experts advise you not to tweeze your facial hair prior to application. There are inflammation and skin breakdown to consider, and also bacterial transfer occurs. It is always advisable to tweeze your face a few hours before applying makeup. If tweezing is seriously important, tweeze out the dirt soon after a facial and wait for few hours before applying the foundation. A combination of foundation with open pores can lead to a high chance of a bacterial spill.


5. Avoid Painting your Nails:

Wondering how your nails can affect your skin? Besides from the obvious fact that the nail polish may still be tacky, the paint or leftover remover and chemicals can get into your eyes or on your lips. According to experts, you should avoid painting nails before applying makeup as the molecules released from the nail polish may easily react with your skin.


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