5 Tips to Get A Toned Jawline and Lose That Double Chin

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All of us hate that double chin popping out and the fact that we need to contour it each time just so it doesn’t show up as much!! I have been through it, and I definitely know what that feels like!! It is one of the most frustrating things in the world, and sometimes we just do not take the right measures to combat it or we are just not patient enough!!!

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But, but, but…

Turkey necks are not an appealing sight, even though they may sound adorable! When you have that layer of flab on your chin and neck area, it makes you look older than you really are. It adds years to your age and makes you look bulkier. The main causes of turkey necks are your age, flaccid muscles and weight. So do not worry if this is your problem area, I bring to you a few tricks that will not only help to get you a toned jaw line, but will also give you a sleeker and defined Y-contour area.

1. Keep yourself hydrated at all times:
A skin that is well hydrated will not sag or wrinkle quickly. When you are hydrated from within, your skin will have that glow which is not usually seen in dry skin. I know this has been told a gazillion times, but that’s the fact: Consume at least two liters of water per day to keep wrinkles at bay.

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2. Begin doing facercises or face yoga:
Yes, you know have exercises for your face as well. They are super easy and less time consuming, but the effects are incredible. These are designed to target muscle areas around your mouth, jaw line, lips, cheeks and your neck to help tone them up and make them look younger and beautiful. In addition, you do not require any kind of equipment. Cool isn’t it?

3. Start chewing frequently:
I know this sounds really funny, but really, chewing like cows do will help in getting a toned jaw line. Chewing curbs hunger pangs for longer lengths of time and also aids in proper digestion; also it works on your cheek bones and jawline to make them firmer and stronger. Keep chewing and if it is embarrassing, just do it in your bedroom while no one is looking! 😉

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4. Make use of good products:
In order to get a beautiful and model like neck, you need to make sure that you are using right products and the ones that are good. Take help from the internet or experts if you know any, and lay your hands on the right ones. Use creams that work on signs of aging (such as fine lines and wrinkles) and the ones that will firm out and tone the chin and neck areas.

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5. Cut down on your calorie intake:
We are aware of a lot of exercises that work on different areas of the body, but sometimes you just need to lose weight for the exercises to really work. There are people, who do not generally gain weight in other parts of their bodies except their Y-contour area, and I know that’s irritating, because the only solution to this problem is to cut down their calorie intake and reduce some weight. One of the main reasons could be genetics, and with the help of the right exercises and calorie cutdown, one will be able to show off that well-toned jawline! 😉

Celeb Alert

Rashmi Desai’s double chin used to be one of her biggest enemies in her career. She finally took a few steps and look at that chiseled jawline today. If you’re also determined and want to get rid of that dreadful double chin at the earliest, give these 5 tips a try. Since you cannot go wrong with these tips, an enviable jawline, without any surgery, is guaranteed!

Take care!

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