5 Trends You Must Try This Summer!

By Soni Mishra

Beauty trends come and go – some make us go crazy over them, and some don’t even exist for us. I like to follow trends which are wearable enough and have some decent appeal. Here, I am listing out 5 latest trends which can be perfectly espoused this summer season.

5 Trends You Must Try This Summer!4

Purple Eyes

5 Trends You Must Try This Summer!111

International runway has been recently brushed by purple haze where purple hued lids have stolen all the attention. I particularly love this colour in any form and totally adulate this drift. This is one such colour which suits just about every skin tone and boosts the eyes gorgeously. This is, in fact, new smokey eye redeemer and is absolutely being loved by all.

A beautiful amalgam of mauve and lavender, this pretty shade trend can be adopted beautifully in day wear or special occasion wear. Shade ranges from sweet lilac to smoky grape and is picture-perfect for sunny days. Makeup professionals recommend to keep the foundation light and the rest of makeup nominal to draw out serener upshot of purple mist.

Double French Manicure

5 Trends You Must Try This Summer!333

I have always loved the classic French manicure as it gives classy and stylish appeal to the nails. Fashion industry recently witnessed rage over the French manicure with twofold bearing. And this vibe is equally simple and alluring as the classic one. If you are already master in the original style, all you need is draw another arc beneath the top one to give an awesome twist to the traditional flair. Seal the arcs with clear nail paint coat for the glossy neutral finish. Play with colours which enrich each other. My favourite one is white and turquoise blue mishmash.

Dewy Complexion

5 Trends You Must Try This Summer!2

It’s time to give your skin a youthful glow with the new fad of the season – dewy complexion. Lip glosses are substituting blushes and bronzers for giving a sweaty look to the cheeks. If you want to take break from deeply powdered matte faces, dewy trend is worth trying. The runway models were seen wearing spritz of rose mist for prompt glow.

The best thing about getting a dewy complexion is looking nourished and basking. You may opt for a natural look with nude lips or may play with colourful pouts. Make sure you keep your skin in its best form by following a good skincare regimen as this looks best with light coverage.

The Lob

5 Trends You Must Try This Summer!1

This was rage last year when we witnessed celebrities chopping off their locks, keeping it neither too short, nor too long. The long bob, as it is called, is a smart choice for Indian summers. This cut has the latent to give your hair a fresher and younger appeal. In fact, it can be adopted by women of all ages and it wholly compliments any face cut.

Even our Bollywood divas who have chosen the lob look super cool. It’s a cooler way to get yourself a makeover you have been longing for. You can flaunt waves or bangs with the chopped hair, take your call as per your comfort.

Orange Lipstick

5 Trends You Must Try This Summer!6

This is not correctly the newest, but orange lipstick has been swapping the traditional shades of pink and peaches. It is the best time to paint your lips in bright hues. If you have yet not indulged into orange lip love, go for it this summer. Choose the shade that compliments your skin tone and flaunt your sultry lips for a more fresh and lively look. Just let your lips be the centre of lure, keeping the rest all neutral.

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5 thoughts on “5 Trends You Must Try This Summer!

  1. Have just got a long bob and absolutely love it. 🙂 Also, purple eyeliners look best with brown eyes 🙂

  2. i got a lob.it is so liberating after sporting long hair forever.its is low maintenance and chic.you girls should definitely try it out.be daring.xoxo

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